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Best 6 Extra Large Gun Cleaning Mats- Top Reviews

All firearms small or big need maintenance. You need a working table, solvents, and a Gun cleaning Kit for maintaining your gun. But people often ignore the relevance of a good quality gun cleaning mat during maintenance. Gun cleaning mats of small, large, or extra-large size help solve these problems you face while maintenance of a gun. These issues are like,

  • Destroyed Work Table
  • Missing parts and pins
  • Difficulty in cleaning the solvent and stains
  • Scratch on Guns

A good quality gun cleaning mat is recommended to solve all these problems. If you have a bigger gun like Rifle, AK-47,  and AR-15 then you need gun cleaning mats of an extra-large size.

Different Types of Gun Cleaning Mat

Gun Cleaning mats come in a variety of types, designs, and sizes. They are

  • Pistol Mats
  • Glock Gun Cleaning Mats
  • Disassemble Exploded View Mats
  • Cut Out Mats
  • Large Mats
  • Extra Large Gun Cleaning Mats

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Best Extra Large Gun Cleaning Mat-

Economic & Overall – Real Avid Gun Cleaning Mat

extra large gun cleaning mats

Top 6 Extra Large Gun Cleaning Mats at a Glance

  1. Gloryfire Gun cleaning mat
  2. Linla premium non-slip gun cleaning pad
  3. Real Avid Smart Mat- large gun mat
  4. American Whitetail long gun cleaning mat
  5. AiBOB absorbent mat for avoiding spills and protecting surfaces.
  6. Gloryfire Gun cleaning mat
  • Style: Black and red with faint but visible gun assembly instructions
  • Material: Stain and oil-resistant environmental materials
  • Size: This mat is 36 Inches (L) x 12 inches (W), and ¼ inches thick.

Top Features:

  • The material is durable for long term usage without getting tattered or losing the shine.
  • There is a protective layer on top of the mat to help resist oil or water spills. It is excellent to clean and manage your gun, and the carpet itself has no stain.
  • The protective cover gives enough durability to this mat to survive for a few years.
  • This pad has a comfortable texture, making sure that none of your gun parts retain any scratches from it.
  • The package of the mat is very quality-oriented and robust to ensure the safe delivery of the product.
  • This mat is also remarkably thicker than other rugs, which you can find in the market.
  • Price is also considerably low considering other mats with priority on looks.


  • Thick product, suitable for mid-sized guns.
  • .Protective layer for resisting oil and fluid absorption.
  • The make is of oil and fluid resistant environmental materials.
  • The size of the mat is large enough for sub-machine guns and assault rifles.


  • The price is slightly higher for its size, but the quality is better than other mats in the same range.
  • Style: Black and large gun cleaning pad
  • Material: thermoplastic fiber
  • Size: This mat is 59 Inches (L) x 16 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This thermoplastic fiber surface makes this pad great for handguns and shotguns.
  • Wood does not get scratched, but metal picks scratches like candies on Halloween.
  • Thermoplastic fiber catches dust from other surfaces, and it can shine your gun parts.
  • The waterproof backing makes sure none of your spills leave the mat, and the carpet does not slip-on a smooth surface.
  • The back covers stick to characters with a decent seal as it has a specific texture on it.
  • You can easily rinse the mat with soap and water to remove any oil and debris sticking to the surface.
  • If you need a specific cleaning pad division, you can safely cut it without losing the sides.
  • The pad itself is thin in design but very functional and affordable.
  • The price is the most prominent aspect of this pad as it is much cheaper than the other competitors.
  • The price range puts it at a sweet spot of available and affordable gun cleaning pads.
  • You will get all the worth of your money as this is the most budget-friendly pad on the list.


  • Thin but functional gun cleaning pad with thermoplastic fabric.
  • The absorption rate is excellent and fast to avoid spills.
  • The Gun pad is large enough for a whole shotgun to fit.
  • You can also service assault rifles on this pad.


  • Material is thin, making the absorption rate is low per square centimeters compared to other pads.
  • Style: Assault rifle servicing mat with instructions

  • Material: polyester with waterproof coating

  • Size: This mat is 43 Inches (L) x 16 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This assault rifle cleaning and maintenance mat is excellent if you have an AR.
  • The instructions for the service are there on top of the mat for easy reading.
  • The mat comes with a parts tray attached to the right side, and you can remove it if you want.
  • It is possible to secure the carpet to the other side, but you have to pop a few new holes on the left.
  • The material of this large 43×16 padded gun mat is very durable and are water or solvent resistant.
  • The material will remain on top and will not sink to the bottom.
  • You can quickly drain any solvent spilled on the mat in a standard drain.
  • The focus of this mat is on assault rifles, but you can easily clean a shotgun if you know how to do it.
  • The service instructions are very accurate for beginners but can also assist adepts.


