Floor Mats for Home Gym

Top 11 Best Floor Mats for Home Gym- Expert Review

Health and fitness are ever-growing sectors these days. As the awareness about good lifestyle and wellness has increased, more and more individuals are adopting healthy lifestyle techniques. Many people have realized the importance of exercising and a balanced diet in our lifestyle. Therefore, they are actively joining activities like physical training, yoga and gyms. Setting up a home gym is a part of this trend. So along with all equipment and accessories, the floor mats are also an essential part of the home gym. Gym addiction among the youth is undeniable these days. They are adamant at adopting healthy techniques, shaping their body and getting a good physique. But going to community gyms, owning memberships and waiting for the equipment to be free is a very long process.

 These days home gyms are trending due to increased convenience, immediate and 24/7 access and free will. The gym equipment, floorings, blinds, floor mats for a home gym, and all the required equipment is high in demand. If you are planning for a home gym and looking for its equipment, it is best to order online.

This is because you may not be able to get the equipment locally, or they might be costly. When purchasing online, you get many offers and can choose the best product from the unlimited option available. An essential part of gym gear includes floor mats for a home gym. 

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What is the need for Floor mats for a home gym?

Floor mats are very beneficial and have many benefits for your home gym. 

  • Floor mats for home gym make your gym more attractive and give a professional appeal.
  • They add safety and comfort to your gym.
  • They protect your floor from the heavy equipment or scratches.
  • chances of slipping and falling during exercising.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Also, the impact over knees, feet, etc. during any strenuous physical activity is reduced.
  • Noise level of gym machines is significantly reduced.

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Here is Our List of 11 Best floor Mats for Home Gym

1.Rubber-Cal Eco-Sport Floor Tile

Rubber-Cal Eco-Sport floor tiles are a premium flooring for home gyms. The material is recycled rubber and is about 1 inch thick. These tiles are designed to handle a lot of pressure and do not get damaged easily. These tiles are interlocking and act efficiently as floor protectors. You can perform heavy workouts, weight lifting and other intensive exercises on these tiles. They are highly durable, tough and robust. These tiles are exclusively available in four colours, basically Blue, Terra Cotta, green and coal.

The interlocking mechanism is very convenient. You can easily install them by DIY mechanism and remove them whenever required. The floor mat for the home gym is stiff and elastic. It acts as a shock absorbent and is a natural sound absorber. It also reduces impact and cushions the weight.


  • It is shock and sound absorbent
  • Simple and easy DIY installation with interlocking mechanism
  • Highly Durable and weight resistant
  • Moisture Resistant floor tiles
  • Variety in colours and looks attractive


  • Mats are left with gaps in between them
  • Less capacity of pins to hold the mats together
  • Holes for pins are too shallow

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2.Innhom 12/24 Tiles Gym Mat

Innhom manufactures this floor mat for the home gym. These foam floor tiles measure 600mm *600mm*10mm. The pieces have an interlocking feature and join together as a piece of the puzzle with squares of two different shades. The thickness of these mats is about 0.4 inch, and they provide a perfect cushioned space.

These reduce vibrations, absorb sound and protect the floor from damage. These mats are beautiful and convenient. These are available in three colour variations, black and blue, all black, black and grey. These mattresses have a high density and are very comfortable.They are easy to replace and can be interchanged very easily. These tiles are easy to clean and are very comfortable to use.


  • Waterproof flooring material and size adjustable.
  • Easy to clean with a dampened cloth.
  • Easy installation, just fit the pieces together by the interlocking mechanism.
  • Highly durable and multipurpose floor mats.
  • They have a high density.


  • Thickness is less only about 0.4 inch
  • Not very good for heavy workouts or machinery.
  • Interlocking is very weak.
  • Colour choices are not that great.

