Husky liners Vs Maxliner [ Comparison and Recommendations]

The Universal fact for all vehicle owners/drivers is that they don’t buy floor mats for their car; they actually invest in it. Most car drivers, especially in the USA, opt for branded and quality floor liners/mats, both offline and online.

If you are among those who find it difficult to choose perfect, sturdy, and affordable floor mats to order for your new (or existing) vehicle, then your search ends here.

The following article will familiarize you with the two most popular floor mat manufacturing brands in the U.S. -Husky Liners and Maxliners. Moreover, with our comparative analysis, you shall be able to pick between these two premium floor mats brands more easily.  

Husky liners [About brand, Features, & Types of Floor Mats]

Founded in 1988, Husky liners Floor mats brand is a Winfield, Kansas-based brand that’s envisioned to offer quality auto accessories solutions to every American household without burning their pocket.

Husky liners product portfolio includes custom-fit & heavy-duty floor mats and liners, molded mudguards, tailgates, bed rail caps, and a vast collection of superior products designed to help extend the life of your vehicle.

The outstanding feature of these Husky liners not only lies in their affordable pricing range but the way they design their all-automotive aftermarket gears, which is assisted by science and wide-ranging research.

Their in-depth understanding of buyers’ demands and needs, usage of high-quality materials, and customer-centric policies have made them the most popular offline and online brand for the last 30 years.

Husky liners Features

Let’s learn about some outstanding features of Husky liners Floor mats:

  • Superior quality & heavy-duty rigid rubber material
  • Constructed with the form-fit Design process and laser-scanning technology
  • Elevated edges to contain spills
  • Patented nibs to keep carpets in place
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Wide, custom coverage
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

Different Types of Husky liners Floor liners & mats

With millions of customers worldwide and an equal number of products sold in the market, Husky liners has positioned itself in the list of America’s best quality, latest technologies, science-backed, and budget-friendly auto accessories solutions. 

 Different Types of Huskyliners Floor mats::

  1. WeatherBeater floor mats
  2. Heavy-Duty floor liners
  3. X-Act Contour mats
  4. Classic Style floor mats

Maxliners [About brand, Features, & Types of Floor Mats]

Based in Orlando, USA, the Maxliner brand is owned and operated by parent company Kramer America, Inc., with a goal to provide comprehensive and highest quality car accessories.

Termed as an auto industry leader in designing, developing, and engineering, they have built a solid name and reputation for themselves since 2009. Their decades of expertise in creating the roughest and most affordable mats and liners on the U.S. auto market.

With thousands of exclusive dealers and distributors, the Maxliner brand (Rebranded as Smartliners from 2018) is a reliable floor mats brand across the country with all states’ distribution (online & offline) networks.

Maxliner has a diverse product portfolio and strong R&D capabilities, defining this pioneer in the business of automobiles accessories.

Features of Maxliner Floor Mats

  • Custom-fit design
  • Made with low-density polyethylene
  • Blended Flexible material with plastic & rubber
  • It gives a non-slip textured surface
  • Raised lip and molded outer edge
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Easy to handle
  • Available in three colors black, grey, or tan
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Different Types of Maxliners Floor liners & mats

  1. MAXLINER All-Weather Custom Fit Floor liners 
  2. Smartliner rugged rubber floor mats
  3. Smartliner cargo liner
  4. Truck bed mats

Husky liners vs Maxliner Floor Mats [Comparison Summary]

Both Huskyliner and MAXLINER brands are counted among the top-floor mats selling brands in America characterized by the use of premium quality materials, unbeatable value for money, free delivery, warranty periods, and long-lasting durability.

Also, they both are made in USA products.

Keep reading to know which floor liners/mat is best for you as we compare them on individual factors- material, construction, fitment, price, warranty, etc.

 Husky linersMaxliners
Date of establishment19882009
Country of originUSAUSA
FitmentFitment is excellent- Custom fitGood and custom fit
MaterialFlexible elastomeric, heavy-duty rigid rubber material100% recyclable blended plastic rubber and polyethylene
DensityAverage densityLow density
ColorThree Three
WeightNot too heavy nor too lightLight
DesignRaised edges to contain spills and nibs for better tractionRaised Edges & Sleek Channels.
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty
ShippingFree ground shipping for standard-sized products within the 48 contiguous states.Free shipping within the contiguous US states.
Pricing for two-row set (example FORD Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab)About $177About $129

Maxliner Vs Husky Liners Floor Mats [Detail Comparison of Key Features]

1. Construction & material quality

Husky liners is a well-known company that makes custom floor mats. The process that uses laser and computer to create them is called FormFit Design.

The process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of the specific dimensions of the vehicles that they are made for. The mats are made with a material that is described as thermoplastic rubber.

This material offers durability because it resists cracking or fading over the years. It performs better in preventing spills and debris from reaching the car carpet. Husky liners are great for cars because they are easy to install and take off.

They are also durable and won’t shift around when you drive over bumps. The mats are built with special-purpose cleats on the bottom. Husky liner construction technology is promising in fit, finish, and retention systems.

Maxliner makes floor mats that perfectly fit into cars. Their products are made of low-density plastic rubber blended polyethylene. They are semi-flexible and have a good finish look. They are completely odorless, BPA-free, or nontoxic.

