How to Remove Gum from Carpet, Floor Mat and Car Mat?

Are you struggling to get rid of a Gum from your carpet or car mat? You are not alone thousands of people daily struggle to do so. But here we will show you easy ways to remove gum from your carpet.

Gum gets entrenched in the carpet very quickly. Some gums sit on the carpet for a very long time unless you spot them. They get into the carpet fibers and making it very difficult to remove them.

You will ruin the carpet if you try to remove it just by pulling it out of the mat/carpet. So here are very easy to do ways to remove gum from the carpet.

Best Tips to Remove Gum at Home Easily

Here we will look at some easy ways to remove gum with products available at home.

1. Removing gum from carpet with ice

1. Remove Gum from Carpet using Ice

Ice can be very effective in removing gum from the carpet. Ice freezes the gum and makes it easy to remove.

You can put an ice pack on the area and leave it there for a few minutes and the ice will freeze the gum completely. Gum is a sticky substance and as cold is applied the viscosity reduces.

This helps in pulling the gum out as it becomes less sticky. The carpet strands tend to loosen the substance. You can also scrape it with a razor or sharp object.

If you don’t have an ice pack then you can use ice cubes from your refrigerator. Put a few ice cubes in a cloth or plastic sandwich bag and you can apply it to the gum.

This trick works well for cloth/fabric, seats, rubber mats as well.

2. Remove gum from carpet using mayonnaise

2. Remove Gum from Carpet using Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise constitutes 70%+ Oil. This helps to remove the gum. Take a bit of mayonnaise and rub it on the gum for a few seconds.

This will help in removing gum from the carpet strands. Once the carpet strands tend to lose the gum it can be pulled out easily with the hand.

But the disadvantage of this trick is that the oil may leave stain marks on the carpet.

3. Removing gum from floor mat using lemon juice

3. Remove Gum from Carpet using Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has citric acid which helps remove stickiness. Citric acid decreases the bond between two substances. In our case, it will help the gum to come out of the carpet.

You have to soak the carpet or fabric in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes. Once it is completely soaked you can pull the gum from the carpet.

4. how to remove gum from carpet with Vinegar?

4. Remove Gum from Carpet using Vinegar

Just as you applied lemon juice you can use Vinegar too. Vinegar is a wonderful product for cleaning home and stuffs.

This is acidic stuff that removes stains from walls, utensils, and rust from old tools. Use vinegar to soak the carpet for a few minutes and then remove the gum with a scraper or razor.

But use a full-strength white distilled vinegar otherwise it will stain the fabric or carpet badly.

5. Hairspray to remove chewing gum from floor mat

5. Remove Gum from Carpet using Hairspray

Hair spray is widely used and can be found at every home. Hairspray contains polymer molecules that are contained in a solvent.

Typically this solvent is alcohol. So when you apply hairspray on your hair this solvent evaporates leaving the polymer molecules and thus making it hard and stay.

The same happens if you spray it on the gum it will quickly make it hard. When the gum becomes hard the stickiness is no more there. After some time you can scrape this with a razor or any sharp knife.

6. How to remove chewing gum from carpet with toothpaste?

6. Remove Gum from Carpet using Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains fluoride which breaks down the stickiness of any material. Toothpaste helps reduce the strength of gum sticking to the strands of carpet fibers.

Take a bit of toothpaste according to the size and area of the gum and apply all over it. Rub the toothpaste where the gum is sticking to the carpet. And let it settle for a few minutes.

When it becomes hard then try to remove the gum with a knife or any sharp object. You can use your hands also. This way you can remove the gum from the carpet using materials available at home.

7. Removing gum from carpet with peanut butter

7. Remove Gum from Carpet using Peanut butter

Peanut butter is rich in vitamin E and this helps in reducing the stickiness of the gum. Apply peanut butter by rubbing it on the carpet surface.

Let it sit for a few minutes and then you will see the results. The oil in peanut butter will loosen the grip of the gum on the carpet surface. Scrape it with a knife or razor to remove the gum.

8. how to remove gum from mat with lukewarm water?

8. Remove Gum from Carpet using Lukewarm Water

One of the worst features of the gum is it’s soft and sticky. The best way you can reduce its sticky nature is by making it hard. If this becomes hard it will not stick much.

You can put lukewarm water to harden the gum. Once the gum is hard enough try to pull the gum from the mat. This will take some time to remove the gum fully but this works.

9. Using Hairdryer

9. Remove Gum from Carpet using Hairdryer

If you have a hairdryer at home it comes in handy at many a time. In this case, a hairdryer can be useful. Before applying a hairdryer on the carpet please make sure of these two things.

  • Decrease the temperature of the hairdryer to 80-90 degrees.
  • Put some cover around the gum on the carpet.

This will ensure the carpet is not damaged due to the hairdryer. Now use the hairdryer to melt the gum. Once it starts melting try to take it out using a rag/plastic bag or paper towel.

10. Using Coke/Pepsi

10. Remove Gum from Carpet using Coke or Pepsi

These aerated drinks contain substances that can help in cleaning. They reduce the sticky nature of gum.

Let the area of the carpet soak in coke and leave it for a few minutes. After 5-10 minutes try to pull out the gum with your hands.

You will see that the gum is now less sticky and comes out easily. It will not come out on the first try but if you repeat this process eventually it will come out totally.

The only disadvantage of using this method is it can leave a stain on the carpet.

Products to Remove the Gum from the Carpet and Floor Mat Quickly

In these methods, you will need to buy a few materials from the market but these are professional ways to remove gum. There are a lot of materials available in the market like degreaser, gum remover, adhesive remover, sprays, and scrapers.

1. Remove gum from carpet using WD-40

Wd-40 is a degreaser and a very effective tool in removing the gum. Spray the WD 40 on the carpet where the gum is sticking and let it settle for 3-4 minutes. Now take a scrapper to remove the gum easily.

2. How do you remove gum from carpet with Goo Gone?

Googone is a tough agent which removes gum that is sitting there for a very long time. Take a bit of Goo gone on a paper towel and apply it to the surface and remove it until it disappears completely. The best part is it doesn’t harm the carpet anyway. You can use it to remove a lot of stuff like labels, adhesives, crayon marks, stickers, and wax.

3. Using Diversey Gum Remover

Spray the Diversey gum remover on the gum and it will freeze it instantly. Then take ou the gum with the help of a scraper. It is most suitable for all kinds of carpets. It doesn’t contain ammonia or CFC.

4. Mykal Sticky Stuff Remover

Mykal Gum remover is another great tool for removing gum from the carpet. Easy to use and can be used for removing chewing gum, labels, stickers, and crayon marks.


All of the above strategies work on all kinds of carpets, and mats. All these methods described above are recommended and safe to use. Using all products described above you can easily remove the gum from the carpet.

Picture Courtesy:- Car Cleaning Guru

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