3D Maxpider Vs Weathertech Floormats [Comparison]

It’s not easy to pick auto accessories just by seeing their price and model. One must know the product’s capability to deliver to specific requirements.

If you are someone who is finding it difficult to choose between a diverse range of floor mats/liners for your car/truck, then you have landed yourself on the right page.

We are comparing the two most popular floor mats brands in this guide- 3D Maxpider Vs. Weathertech

Before compiling the difference between the two brands, let us know specific facts about each of them.

3D Maxpider [About Brand, Features, & Types of Floor Mats]

Established in 2010, 3D maxpider is an automobile floor mat company based in Fontana, California, USA.

The brand can be considered a new entrant in this segment compared to brands such as Weathertech and Huskyliners, etc. 3d maxpider creates exquisite custom-fit minimalist floor mats that blend exceptionally well with your interior vehicle.

The brand manufactures a variety of floor liners, including cargo liners, hybrid designs, and all-weather floor mats for a vast range of new model vehicles. It is considered a great option (wildcard to expensive Weathertech brand), especially for sedans and cars.

Online reviews suggest that 3d maxpiders frequently gets out-of-stock due to its limited inventory management problem.

Top Features 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

  • Three-layer structure engineered materials
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Digitized three-dimensional design
  • Embossed carbon fiber print
  • Custom-fit floor liner range only

Different Types of 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

  • Kagu All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner
  • Kagu All-Weather Custom Fit Cargo Liner
  • Elegant Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner
  • Hybrid Perfect Fit Floor Liner
  • ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner
  • Friction Ex-Plus Heel Pad

Weathertech [About Brand, Features, & Types of Floor Mats]

Founded in 1989 by David MacNeil, Weathertech is an entirely ‘made in America’ product. Right from manufacturing to workers to material, all are locally sourced. The most marketed floor mat brand uses leading-edge technologies to build its product.

Weathertech is an inventor of custom-fit floor liners in the auto accessories segment. It is said that you will find a selection for your vehicles in its catalog.

These floor mats are highly durable and remain flexible under extreme temperatures. Although it has a higher price point, still it’s the most popular brand worldwide.

Top Features Weathertech Floor Mats

  • Single-layer tri-extruded HDTE
  • Perfect fit
  • High density
  • Designed to channel spills
  • Colossal custom range
  • Shallower grooves make them easier to clean.

Different Types of  Weathertech Floor Mats

  • FloorLiner HP
  • All-Weather Floor Mats
  • Normal Trim-to-Fit Floor Mat
  • Heavy Duty Trim-to-Fit Mat

3D Maxpider Vs Weathertech Floor Mats [Comparison Summary]

 3D MaxpiderWeathertech
Date of establishment20101989
Country of originFontana, California Bolingbrook, Illinois USA
FitmentTheir custom-fit floor mat is good and comparable to the Weathertech Digital Fit lineTwo Options- Custom fit and trim to fit
MaterialAnti-Skid 3 layer with a rigid core. Laser scanning & creating 3D models for prototypingSingle Layer Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material & 100% recyclable
DensityAverageHigh density
ThicknessThin compared to otherThick
Inventory management  Limited inventory. They don’t provide floor mats for a lot of vehicle applications (especially vehicles made before 2010)Excellent inventory. Wide variety of vehicle applications
Design Carbon-fiber textured pattern. Factory Anchors with the best traction, because it has a Velcro-like bottom. There is a small heel pad on the driver’s side for extra comfort.Pronounced lip, raised edges, advanced surface channeling.
Warranty 3 Year LimitedLimited lifetime warranty
Shipping Free shippingFree shipping
Pricing for two row set (example tesla model)$205$227

3d Maxpider Vs Weathertech [Detail Comparison of Key Features]

1. Construction & material quality

3d maxpider floor mats are three-layered structured products. The top layer is thermoplastic rubber followed by molded XPE foam. The bottom layer is built on an anti-skid Velcro-like material to keep the floor mats in their place.

The 3d maxpider materials are completely waterproof and eco-friendly. The 3D maxpider floor mats are constructed using laser scanning for accurate measurements. The prototyping is done on 3D models that involve CNC milling of the molding tool.

Weathertech uses single-layer High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material for its floor mats. The system team weathertech uses to structure its mats is based on advanced DigitalFit technology that enables it to measure the configuration of all car models to exactness.

The brand’s precision to fit is due to its laser measurement method in manufacturing. The built of weathertech floor mats is thicker and heavier than all other brands. All weathertech products pass the ISO9001 Quality Standard certification.

Both weathertech and 3d maxpider use odorless, non-toxic, and anti-skid materials. Again the floor mats from both brands are flexible and wear-resistant. Thus, the heavy-duty weathertech floor mats have an ergonomic and rugged look on one side.

On the other side, 3d maxpider mats materials provide more comfort and minimize noise and vibration during driving. Further, 3d maxpider products are certified under SGS testings for the water, chemicals, tensile, strength, and flammability.

Winner: Judging from material and construction, both the brands are equally placed.

