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Top 5 Small Gun Cleaning Mats in 2021- Expert Reviews

You can own several firearms but what matters is how well you clean them. The inescapable part of owning guns is the cleaning sessions. But using the same towel for cleaning can wear the cloth off over time. Towels and cloth absorb cleaning solvent and can become too dirty after a while. The bigger problem is the spilling of waste on all your tables, and the mess has iron oxide, better known as rust, and can deteriorate the table quality. To prevent any spills, you can use gun cleaning mats that are non-absorbent and leak proof. Small gun cleaning mats of sizes between 14″(inches) to 20′(inches) are ideal for Glocks, Pistols, and Revolvers.

What is a Good Gun Cleaning Mat?

The 4 criteria or qualities We found to be extremely crucial for qualifying as a Good gun cleaning mats are as follows:

  1. Products Features
  2. Reputation of Manufacturer
  3. Value for Money
  4. User Feedback

The size of the mat and its material durability is what makes a good gun cleaning mat. The mat comes with a protective upper covering in most cases to provide better than average protection for gun parts.

Gun parts are delicate and small; they can get scratched if placed on a rough desk or ground. The scratches will break the part upon impact as the region will be a soft spot. Gun mat can also prevent damage to the gun parts.

The color of mats can also help keep small screws and other parts visible. Usually, gun cleaning mats are dark in color, but you can find something bright too. The rug will make cleaning easier for you by containing dust, grime, and debris.

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Top 5 Small Gun Cleaning Mats at a Glance

  1. Dry mat Gun Cleaning Pad
  2. Ironclad Gun Cleaning mat for Glock
  3. Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat
  4. Lyman Essential Gun Cleaning Mat
  5. Tekmat Thin Ultra-Premium Gun Cleaning Mat
  • Style: Minimalistic and Square gun cleaning pad
  • Material: Absorbent Drymate patented material
  • Size: This mat is 16 Inches (L) x 20 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This square pad can contain handguns well with much space at its sides for disassembly.
  • The material is absorbent, with the back part of the mat designed to retain that moisture.
  • You can easily wash this mat with a brush to remove tough oil stains, but you can be sure that none of the oil will be on your table.
  • The mat’s back is slip-resistant to make sure the carpet does not go off when cleaning.
  • You can wash the rug by using a machine or by hand, very quickly.
  • The product does not have any fancy design but is suitable for general gun management with spill protection.
  • This mat is the best-selling gun cleaning mat in the United States.
  • The material used for water spill protection is a patented invention from the house of Drymate.
  • This mat is a go-to mat if you have handguns and sub-machine guns, for this can hold all the oil and grease in the area pretty well.


  • Excellent product for the price range with the right surface area.
  • Square design, great for handguns and sub-machine guns.
  • Backward oil resistance for locking spills in a single space.
  • Textured surface with a minimalistic design.


  • Not for long guns and assault rifles as the surface area is way too small.
  • Style: Glock design with gun disassembly instructions

  • Material: 3mm neoprene

  • Size: This mat is 17 Inches (L) x 11 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This mat has the best quality material you can find, the 3mm neoprene.
  • You can use this cleaning pad for Glock, which is a widely available and accessible handgun.
  • This mat’s size is 17″ x11″, which is large enough for fitting two Glocks.
  • You can use this pad to disassemble your Glock and place the parts on either side of the pillow.
  • The material is spill-resistant to make sure none of the corrosive materials leave the area.
  • The mat also comes with everything you need to know about the Glock so that you never confuse the parts.
  • Since the pad is neoprene material, it also comes with a lifetime warranty to protect that material.
  • Their support is also generous, so you can contact them if you face any issues.


  • The information on Glock is beneficial for everyone.
  • Neoprene material makes the mat
  • very durable for gun cleaning.
    Oil and fluid resistant coating


  • The too overall prize is expensive for the size of the mat. But it is worth the extra price.
  • Style: American flag upside down to resemble distress.

  • Material: Polyester top with waterproofing coating.

  • Size: This mat is 17 Inches (L) x 11 inches (W).

