How to choose the right Floor Mat

How to Choose the Right Floor Mat?

Choosing the right floor mats can be difficult. There are so many different types of floors, uses, and setups that you may not know where to start. one of the most important decisions is to choose the right type and size of floor mat. There are many different mats for every location, use, and set up […]

Hardwood Floor Chair Mat

How to Find the Best Hardwood Floor Chair Mat?

Families who are taking consideration of having their own home choose to have a hardwood floor in some rooms of their house. These floors are very good to see and they are attractive to visitors as well. If a friend or relative comes and drops by at your house, they can easily notice the good […]

Anti-static Chair Mats

Amazing Benefits of Anti-static Chair Mats

Computer chair mats are now common everywhere there is a computer present. These floor mats are actually a protection for your flooring from the movements that the computer or desk chairs have. The wheels of desk chairs can be very damaging to the flooring. Damages may not show instantly but since movements occur every day, […]

desk floor mats

What to Look for in a Desk Floor Mat?

A desk floor mat is now an important part of every room that has a computer in it. Why? First, it protects your floor from being damaged or scratched by the daily activities that happen in a certain workplace like moving office chairs, walking, moving equipment, and others. A simple movement of the desk chair […]

Office Chair Mats for Hardwood Floor

Best 12 Office Chair Mats for Hardwood Floor- Tested Reviews

Chair mats are an essential accessory of any office. They protect the floor from scuffs, marks, spills, and scratches. These mats make it easy to move within the workspace on all kinds of floors. Chair mats are useful for carpets, hardwood, vinyl, tile. laminate, linoleum, and cemented(concrete) office floor. Choosing the right chair mat is […]