Anti-static Chair Mats

Amazing Benefits of Anti-static Chair Mats

Computer chair mats are now common everywhere there is a computer present. These floor mats are actually a protection for your flooring from the movements that the computer or desk chairs have. The wheels of desk chairs can be very damaging to the flooring. Damages may not show instantly but since movements occur every day, […]

desk floor mats

What to Look for in a Desk Floor Mat?

A desk floor mat is now an important part of every room that has a computer in it. Why? First, it protects your floor from being damaged or scratched by the daily activities that happen in a certain workplace like moving office chairs, walking, moving equipment, and others. A simple movement of the desk chair […]

Rubber Floor Mats vs 3D Floor Mats for Cars

Difference between Rubber Floor Mats and 3D Floor Mats for Cars?

You might not know this, but car mats are actually a really important part of your vehicle. They keep the interior clean and protect it from water damage! But which mat should you pick? There are rubber mats and 3D floor mats to choose from. The rubber floor mat is the most common type of […]

Cheap Garage Floor Covering Options and Ideas

Inexpensive Garage Floor Covering Options and Ideas

Today’s home garages are used for much more than simply storing vehicles, and as such, may require a more advanced type of floor covering. Although concrete surfaces have typically been considered acceptable, the rubber garage flooring is quickly becoming the preferred garage flooring option by many homeowners for a multitude of reasons. Read on to […]

Uses and Benefits of Rubber Floor Mats

Great Uses and Benefits of Rubber Floor Mats for Home

When we hear the words “rubber flooring”, some may think of its industrial use. Perhaps at one time, this type of flooring was mainly used in the workplace to help workers combat fatigue and perform better. But since then, rubber flooring has come a long way, being used in more commercial and residential applications. Rubber […]

When to Start using the Baby Activity Play Mat

When to Start using the Baby Activity Play Mat?

A baby activity play mat is an essential item every parent should provide for their little ones. Also known as a play gym, it gives your baby a comfortable space to develop various senses and muscle coordination. They can reach for the hanging toys, rollover, and strengthen their legs and arm muscles. A play mat […]

How to clean baby play mat

How to Clean a Baby Play Mat? A Step By Step Guide

Babies spend a lot of time on the floor, they like to lie, and play especially when they are rolling, crawling, and doing their tummy time. Playmats are great because they provide a clean, safe, and portable way for your baby to play anywhere. We all know that babies are adorable and incredibly fun to […]