Are Cars Supposed to Come with Floor Mats? Do Dealers Remove Mats?

Most people spend a good amount of time in their cars, driving for work or pleasure! It is therefore understandable that you take care of your car just like your home.

Those who love to keep their car clean and dust-free look for good quality floor mats that keep your car clean while complementing its interiors. Car floor mats add an exceptional feel and look to your car.

The carpet in your car has to bear a lot. Most of the wear and tear is due to getting in and out and shifting while driving.

Every time you get in your car, you inevitably bring some dirt and grit. This eventually damages the nylon fibers of the carpet. Installing a set of good floor mats helps preserve the interiors and, ultimately, the resale value of your car.

You are probably wondering why buying floor mats for your car is important. Many vehicles do not come with floor mats, and most of those that have them are not covered adequately enough by the factory mats.

Are Cars Supposed to Come with Floor Mats?

Most automobile companies/ dealers do not offer car floor mats unless you have specifically negotiated with them to provide the same. Car floor mats are an interior car accessory that dealers generally include when purchasing a vehicle.

However, with the surge in competition, many cars are offered without them. Of course, you can pay some extra money and buy them as an add-on accessory. Usually, the dealers have a variety of helpful options to choose from.

Back in the day, you used to get a lot of freebies with any car purchase, but things are quite different now.

Most new cars do not come with floor mats unless you have specifically negotiated with the dealer at the time of the purchase.

Some manufacturers like BMW still provide floor mats with all their vehicles, while others offer floor mats with selected models only.

Note: Go by a general rule before buying a car (new, lease or rental). Request or negotiate with the seller to include mats in the purchase agreement details before finalizing everything. 

Are Floor Mats Included in New Cars of Any Brands?

You might have to shell out some extra money if you want floor mats installed in your new car, as most brands do not offer the same.

BMW, one of the most iconic car brands, values its customers and offers floor mats with all their new cars. Even GM cars/vehicles come with carpeted floor mats.

Tesla for example offers floor mats in their Long Range and Performance Model 3, only to buyers in the US and Canada. Other car brands such as Honda and Hyundai do not give floor mats with their cars unless you ask for them.

You will have to pay for them in such cases. The same goes for Kia. You can get floor mats with the purchase of your new car if you are willing to pay extra for them.

To sum up, we can say that only around 25% of the new cars are supplied with floor mats.

Why Do Car Dealers Remove Floor Mats?

The automobile industry is seeing cut-throat competition, and all dealers want to save whatever they can.

It is no big deal, therefore, that they remove floor mats and keep them in their new inventory. This means they do not have to reinvest in new ones after selling everything. They can use the ones they have removed from the cars recently sold.

Well! If they can save money by removing floor mats from new cars, they will do it well! And yes! You can make them include the floor mats by showing your negotiation skills at the time of purchase.

Do Used Cars Come with Floor Mats?

If you are in the market for a used car, keep an eye out for some essential accessories that should be there. You usually take many accessories for granted- floor mats are one of them!

All old or new cars come with floor mats; the dealers often remove them before the sale. When we talk about used cars, the floor mats are the ones to bear the maximum brunt.

The worn-out, shabby floor mats may hamper the car’s visual appeal, so the dealers usually remove the car floor mats.

Do Lease Cars Come with Mats?

Leasing a car allows you to own a luxury brand without an enormous price tag attached to the transaction. The leased car usually comes equipped with floor mats and other accessories that need to be taken care of.

However, many people find themselves in an expensive predicament while turning in their leased car because every vehicle inevitably experiences some wear and tear just from being used.

When a leased car is turned in, the dealership inspects the exteriors, interiors, and mechanical issues of the car. They also charge penalties for any excessive wear and tear that lowers the vehicle’s value.

It is advisable to take proactive steps to ensure that the car’s condition remains as close to new as possible. You can replace the original mats with your mats so that the original mats are in good condition at the time of turning in.

Do Rental Cars Come with Floor Mats?

Rental cars have floor mats, but the dealers often remove them before renting them out. They probably do this because used floor mats do not look good.

The rental agencies usually sell their vehicles before they get many miles on them, and old, shabby mats bring down the car’s value.

Should You Go for Customized Floor Mats OR Factory-Fitted Floor Mats?

Should you go for customized floor mats rather than factory-fitted floor mats?

The type of floor mat in a vehicle is surprisingly important as it offers additional protection for your car.

While many cars come with factory-fitted floor mats, they will probably not meet your expectations. This is mainly because the OEM floor mats are not very well-designed and not very long-lasting too.

The kind of factory floor mats you get depends on the dealer is offering. Most of the time, these mats are rather generic and do not solve the purpose. They are not a true custom fit, are usually of inferior quality, and cost more than aftermarket mats.

These are usually universal fit mats designed to fit multiple vehicles, whereas customized mats are configured to fit a specific vehicle. Aftermarket floor mats are usually better priced, and the quality is also significantly better.

The factory-fitted mats are available in limited varieties, while there are so many options to choose from if you buy premium mats for your car afterward.

Final Words:

Car mats are the most ignored part of the car, yet they are vital to keeping your car clean and hygienic. The floor of your car can become dirty over time. Your car seats and dashboard may be sparkling, but if the floor mats are shabby, it will spoil the interiors of your vehicle.

Floor mats are the only thing separating your feet from your car’s flooring. Your car interior will become vulnerable to stains and molds without this crucial layer of protection.

You may or may not get floor mats with your car as most brands have classified them as “dealer-installed accessories” like the door moldings, roof racks, and mud flaps, to name a few.

Negotiate with your dealer to include floor mats, as they are one of the best ways to protect your car’s flooring.

The standard factory floor mats quickly collect dirt, grease, and stains, so do not hesitate to spend a few extra dollars for premium quality floor mats. Remember! They are well worth the money spent.