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3.Dinoflex Rubber King Interlocking Tiles

Manufactured by Dinoflex, these floor mats are just excellent for both outdoor and indoor work. They create a non-slip walking surface, resistant to impact and sound. They are straightforward to clean and have multipurpose usage. You can use them as flooring for your gym equipment as they are highly durable. You can easily use them under your weightlifting benches, and other machinery can be kept over it. These have low odour and are eco-friendly. Comfort and appeal merely are excellent. They carry significantly less impact and can be used for the wide range of the activities. 

 The material used is recycled rubber with commendable quality. They are available in two colours, grey and blue. The dimension of each tile is about 19” x 19” with 6 mm thickness. They are straightforward to clean and install. Each tile is about ¼ inch thick. These floor mats for the home gym are floor score certified guaranteeing there quality and safety. You can purchase them exclusively from Amazon.


  • Extraordinarily durable and eco friendly to use
  • These mats are very versatile and have multipurpose usage.
  • Non-toxic and odour free.
  • Very easy to clean
  • Can be used for heavy workouts and gym equipment.
  • Slip Resistant
  • Shock and sound absorbent floor tiles.
  • 5 Years warranty
  • High-quality rubber


  • Border Tiles are not included
  • They are small in size

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4. RevTime Interlocking Rubber Floor Tile

Manufactured by RevTime these floor mats for the home gym are a very convenient option. The floor mats are very comfortable and can be used for yoga, gym exercises, playroom, etc. They also increase the appeal of your gym room. These tiles have a thickness of about 10 mm, which accounts roughly for 3/4 inch. These are non-foaming and non PVC. These floor tiles are highly durable and odour free. They are non-toxic and can be used for many purposes. One piece of tile measures 500mm x 500mm x 10 mm. Each tile weighs around 2.3 kg per piece.

These are slip-resistant, odour free and non-toxic. They are straightforward to assemble and are made up of recycled rubber. These are eco-friendly and protect our floor from further damage. There is only one colour available, and no other variant is given. They come with an interlocking mechanism.


  • Non-toxic, Odorless and Eco-friendly
  • Versatile and multipurpose benefits
  • They have a desirable thickness
  • Easy replacement and installation
  • Very easy to clean
  • Slip-resistant
  • Shock and sound absorbent
  • Impact-resistant


  • No colour choices or variants
  • Interlocking becomes weak after sometime
  • Edge pieces are not available
  • Water Permeable tiles

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5. Exercise Equipment Mat

Exercise equipment mat is an ideal choice for floor mats for a home gym. IMPRESA manufactures the floor tiles. They can be used as flooring under the bulky gym equipment and machinery. For example, you can place a treadmill over these pads. The pads measure around 4” x 4” x 0.5”. These are very good for home gym flooring as they do not damage the floor and protect from any kind of scratches or cracks.

These mats are highly resistant to impact and pressure. They are also very easy to clean and assemble. These mats are made up of very thick rubber and are highly durable. They are also resistant to vibration, sound and shock. They protect your floor from getting damaged and can be usually placed where your machine touches the ground or floor.


  • Moisture resistant and impervious to liquids.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Impact and pressure resistant.
  • Extra durable 
  • Shock and impact absorbent material
  • Vibration control


  • They are not steady or stable in one place
  • Weak connection
  • They are not sound absorbent

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6. Myoyay Interlocking Rubber Gym Mats

This gym flooring is manufactured by Myoyay and has a dimension of 20” x 20” x 1”. It can be sued for gymnasium, sports exercises, yoga and other physical activities. These mats can also handle heavy gym equipment and machinery. It is slip-resistant material made up of recycled rubber and EVA foam backing. It is usually available in black colour with blue, red or yellow spots in it.

These tiles are waterproof, shock and sound absorbent. These floor mats for home gym also act as good a insulator and are easily assembled.

They have high density and are pressure resistant. These tiles or flooring helps to protect our floor from any shock or damage. Once a machine is placed on this flooring, it remains intact and stable. This makes them an ideal choice as floor mats for a home gym. You can perform running, jogging, weightlifting and other activities over these floor tiles without causing any damage. You can place them simply on the floor or connect them using a buckle.