  • Large mat, perfect for assault rifles and shotguns.
  • The design represents an Assault rifle service procedure.
  • It comes with a magnetic parts tray to keep your tool and parts in a single place.
  • Good padding and thickness to hold the fatty parts of an AR.


  • Folding the mat too tightly can lead to creases.
  • Style– American flag with various guns as patterns

  • Material: soft polyester with water-resistant top

  • Size: This mat is 38.5 Inches (L) x 18 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This vast gun cleaning mat can work for you if you want to clean many guns at once.
  • The carpet fits on a whole table so that you can dedicate a table to gun cleaning.
  • The top is water-resistant and will retain water until drained from the top.
  • The surface also does not hold debris in it, and a simple dusting can clean it well.
  • You can wipe the top with a clean towel to remove any dust remaining.
  • The design is also very well done as a unique representation of American whitetail.
  • The price of this mat is also very reasonable for the mat’s size and has a decent thickness.
  • The product’s emphasis here is on quality and size, as soft polyester material is here.
  • The padding is the best aspect of this mat as you can place heavy guns on this without harming the gun’s body.


  • Giant mat, suitable for long guns or a lot of guns.
  • The design is unique and attractive with diverse patterns.
  • Can fit in an entire table alone, covering every part well enough to avoid corrosion.


  • It is way too big for small guns.
  • Style: Black color gun cleaning matt

  • Material: Thick polyester

  • Size: This mat is 60 Inches (L) x 16 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This giant 16″ x60″ assault rifle servicing mat comes with a minimalistic design for an emphasis on functionality.
  • The price is low of this matt, but it serves its function very well.
  • The product is also cut friendly and wash friendly for deep cleaning if required.
  • The upper surface is 1/8 thick polyester, which is slightly lower than other products in this range. But the place where it lacks thickness, the matt makes up with its length.
  • The absorbent material of the product makes sure the absorbed solvent doesn’t leak down to the table.
  • The back is of tree rubber, which provides a good seal and excellent grip.
  • You can buy this mat if you need something that gets the job done.
  • There are no distractions on the cleaning matt to take your vision off your arsenal.
  • The black designs also enable the gun parts to be distinctively available.


  • Big polyester mat for cleaning assault rifles and handguns alike.
  • Absorbent surface with waterproof back to ensure any solvent or liquid does not spill to the other side.
  • Durable material but tearable with a scissor.
  • Soft surface to prevent scratches on the gun parts.


  • Thickness is low and concern for such a huge mat.
  • Style- Black mat with gift package

  • Material– Neoprene

  • Size: This mat is 36 Inches (L) x 12 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This well built and the large pad is very well made for its price range.
  • The material is neoprene, which is considered weather and waterproof for best functionality in every scenario.
  • This pad is excellent for handguns and assault rifles but can also be used with shotguns.
  • The padding is smooth for scratch resistance, and it also retains water until drained.
  • The color of this mat is pure black, and there is a gift package included.
  • You can use the box as a storage resource to keep the mat in a safe place.


  • Neoprene made cloth for retaining water and cleaning guns without leakage.
  • Tear and scratch proof make to ensure your gun parts do not get scratched.
  • The mat is large with a size of 36″ x12″ x1/4″, which is excellent.
  • The mat has a significant thickness of ¼ inches.


  • The edges are not always evenly cut for some unknown reason.

How to choose the best Gun Cleaning Mats?

While buying a gun cleaning mat you must consider these factors:

Size of the Mat: It must be suitable according to the size of your gun. Using a small mat for a big gun can be messy. So find the Ideal size.

Thickness: A thicker mat is a safer mat as it doesn’t slide. it can hold the firearm and saves the workspace from getting damaged.

Design: Some mats come with disassembling designs for ready reference.

Qualities: Some Other factors which should also be considered are waterproof, scratch-proof, fade, and oil resistant dye-sublimation printing.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do I need a Gun Cleaning Mat?

Yes, you do. If you are a Gun owner or user, you definitely need a gun cleaning mat. Because guns need maintenance and mostly we need a smooth and worry-free maintenance of our rifles, pistols, revolvers, and all kinds of firearms.

A gun cleaning mat not only protects the workspace but also protects the gun from scratch. 

They come with separate trays for different parts & magnetic compartments for tiny parts, screws & pins.

Some mats come with printed disassembly guides, exploded parts view, cut out view of the gun. These mats tell newbie shooters how to disassemble a gun by giving a step by step instructions. Great for those who are learning how to use a firearm.

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