Top Features

  • This stylish gun cleaning mat is made of polyester, which is an expensive material.
  • It has a waterproofing coating on top to protect your table. The water does not get absorbed but stays on top in one place so that you can drain it safely.
  • This pad is a medium 11″ x17″ sized gun mat that can fit two handguns.
  • It is excellent for firearm or sub-machine gun owners to clean without the debris getting absorbed.
  • When you are done using the gun mat, you have to wipe the top clean with a towel.
  • The rubber back ensures your gun and parts do not slide on the table.
  • This cleaning mat is designed for longevity and comes with a 100% lifetime warranty with every purchase.
  • The design itself is very distinct and the design signifies the American distress flag in monochromatic. According to the US penal code, the US flag should not be flown upside down except when it signals dire distress and extreme danger to life or property.


  • Unique design with a durable material design.
  • Stitched sides made with durable synthetic material for corner absorption.
  • Tree rubber back padding for slip resistance.
  • A 100 percent lifetime warranty covers it.


  • Small design and not suitable for bigger guns until the bigger size is released.
  • Style: Gray Color maintenance mat with sectioned areas.

  • Material: Soft polymer

  • Size: This mat is 15.75 Inches (L) x 10 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This essential gun maintenance mat is durable enough to perform for smaller handguns with little parts.
  • Separate details are provided on the surface is to keep solvents and fluid in one spot.
  • You can disassemble your gun and clean it or service it.
  • A soft polymer’s body is resistant to solvent or oil and will not corrode or absorb it.
  • You can quickly get rid of spilled solvent by draining it off the surface.
  • A light towel wipe will clean the surface well for the next use.
  • The mat is flexible enough to roll and safely store wherever you want.
  • The rug’s back is a synthetic rubber, so you do not have to worry about the matt corroding to chemicals.


  • 2 Tabs at the edges for hanging the mat.
  • Separate sections for maintenance separation and the edges make sure nothing falls.
  • Made with chemical resistant material, and cannot corrode.
  • Durable build for extensive and regular usage.
  • Minimalistic design to make sure all parts are visible.


  • The edges for all sections can take up much space from the mat.
  • Style: punisher design with the American flag

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Size: This mat is 20 Inches (L) x 15 inches (W).

Top Features:

  • This blue punisher design is to honor the policy of the United States.
  • The material used is neoprene, a very premium material—the thickness of this ¼ of an inch, which is a very decent thickness.
  • The mat is oversized and is 15″ x20″ in size and gives you a lot of room to assemble handguns and sub-machine guns.
  • The parts will not go sliding out of the mat because of the stitched corners.
  • The mat is waterproof and corrosion-resistant to make sure no chemicals flow on the desk when spilled.
  • The material back is rubber, which ensures a good grip on the desk’s surface to avoid sliding.
  • This mat suits police servicemen with the design strategy to suit blue lives.


  • Quality-oriented design of mat with neoprene material.
  • It was gripping back texture for best grip on stable desks.
  • Stitched edges with bumps to ensure parts stay inside the mat.
  • ¼ inch thickness to ensure maximum padding for gun parts.


  • Requires a good table with a place to keep tools as the mat is thick.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What are gun cleaning pads made of?

Gun cleaning pads are made of durable synthetic materials that are waterproof and can help you clean your guns without messing. The materials may defer in manufacturing and price but function similarly. Some absorbent mats absorb the solvent and keep them in place until it has evaporated—no corrosive solvent leaks on the table. The back’s design needs to be well, or the cloth will detach itself from its end because of the solvent corroding the adhesive. Some companies have come up with great tactics to fix a waterproof base to an absorbent synthetic. These designs are patented and sometimes relatively inexpensive related to companies that buy the resource.

2. What are the best gun cleaning pads?

The best cleaning pads come with decent thickness and suitable materials. The top coating should also be of excellent quality to make sure water does not absorb the cloth. When water does not get engrossed in the fabric, it’s much easier to drain the water. Good pads can provide sufficient friction to water as not to spill the water further. Guns require corrosive cleaning solvents to remove residue and debris. This grease, dirt, and grime can corrode your desk if not paid attention to.

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