  • Anti-fatigue and shock absorbent.
  • Soundproof and impact resistant
  • The recycled Rubber material is eco-friendly
  • Waterproof floor tiles
  • Suitable for heavy workout and other physical exercises


  • Weak Interlocking
  • No variability in design or colour

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7. Jigmats Gym Flooring and Gym Mats

Manufactured by JIGMATS, it is a premium flooring material for home gyms. They provide an excellent level of safety and protection. They are suitable to handle heavy gym equipment and machines like treadmill, bench, rower, spin bike, etc. Each piece of the flooring measures about 12.2 x 12.2 x 0.4 inches and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth.

 These mats are absolutely odour free and are impact resistant. You can use them as gym flooring, yoga mats, a pilates mat, loft flooring, etc. The material is EVA foam and has rich density. The floor tiles are highly durable and resistive. They prevent any damage to your floor and increase the appeal of the home gym or room. You can use these floor mats for your home gym and get the desired benefits. These foam tiles or carpets will also make your home gym more attractive.


  • Easy to Assemble and lightweight.
  • Extraordinarily comfortable and cushioned to reduce impact.
  • High density, durability and shock resistance.
  • Waterproof material
  • Soundproof and slip-resistant
  • Strong grip and safety
  • High Quality
  • Low maintenan


  • Interlocking is weak
  • No additional warranty
  • Less choice availability

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8. Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

Sunny Health and Exercise Equipment mat is an ideal exercise mat for your home gym. You can use this mat under your heavy gym machinery like treadmill, bike and another gymnasium. The material made is of PVC foam and is very durable. You can also use it for elliptical or indoor cycling.

 The dimensions of the exercise mat are 56 x 24. The carpet is waterproof and moisture resistant. You can purchase it in three size options. The PVC foam material has a high density, and it is anti-tear, making it more resistant. It is lightweight and can be used as a potential flooring material for your gym machinery.

The floor mat for home gym also increases its aesthetic appeal and aura.


  • One Year Warranty
  • Highly Durable and resistant
  • Anti-tear material PVC foam
  • Waterproof surface
  • Available in different sizes
  • Space-saving
  • Non-slip surface
  • High density and rigid material


  • The mat is extra thin
  • Size is very small
  • Not suitable for yoga or other exercises
  • Not very flexible or expandable
  • The mat is slightly overpriced.

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9. Yes4all EVA Exercise Floor Mat

Yes4All manufactures each floor tile measuring 13.4” x 13.4” 18.2”. These tiles are exclusively made to be used as floor mats for a home gym. The foam material is highly durable and shock-resistant. You can use them as a gym flooring, yoga mat or as flooring under the heavy gym machines. These floor tiles come with interlocking mechanism and are very easy to assemble. You can also use them as a playground for children. These floor tiles have excellent resistance against impact and vibrations. The flooring is very thick and attractive. They act as sound absorbers and can be cleaned very easily. The material has a waterproof surface with extremely thick design.

The foam floor mat is quite resistant that it prevents falling accidents or slipping. The highly dense material enables it to protect the floor and avoid any sort of damage due to the intense activity. The mat is very comfortable and has extra cushion support which handles a lot of pressure. The design and interlocking are like the shape of a puzzle and can be removed or assembled quickly. The floor mat for a home gym is extremely lightweight, making it easy to maintain and handle.


  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Lightweight
  • Extra thick material and more resistant
  • shock absorber
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Highly durable
  • One Year Warranty


  • Slips on wet surfaces
  • Weak Interlocking
  • Easily Torn or damaged
  • Small size

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10. RevTime Home Gym Rubber Mat

Manufactured by RevTime, this DIY interlocking outdoor rubber tile is excellent value for money. The tile has a desirable thickness, beautiful looks and makes the outdoor area attractive. You can use these as a flooring material for an outdoor gym or an open gym in your home. The floor tile is made up of recyclable rubber which is not at all toxic and completely ecofriendly. The dimension of the rubber tile is 20 by 20.

