The 10 Best Floor Mats for Babies Crawling-Reviews & Buyers Guide

The 10 Best Floor Mats for Babies Crawling-Reviews & Buyers Guide

Babies are the most precious gift for parents they ever had in their life. They play, cry, smile, and provide joy to their parent’s life. Taking care of growing babies is not an easy task as it requires so much attention and dedication towards them.  Parents must protect their babies from avoidable harm while playing and crawling on floors. Good quality foam floor mats are best for growing babies for crawling and playing.

Choosing the Best floor mats for Babies in the early stages of their life results in the protection and development of the kids.

  • Floor mats for kids are available in different colors, sizes, designs, and materials.
  • They are also available with features like inbuilt music, lights, and mirrors to make your baby always smiling.

They are available in different varieties like foam material, eco-friendly material, and are free from toxins material caring for the health of babies.

The preferable place to play for babies is the floor of the home. It helps in the growth of the muscles naturally and learns to crawl, roll, and walk. During this time, Best Foam Mats for Babies must be used to make your babies feel special.

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Quick Look at 10 Best Floors Mats for Babies

Here are the Top 10 Picks for Best Floors Mats for Babies:

This mat is designed for play and learns purpose. It can be used from both sides and has one side beautifully printed of A to Z alphabets with cartoon images to attract and help your baby to gain learning skills at the initial age of its childhood. Its reversible and learning purpose design has made us put it on the top of our list of Best floor mats for Babies.


  • Education theme printed on one side adds educational benefits for your kids.
  • The reversible feature will help you to use another one side if one gets dirty while playing or eating.
  • Made up of thick cushioning that assures child safety.


  • This Best Foam Mats for Babies is easy to clean and dry as it is waterproof.
  • Accurate thickness and softness to save from a fall while playing.
  • Non-slippery surface as eco-friendly PVC material is used.
  • Large in size
  • Free from toxins material like EVA, formaldehyde, latex extra.
  • A free two-year warranty on the product is available.


  • Stains are not removable even after a quick wash.
  • A to Z alphabets are not in series.

These Best floor mats for Babies comes with sloped edges and cushioned tiles of5/8″ are extra-thick and provides a spongy feel underfoot. Its sloppy edges prevent stumbling. A wide variety of colors and themes of animals and flower prints are available to choose with these baby floor mats for crawling kids that are attractive and good-looking for your baby.


  • Comes in the size of 78″ x78″; 5/8- inch thick
  • Cleaning of these soft tile floor mats for kids can be done with a damp cloth.
  • Useful to create designer playrooms for babies with more colors and fun.


  • This baby floor mats for crawling is soft and light.
  • Non-toxic Eva foam is used in it.
  • Best for a home with hard tile and wooden flooring.
  • Slopped edges prevent kids from falling.


  • The plastic smell after opening, which disappears after a few days of use. 

Best floor mats for Babies comes with 16 tiles pieces that can be interlocked with each other by you or your baby. The tiles can be arranged to make a mat of different shapes and sizes. Four different colors of tile in this mat make it easy for kids to build the mat. The strength of the baby’s problem-solving skill is improved when he/she try to arrange 16 tiles pieces to build up a mat.


  • High-density EVA foam material is used to make this baby floor mats for crawling
  • Company give guarantees that the product is durable for a long period.
  • Cutting edges ensure the secure fit of tile interlocking with each other.
  • This Best Foam Mat for Babies is attractive and unique.


  • Large play area with softness.
  • Mild soap and a damp cloth can be used for cleaning.
  • Free from non-toxic material like lead, formaldehyde, etc.
  • Large in size of 6×6 feet.
  • Two-year warranty by the company.


  • The plastic smell after opening, which disappears after a few days of use. 


  • Non-toxic and doesn’t contain phthalates and lead.
  • Re-arranging can be done in any shape and size.
  • Soft cushioning helps in preventing injuries from hard falls.
  • It comes with 16 foam pieces and removable centres that are easy to assemble with 16 border pieces.
  • Covers the are 50’’x50″; 0.4 inch-thick.
  • Fulfils all US and European testing standard requirements.


  • The interlocking mechanism is completely different.
  • Easy to wipe up and clean.
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight.
  • No toxic material was used.
  • The foam thickness is accurate.