They do not give off an unpleasant smell when you open them up. The Maxliner team also uses the latest cad technique for floor mat designing & modeling equipment. Floor mats are thinner but offer more protection with wider/taller coverage.

The competition: Maxliner output is not superior to Huskyliner. The Maxliners material may feel flimsy with more of a plastic feel sometimes. The floor mats by maxliners are suitable for substantial heavy-duty vehicles.

Again, huskyliner mats are a heavier rubber-like feel, and the deep ridges seem to offer a better grip. They are heavy-duty constructed floor mats for all types of vehicles. Maxliner, on the other hand, is thinner. 

Hence, we selected Husky liner as the winner.

2. Shape, Design & Fit

Huskyliner floor mats have durable tread plates design (like little mini-spikes). The mats have elevated edges to contain spills and have bumps that channel the liquids away from the original carpeting of the vehicles.

Husky liners Laser measured floor mats have an excellent fit in all vehicles and are available in three colors and styles.

The brand manufactures custom-fit designs and Uni-fit floor mats (including front seat, rear seat, and cargo area). A vast range of vehicle applications. It also covers older models of vehicles.

Maxliner Floor Mats offer a sleek, stylish look that perfectly aligns with the factory-grade carpet. They are textured for better traction with raised lips/ edges. The liners have nubs that quickly dig into the vehicle’s original carpet mat.

They come in all standard colors to go along with your interior. The liners are made from high-quality materials that won’t fade or crack over time.

However, these custom-fit mats can’t be trimmed. The brand manufactures floor mats that work well for both the front and backside of the car.

The competition: Although both brands perform at par in look, fit, and protection Huskyliner floor mats have the widest variety of liners for almost all vehicles running on American roads. The brand also has the universal trim-to-fit range to fit any car.

Maxliners’ vehicle-specific floor mats range is slightly less than huskyliner, focusing more on trucks and SUVs. Again, they don’t have the uni-fit range with them. Also, there are complaints regarding a poor fit for many cars by customers.

Husky liners wins the race here.

Recommended Husyliners Floor Mat with a Good Design:

3. Pricing [What is the cheapest floor mat – Huskyliner or Maxliner?]

Price is a factor that always plays a crucial factor in selecting between brands, especially if you’re buying floor mats online.

People go for a price that’s in line with the spread of what is considered “fair.” but then they don’t want to compromise with potential problems by the side of the road just because of a few dollars.

Talking about the prices of the Husky Liners and Maxliner floor liners, we have considered the same vehicle model to make the difference.

While most maxliner (smartliner) sets run at $127.45 for the front & 2nd-row set, many Huskyliners sets can be found at just $177.95. MAXliner Floor Mats are inexpensive and a budgeted option for many.

A reasonable price doesn’t mean that the brand offers sub-standardized products. Maxliner products are decently functional and help users dress up and protect their car floors from external elements.

Maxliners work as a great alternative to many higher-priced brands like Huskyliners and Weathertech.

Winner: The MAXliner floor liners are priced below the Husky Liners range. If you are on a tight budget, buying maxliner all-weather floor liners is recommended.

Cheapest Maxliner Floormats:


4. Installation & Maintenance [Which floor mat is easy to Clean – Huskyliner or Maxliner?]

Both Huskyliners and Maxliner floor mats are easy to install without expertise. Furthermore, if your vehicle’s mats come furnished with a hook, clasp, or fastener, these floor mats are compatible with the originals.

These rubberized floor mats can be cleaned by leaning the liners with soapy water or a soft brush. Dry-wipe the mats down with a good quality automotive detailer spray in case of oily residues etc.

Maxliners have raised lips and outer edges and do an excellent job locking in all the dirt, mud, and melted snow and preventing ruining the interior.

Maxliner floor mats are even lighter in weight compared to Husky liners. These make them easy to lift and clean without getting the carpets messy in the process.

Therefore, with regard to installation and maintenance, both brands stand equal. They both last long. 

Easy to Install and Maintain Huskyliner Floormat:

Easy to Install and Maintain Maxliner Floormat:

5. Warranty & Returns [Husky liners vs Maxliner]

Husky liners brand offers a Lifetime warranty on all its products, just like Maxliners. They both have industry-grade and transparent general policies about returns and exchanges.

Exchange and returns are subject to manufacturing defects, and there is a prepaid shipping charge if one wishes to return the product wrongly ordered. (No charge on receipt of defective products).

Like husky liners, maxliner also provides free shipping all over the US.

However, it is observed from the reviews that online purchases that are done through dealer portals like Amazon or eBay, the return and exchange policy work better in favor of maxliners. They seem to have a more flexible warranty and return policy to huskyliners.

Winner: Apart from certain negative reviews on returns and exchanges, both brands offer great warranty and good support. 

Final verdict:

Although Huskyliners mats are more expensive, customers stand behind their product. This is because they find them more robust and thicker, with plenty of grips, so your shoes don’t slip while driving.

Having said that, maxliner is a worthy competitor. They are rugged, durable, flexible, and easy to handle. The only complaint can be the slippery feel due to the presence of plastic material and perfect fit issues for some (but then a certain amount of that issue arises in high-rated brands also. Given the probability with all the many makes and models of vehicles).

If you want to save a little money but still get a functional product that has a good custom fit, Maxliners might be the way to go to get your job done.

Just remember, they both have the same lifetime warranty and a very similar number of positive reviews.

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