2.  Installation & Placement [Which Floor mat is easy to Install – 3D Maxpider or Weathertech?]

Weathertech floor mats are designed to match each car’s specific floor configurations and are easy to install. Weathertech has the perfect fit that accurately follows the contours of a vehicle’s footwell.

One needs to push these floor mats above the factory-mat mounting points and hook. The heavy-duty weathertech liners have a more grippy surface and extruded cleats that create traction and help the floor mat stay in place.

3D MAXPIDER floor mats are also very easy to install. These should be placed after removing any existing floor liners/mats. These floor mats fit precision both lengthwise and from side to side.

Also, the hooks on 3d MAXPIDER floormats quickly get into the original carpet mounts and stick hard on the floor due to its anti-skid Velcro bottom.

Again, the foam layer in its middle and the additional heel pads on the surface provide extra comfort minimizes noise and vibration during driving.

In terms of installation, both brands look pleasing and straightforward. Each brand ensures a 100% precise fit due to its laser scanning and CAD techniques providing Wall to wall coverage.

Again, both 3D MAXpider and weathertech floor liners are effortless to clean. All one needs is mild dish soap and a water hose.

Nevertheless, if we compare how these mats are hooked to the original carpet, then 3d maxpider performance is better.

The way its velcro-styled bottom and fastening system is constructed, the floor mats don’t move from their place irrespective of how heavy the driver or passenger is.

Weathertech floor mats have been reviewed to move a bit after some use, depending on how a passenger weighs and sits. Moreover, the heel pad design gives 3d maxpider an extra edge over weathertech.

Winner: 3d maxpider scores a bit higher for easy install feature.

Easy to Install 3D Maxpider Floormat:

3. Shape, Design & Fit

Talking about the design and shape of 3D MAXPIDER floor mats, one will conclude it to have a very stylish, sleek, and polished appearance.

The carbon fiber texture on the surface is very attractive and offers an elegant look to your car’s interior. The shape is functional, and the luxurious output results from the digitized three-dimensional design.

Maxpider floor mats have been provided with raised edges. What you get are complete protection and maximum coverage. The brands’ floor liners are available in black, grey, and beige colors.

Further, 3D maxpider produces only custom-fit floor liners and works on a limited new model vehicle range, specially made after 2010.

Weathertech FloorLiners is an industry-old hand. With a massive vehicle range outlay, ergonomically anchoring design provides complete interior protection. Its retention system with a more pronounced lip channelizes spills to a separate reservoir.

Multiple color options to match your interiors. Weathertech floor liners are constructed both custom-digifit & universal trim to fit floor liners.

3D maxpider and Weathertech floor mats work effectively in protecting your car from spills and dirt due to its raised edges. However, visually 3D maxpider is more elegant and pleasing than the rugged look of weathertech liners. 

But 3d maxpider runs behind weathertech in two segments. Firstly, it doesn’t have a uni-fit floor mat, and secondly, its unavailability for older models.

Weathertech has more vehicle application range than 3d maxpider with the choice of having a universal floor mat. This easy to trim uni-fit floor mats can offer a customized fit. 

Therefore, if you prefer a rugged look and those surfaced channel lines, WeatherTech will offer the exact solution for you. If you want fashionable interiors, go for 3D Maxpider mats.

Winner: Both Brands

4. Pricing [What is the cheapest floor mat – 3D MAXpider or WeatherTech?]

3d maxpider floor mats are less pricey when you put both brands’ products vs. products.

Weathertech floor liners are pricier than all other brands available online.

3D MAXpider is a top and popular alternative to WeatherTech in functionality and price. For example, all two rows of a Tesla model from Weathertech can easily top $227, whereas 3d maxpider will cost you about $205.

Winner: Weathertech price matches its standard. The premium-priced heavy-duty floor liners are worth the investment to protect your vehicle’s floors from spills, damage, etc. However, 3d maxpider is worthy of consideration, especially if it matches the weathertech Digi- fit designs.

Cheapest Weathertech and 3D Maxpider Floormats:

5. Warranty & Returns [Weathertech Vs 3D Maxpider]

The 3d MAXPIDER products are confident of its product, so they are currently offering a 3 Year Limited Warranty on its floor mats products.

The brand has a satisfaction guarantee policy that says if you are not satisfied with the product, the establishment proposes a replacement or a refund.

Weathertech floor mat warranty policy is excellent. A lifetime limited warranty backs their products. They also provide a replacement policy and do have a 30-days return policy.

Both brands offer free shipping and the same general terms and conditions.

Winner: Weathertech wins the race for its extended lifetime warranty proposition.

Final Words:

The difference between these two brands’ floor mats mainly lies in the purpose and personal preference.

Weathertech is the best among the lot in terms of durability, rugged construction, and fitment. Moreover, they have more vehicles in stock. They guarantee their vehicle application range.

If you are searching for more stylish and luxurious-looking floor mats that will enhance your modern vehicle, you should turn towards 3d Maxpider. It is a better option than Weathertech in terms of look and price. Also, the 3d maxpider is scoring at par with Weathertech for fitment and construction techniques.

The final decision lies with you as both these brands preserve the resell value of your car alike!

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