  • Interlock panels get loose after few years.

This Best floor mat for Babies of Infantino mat comes with playing toy for your babies. It is most suitable for babies of age ranging between 0- 3 years. Its thickness serves more comfortable playing ground. Toys are added with the scope of sharpening the skill of babies for future growth. All the toys attached are removable and can be adjusted by parents according to their requirements.


  • It includes a tummy pillow that provides wide support and relief to the baby’s tummy.
  • The Overhead system of toys helps the baby to get enhanced their motor coordination.
  • It comes with the BPA free teething materials
  • It is foldable and can be store easily.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Various texture and beautiful design pattern.
  • Detachable toys for easy wash.
  • Adjustable handle arms in two different styles.
  • Tummy pillow provides several benefits.


  • When baby turn tummy pillow slips out very easily. 

Best floor mats for Babies has both numerical and alphabet puzzles, learning themes. The educational design will assist your baby to master learning skills early by introducing them to number and alphabets. A thick high EVA 3/8-inch thick foam is used in its material. Foam has a good thickness as it provides cushioning to baby and lesser the sounds of toys falling on it at playtime.


  • It has 36 foam piece of 1 square foot each size
  • When foam pieces are combined, they build up a 6×6 massive size foot mat.
  • It has high quality; vibrant primary colors love by every baby.
  • Mat gets its finished look from its straight border.
  • Easy to assemble and provides safe playing above hard floors.
  • Ideal design for bedrooms, pre-school, and other play areas.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Gentell textured material is non-slippery.
  • Highly durable and waterproof EVA foam.
  • Free of toxic materials, making it healthy to use for kids.
  • Design can be modified according to day to day requirements.
  • Easy to pack.


  • Little bit thin borders.
  • It can be slippery for babies playing without socks.

Best floor mat for Babies provides your kids versatility and a large area to crawl on. It is highly designed with quality and intention with shock-absorbing cushioning material. This high-quality material once connected offers a soft playing, crawling, or walking area with a highly comfortable environment to your baby. In the list of top 10 mats, it is one of Best floor mats for Babies.

  • Interlock edges get connected very easily.
  • It has eight tiles with a green tile dimension of 12.625 x 12.625 x 0.5 inches.
  • Tiles are red, yellow, blue, and green in colors.
  • Quick to disassemble.
  • Includes .375 inch of EVA foam thickness
  • Rectangle tile dimension is 24.5 x 48 x .5 inches.


  • Non-slippery and waterproof material.
  • High grip on hard wooden floors.
  • Non-toxic material for kids’ safety.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • East to store even at small places.
  • Easy to clean
  • Shock absorbing
  • It can be used outdoors and indoors.


  • Colors get fade early after regular use.
  • Interlocking tiles get loosen with time or with a change in designs.

This Pehr Magical Forest Round Playmat has a high-quality fabric Best floor mat for Babies. With its small printed design, it makes a place in one of the most beautiful 100% cotton filled with poly material mats affordable to buy for your babies. It has extra fluffiness with a general wave pattern quilted.


  • It is a high-quality mat with a diameter of 40″.
  • Printed of design is done by AO free dyes, which are healthy and non-allergic material.
  • A good amount of poly filling is done to provide more comfort for your babies.
  • It has a dimension of 40 x 40x 1 inch.
  • It can be dry at low heat.
  • Dry cleaning is not suitable.


  • The cotton used is so soft.
  • Extra fluffiness provides safe playing.
  • Beautifully design.
  • East to wash in the machine.
  • Lightweight


  • The round shape is small in size.
  • Risk of getting exterior cotton layer tearing if used uncarefully.

This floor mat for Babies is fabulous and favourable for raising babies. Its size and vivid colours will attract your child to stay happy and smiling always. The mat is so comfortable and non-smelly, as it will be loved by your baby. Its appropriate cushioning work is done for the high safety of the child. Its large size is suitable for your baby to play, roll, crawl, and sit.


  • Exciting design and colours are developed for babies to encourage their intelligence. 
  • The foam pad is soft and suitable for babies.
  • The extra softness of foam protects rolling and crawling baby head and legs fetting hurt from the solid floor of a home.
  • Multipurpose usage allows this mat to be used as a baby play mat, and also its foam pads can be utilized to do yoga and fitness exercise by kids’ parents.
  • The dimension of each tile 30*30*1.0 cm. Includes 18 pcs of a set.


