How to Clean Cricut Cutting Mats and Restore? [Step by Step]

Cricut Cutting Mats have different colors which differ in their grip and purposes. They are used to cut materials such as paper, vinyl, and fabric into perfectly inclined or rounded shapes. However, depending on the materials, you will need to use different mats.

The Cricut cutting mats usually last long for a few certain numbers of uses before they become defective and lose their stickiness. Without maintenance, it will surely speed up the chance of getting them dirty and wanting to be replaced.

The materials cut with the cutting machine will produce dust, lint, or small particles which will likely stick with the adhesive on your cutting mat.

Make sure to remove the materials properly so this will happen less often. The cutting mats can still somehow lose their effectiveness and get dirty over time when used more often.

To prolong the life of Cricut cutting mats and to avoid buying a new one, you can clean it regularly and with certain materials that can be found in your house, and with the help of the guide below.

Popular Cricut Cuttimg Mats:

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats?

1.  Keep Clean Cover

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats - step 1 - Keep Clean Cover

First things first. You might want to keep the plastic clear film cover that comes with your Cricut Cutting Mat. The cover will greatly help prolong the lifespan of the adhesive on your mat.

It is used to protect your cutting mats from dust, dirt, and pet hairs when you are not using them. Whip it out or wipe it with wipes to remove dirt from the cover. Make sure it is dry and clean before using it to cover the cutting mat.

Take note that when removing the cover, make sure to place it somewhere you can see them immediately. This is to make sure you won’t lose it or else you will have a hard time finding them after you are done with your project.

2. Light Cleaning

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats - step 2 - Light Cleaning

Remove the debris stuck to the adhesive on your cutting mat with a plastic scraper. Carefully run the scraper through the surface to remove small residue. Then you can wipe off the dirt on the edges with a paper towel. Do this repeatedly.

Use tweezers for the large debris and carefully remove them. Remember to always be gentle when cleaning your precious cutting mats, otherwise, the adhesive will lose its stickiness. It’s one important way to prolong the life of your mats.

For the Pink Fabric Grip Mat, unlike other cutting mats, its adhesive is different which is specially designed for cutting fabrics. It is more sensitive and requires more care as it gets dirty easier.

The Fabric Grip Mat is more sensitive to oils and dirt, so avoid touching your fingers to the adhesive as much as possible because your fingers can produce oil.

Do not also use a scraper for the Pink Fabric Grip Mat as it can pull off the adhesive and leave areas that are no longer sticky.

3.  Use Baby Wipes

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats - step 3 - Use Baby Wipes

Alcohol and bleach-free baby wipes are one helpful cleaning product for your cutting mat. They are soft and moist enough that won’t ruin the adhesive.

Just wipe it on around the surface in a circular motion with less pressure. Take note that you do not want to put much pressure as it can ruin the adhesive.

You can also use this method for your Pink Mats. Make sure to do it smoothly and with less pressure. If the only things on the surface are threads, leave them.

The rotary blade of the machine will cut right through them and taking them off will only make the mat last shorter. There is no need to worry about it.

4.  Use Lint Roller

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats - step 4 - Use Lint Roller

Lint Roller is usually stickier than the mat and it can collect particles that are stuck to the adhesive that can’t be removed with baby wipes alone.

Roll it all over the mat and it will collect all the specks of dust left on the surface. A combination of baby wipes and a Lint roller can be also effective in cleaning light stacked up dirt.

Lint rollers are also safe to use on your Pink Mats if you ask. They gradually remove small pieces of dust and hair. You can also use strong grip transfer tape to remove small pieces of dust and hair and to make your mat less fuzzy.

Just cut a piece of the transfer tape and put the sticky side down. Then peel it off. Make sure to proceed with caution as the Pink Mats are really sensitive.

5.  Deep Cleaning

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats - step 5 - Deep Cleaning

If the previous step is not enough to clean your mat or the buildup of dirt is moderate to heavy, there are different methods for washing your cutting mat. Place your mat on your kitchen sink first.

One way to wash your mat is to use a scotch Brite sponge, a small amount of dish soap, and warm water. Then clean the mat as you would normally do in any dish. Afterward, rinse it with warm water.

Another way is to run lukewarm water over the mat and use a hard bristle brush and a tiny amount of dish soap. Gently scrub the surface in a circular motion until the whole surface has been cleaned. Rinse it with warm water afterward.

If you see some stains on your mats, a magic eraser is a very helpful tool that works for the job. It is more effective than a regular sponge and it does not require dish soap. Just moist it with a little amount of water and run it evenly and gently through the surface.

Another recommendation for cleaning your precious mats is to use an awesome spray which you can buy at any dollar store. It is literally called Awesome Spray. Just evenly spray it onto the surface and let it sit for 5–10 minutes.

Afterward, use a scraper tool to gently scrape the entire surface and not put much pressure. Then, rinse it off with warm or cold water to clean off the cutting mat.

For the Pink Fabric Grip Mat, skip this step. Washing with dish soap and water can actually ruin the adhesive on your pink mat.

6.  Let Air Dry

How To Clean Cricut Cutting Mats - step 6 - Let Air Dry

Gently pat the cutting mat with a paper towel as it can leave fiber on the surface of the mat and reduce its stickiness if rubbed.

Let it sit on the table or hang it up until it is completely dry. The stickiness will return eventually when completely dry. Afterward, cover it with the plastic film cover to protect it from unwanted dust, dirt, and hair.

There you have it! A step-by-step guide to clean Cricut Cutting Mats and it is ready to use again.

How to Retore Cricut Cutting Mats?

What if the stickiness is not back after you clean it up and dry it? No worries as there is a way to bring back the stickiness. You just need an adhesive spray or also known as a sticky spray. You can buy it at any craft store and online shop.

Please remember that each product has different instructions and directions for using it. So make sure to read it carefully before using them.

Here are the steps to make your cutting mats sticky again.

1. Remove Remaining Adhesive

How to Restore Cricut Cutting Mats - step 1 - Remove Remaining Adhesive

To ensure, you need to remove all of the stickiness on your mat. Grab plain rubbing alcohol or any adhesive remover such as GooGone and apply it to the entire surface of the mat. Then use a scraper to remove it completely.

2. Cover the Edges

How to Restore Cricut Cutting Mats - step 2 - Cover the Edges

Use masking tape to cover the edges. You don’t want to make those edges sticky. These areas must be kept adhesive-free.

3. Apply Sticky Spray

How to Restore Cricut Cutting Mats - step 3 - Apply Sticky Spray

Apply the adhesive product and coat it evenly to the surface. Some will require you to brush multiple times; others will only need you to spray. Make sure to read the instructions before applying.

4. Let Dry

How to Restore Cricut Cutting Mats - step 4 - let it dry

Let it dry for a couple of minutes to ensure that the adhesive bonds to the surface properly and doesn’t stick too much to the materials you are cutting. When it’s completely dry, remove the tape on the edges.

Final Wrap

There you have it! You can use your Cricut Cutting Mat all over again and as good as new! Remember to always be gentle with the process or you will end up buying a new one.

And, always cover your mats with clear film when not using them which comes with the mat when you buy it to protect from dirt, dust, and hair.

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