The square paver has correct measurements with the thickness being around one inch. This thickness is very desirable and reduces impact, shocks and vibrations. The rubber is odour free and has a very high density. They are very lightweight and can be moved easily. These outdoor tiles come in many variations in different colours and dimensions. These tiles are ultra-durable and have outstanding quality. The rubber tiles provide insulation and are impact resistant. They regain their shape and form after the pressure applied is removed. These are indeed the best floor mats for a home gym.


  • These tiles are weather resistant and perfect for outdoor gyms and usage.
  • Extra thick and comfortable
  • They are Eco-friendly, non-toxic and odour free
  • The rubber tiles have rich density and high quality
  • Ultradurable and suitable for all kinds of activities
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Easy to install and lightweight
  • Impact, shock and sound resistant
  • Excellent appeal and attractive looks


  • Colour fades away after some time.
  • Water permeable floor mat tiles
  • Weak interlocking.

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11. Rubber-Cal Revolution Floor Mat

Rubber-Cal Revolution for interlocking rubber floors is a perfect choice for gyms, garages and living rooms. With dimensions of about 36 by 36, the mat or tile has a thickness of about 5/8 inch. The ideal floor mat for the home gym should be elastic, tough, durable and slip-resistant.

Rubber-Cal floor tile has all of these features and is a perfect choice for gym flooring. The floor tiles are interlocked together in the form of puzzle pieces and are made up of recycled rubber. The strength of rubber makes the floor mat highly durable and resistive. The supreme quality flooring is anti-fatigue and does not allow much impact to fall on our feet, knees or elbows. This product is available in black colour and acts as a protective layer over the floor. The flooring has shock and sound-absorbing properties and is very comfortable.


  • Eco-friendly rubber flooring
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • It is Antifatigue, anti-impact and anti-shock
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Highly durable and extra thick
  • Border and edges available


  • Weak interlocking
  • No warranty

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Why Purchase these floor mats for a home gym?

Floor mats for the home gym are an essential commodity if you are planning to set up any gym or workout place. You must look for the material that is highly durable to cover the impact of the given heavy machinery in the gym. Make sure these floor tiles are affordable and come into our budget range. You must select the floor mat, which is shock absorbent and impact resistance. Look for the given online prices and then try to compare the offered floor tiles. Choose the best floor mat that suits your gym needs. 

Buyer’s Guide: How to select the best floor mat for your home gym?

Gym Floor Material: 

You should carefully select the material of the floor mats for your home gym. Make sure that the material is easy to clean, bacterial and dust resistant. Choose the material which provides good traction and is durable. You can select from recycled rubber flooring, rubber rolls, rubber tiles, PVC plastic, etc.


Gym flooring is available in various sizes and thickness. The thickness of the mattresses or flooring is designed basically for the different kinds of activities. You should choose the flooring based upon the intensity of your workout. For example about 10 mm of flooring thickness required for dumbells, 12 mm for cardio and 40 mm least for weightlifting, etc.

Vibration and Noise Reduction: 

All floor mats for a home gym should absorb noise and reduce impact. Rubber flooring is the best for noise reduction and impact reduction. Loud noises produced by heavy workout or strong gym machines or weightlifting can cause a lot of noise and disturbance. Rubber flooring acts as a strong sound absorbent.


Density is the best indicator of the quality of floor mats for a home gym. Your floor mats should have appropriate density and resistance. A more dense mattress is more resistant, durable and robust. The average density for suitable gym flooring is about 900 kg/m3. 


Durability is an essential feature for any kind of gym flooring. The more durable your gym floor is, the more is its holding capacity. It must bear heavy workouts, intensive exercises and the bulk machines. Floor mats for your home gym must be durable and as such to reduce any kind of impact on the body or the floor.


We tried to put forward all the essential details of all the given products. The material and design provided may vary slightly in color, texture, and thickness. We tried to bring all of them together. We hope your gym experience becomes heightened with these floor mat tiles. Let us see if it proves to be helpful. You can select the item that is best for you. 

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