  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Less time consuming while cleaning.
  • Protects from floor heats.
  • Outstanding grip decreases the risk of baby slipping.
  • The upper surface is also non-slippery and is a little bit rough.
  • Non-toxic material


  • The risk of getting cut if sharp objects are used.

This Best floor mat for Babies of Tiny Love fulfils all the requirements of parents and baby. Its design is impressive, which makes it demanding by parents to buy it for their baby to have happy moments while playing. Its quality is superb, and all the material used in it meets the standards requires in the toys.


  • It also includes a flexible baby-safe mirror, which adds more fun to the baby during playtime.
  • The mat material used is free compounds and toxins that can be risky for baby health.
  • No PVC, BPA, formaldehyde, and phthalate are used.
  • Eye-catching colours are helpful in the visual development of a baby.


  • Large size for more area to crawl and roll.
  • Relaxing plush padding.
  • Suitable for machine wash.
  • A soft padded mirror promotes the facial recognition of the baby.


  • It is not good to use for kids above two years.

Buying Guide

Your baby is innocent, sweet, and has delicate body parts. A baby doesn’t know about things that can harm him while playing. So it is the parents’ responsibility to buy the Best floor mat for Babies which are suitable for a child. This Buyer’s guide will help you in buying a suitable baby mat for your baby.

  • Useful: 

A mat that is useful for another purpose other than playing for kids is more preferable. While making a final buy, you can also choose a mat that can be utilized for cardio, yoga, outside in lawns for sitting, kids playing, etc.

  • Less effort in washing and cleaning: 

While playing baby makes the mat dirty and full of stains of food and other stuff. It will be more suitable if you buy a mat that is easy to clean and gets dry fast so that it can be used again for the baby to play on it.

  • Size: 

Various sizes of mats are available in the market. You must buy a mat of a size that fits in your bedroom, kids’ playroom, living room, etc. whichever room your baby plays mostly. Buy the mat best in size for your baby to play and also compatible with your room.

  • Material: 

The durability of the mat depends on the quality of the material used in it. Ensure before buying that material used is of high quality and non-toxic for the safety of the baby.

  • Protective: 

The Best floor mat for Babies you buy must fulfill all the measures of safety and protection. You must buy a mat that is safe from skin allergies, slipping, and skidding while the baby plays on it. It must have a soft cushioning material to protect the baby when he falls during learning walks on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    How can I clean & clear my baby play mat?

It is very easy to clean and clear, gently wipe it with a damp cloth. You can also mix detergent in water, and using a damp cloth wiping can be done. After wiping, let it get dry to avoid the baby slipping on a wet mat.

2.    Can I(mom) also utilize the baby mat for myself?

Yes, you can, as most of the baby, mats are designed with both baby and mom in mind. You can use it for general purposes as your children grow out like exercise, yoga, etc.

3.    Can I increase the size of these mats by connecting other?

Yes, absolutely, interlocking mats are easy to lock, and the connection of more tiles to make it a large mat can be done without any hassle. You can buy multiple sets and connect them according to your customization for the perfect sized mat.

4.    Are these mats are portable to carry along during trips?

Yes, these baby mats are can be broken down. You can stack the tiles to store them in any box. The lightweight tiles of mats are portable.

5.  Are these play mats durable?

Premium quality non-toxic EVA foam is out of the most durable materials that are manufactured under high standards. This EVA foam used in these mats makes them durable, waterproof, and last long product.

6.   How safe is this baby play mat for my baby?

These playmats are safe enough for your child in several ways. Proper cushioning of these mats provide safety from getting harm while playing, and also no toxic material used in them assures that they are fully safe to use.


Best floor mat for Babies offers a good surface for crawling and play, staining less and attracting less dust than traditional cloth blankets. They can be adapted according to the growth of the child or to the size you want according to the pieces you want to place.

The market offers an infinity of models, from the classic ones in bright colours with removable letters, numbers or figures, to the more casual designs that make it a stylish rug that combines with the decoration of the room or living

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