Best NoTrax Anti-Fatigue Mats for Kitchen, Salon & Workshops

Every workplace or home should have anti-fatigue mats which reduce your fatigue after tiring long hours of standing in the workplace or in the kitchen at home.

Anti-fatigue mats provide comfort and reduce fatigue to workers who have a long-standing job at the workplace. Fatigues are bad for workers as it affects productivity and the well-being of the employees.

These mats are useful for places like industrial floors, kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, malls, stores, etc., as these are the places where the workers or employees work mainly on floors with long standing hours.

And in return, these floors promote the well-being of employees and increase morale productivity.

These anti-fatigue mats are available online and in industrial supply stores, or at any stores that stock workplace safety equipment.

These are made up of rubbers and ergonomic foam, as rubberized floors outlast any other wear surfaces. Anti-fatigue floor mats are usually 11/16″ in thickness and come in Solid Black or Black with Yellow Safety Border colors.

You are here at the right place looking for a solution to reduce your foot, knee, and back fatigues associated with long-standing postures. You need assistance in finding the right anti-fatigue mats available online for you.

Top 3 Best NoTrax Anti Fatigue mats

1. Best NoTrax Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats

Have you been looking for some amazing mats? These NoTrax Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats are PVC on the top and the underside is PU foam with anti-slip backing.

The material underfoot provides comfort and support, something we all want!

Easy to clean, durable, these mats can be just what you need to keep your kitchen or standing desk safe from annoying falls. Say goodbye to slipping with these anti-slip mats.

2. Best NoTrax Salon Anti-Fatigue Mats

When it comes to comfort in the salon, this is truly a must-have. NoTrax Anti-Fatigue Salon mats offer an unprecedented blend of design and durability and are available with our popular floral designs or in solid colors.

The durable woven Vinyl surfaces are stain-resistant making clean-up a breeze while all of your clients can be confident they’re being treated on safe, comfortable flooring.

We know you want convenience for both your clients and yourself and these mats provide the ultimate experience thanks to their easy-to-install design with self-locking connectors that create no tripping hazard (perfect for safety-conscious environments!)

You’ll also love how lightweight it is at just 9.5 pounds making them even easier to bring wherever you need them most!

3. Best NoTrax Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Oftentimes, over time can lead to fatigue-related injuries. Provide your workers relief by installing industrial anti-fatigue mats under their feet with these easy to clean yet durable mats.

Instantly, you’ll see a happier workforce and ultimately better productivity! Our wide selection of colors ensures that they will match any interior need too!

Most anti-fatigue mats available on the market are designed for use in industrial settings. While choosing the best anti-fatigue mats for your needs, you need to take care of certain things in mind.

Our choice is NoTrax 417 Bubble Sof-Tred Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mat for Industrial purposes. These mats provide all necessary features for fatigue protection to the workforce who need to stand for a long period of time.

These NoTrax industrial anti fatigue mats are All four sides are beveled all 4 sides to minimize the hazards.

NoTrax exclusive Dyna-Shield PVC sponge that is used for the top layer in these industrial mats provides long-lasting protection from wear and tear.

Benefits of Using NoTrax Anti-fatigue Mats

  1. NoTraxanti-fatigue mats are made of natural rubber, which is a great alternative to foam or plastic
  2. This mat is more comfortable than other materials because it provides cushioning while also regulating temperature
  3. The material in NoTraxanti-fatigue mats is naturally flame-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your mat catching on fire if it gets too close to the stove or fireplace
  4. NoTrax anti-fatigue mats are durable and can last for years without needing replacement
  5. You can use NoTrax anti fatigue mats as an area rug or put them under your desk at work for extra comfort during long days of sitting down
  6. They’re easy to clean – just vacuum them with a regular vacuum cleaner! No need for special cleaners that could damage the material

Types of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Supreme Fatigue Saver

The supreme fatigue saver mats are most liked by workers and home users. This particular mat is rugged, durable, made of 100% closed-cell PVC foam. It has a standard thickness of 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch though it also comes in added thickness of 5/8 inch.

Fatigue Saver

The fatigue saver mats are designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs as it is great for light to moderate standing places.

This mat is 100% closed-cell PVC foam. It comes in a thickness of 1/4 inch and is available with standard embossing or pebble embossing surface.

Safety Fatigue Saver

The safety fatigue saver is very rugged, durable, and made of closed-cell vinyl sponge ergonomic anti-fatigue matting. This mat comes in black with bright yellow borders promotes workplace safety with a thickness of 3/8 inch and with standard embossing or pebble embossing surface.

Ergo-Flex Fatigue Saver

The ergo-flex fatigue saver is a foam mat with an enhanced cell structure. This mat comes in solid black or black with a yellow safety border with a thickness of 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch. It acts as a perfect shock absorber for fallen tools and eliminates damages to floors.

Bubbles Flex Saver

The bubble flex anti-fatigue mats are a very innovative air-pocket bubble design that provides exceptional comfort to walk or stand on. This is 100% molded rubber and it comes in solid black color with a thickness of 1/2 inch.

Cushion Foot Anti-Fatigue Mat

The cushion foot anti-fatigue mat is an ergonomic rubber mat and comes in a modular design that provides versatility for a variety of workplace configurations.

It is a very popular diamond pattern surface and comes in a 28 inch wide and 31 inches long with a 1/2 inch thickness and is available in solid black color.


The NoTrax Anti Fatigue Mats are a great investment for your home. Here’s why: the mats offer relief from fatigue and soreness, they provide insulation against cold floors in winter months, and they prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

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