Husky Liners Vs 3d Maxpider Mats [Which Are Better?]

Floor mats are a necessity in every vehicle to keep the interior protected and maintain the car’s resale value. Selecting the best options from thousands of car mats products designed to protect your ride inside can be challenging, especially when you have dozens of well-known brands catering to your needs.

If you are looking for the best personalized and tailored car floor mats, and are confused between Husky liners or 3d Maxpider, then you have landed on the right page.

Choosing between two reputed brands can be a tedious task, and this is why we have put together this comparative column to let you know how these two brands differ from each offer so that you can pick the best that suits your vehicle interior protection needs.

Husky Liners Vs 3d Maxpider [Comparison Summary]

If you are in a hurry, then, here goes a quick comparative table to make you understand the difference between the two brands Husky liners vs 3d Maxpider

FeatureHusky liners Floor Mats3d Maxpider Floor Mats
Year of establishment19882010
Country of originWinfield, KansasFontana, California
MaterialFlexible elastomeric materialAnti-Skid 3 layer with a rigid core
TechnologyBoasts laser-scanning technologyLaser scanning & creating 3D models for prototyping
FitFitment is excellent. Their custom-fit floor mat is good.
ShapeRaised Nibs with nibs on the bottom to help with better traction. Though the nibs do digs into your carpet.Factory Anchors with the best traction, because it has a Velcro-like bottom. There is a small heel pad on the driver’s side for extra comfort.
DesignForm-Fit DesignCarbon-fiber textured pattern. Floor mats are elegant, a bit refined, and more luxurious.
Inventory and vehicle applicationsGood inventory. Wide variety of vehicle applicationsLimited inventory. They don’t provide floor mats for a lot of vehicle applications (especially vehicles made before 2010)
Colors AvailabilityGray, black, tan. But many formats are only available in – blackGray, black, tan.
WarrantyLifetime Warranty3 Year Limited
Average pricing for 2 row set (Front & Rear)About $128Around $150
Prop 65 Warning/RestrictionYesNo. completely safe
Top Rated Floor MatHusky Liners WeatherBeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

Husky Liners Vs 3d Maxpider [Detailed Comparison of Important Features]

1. Which is the most reliable brand – Husky Liners or 3d Maxpider?

Husky liners3d Maxpider
Husky liners are based in Winfield, Kansas. The brand was founded in 1988.  

It is a reputed brand that manufactures automotive aftermarket products such as custom-fit & heavy-duty floor mats and liners, molded mudguards, and a vast collection of superior products designed to help extend the life of your vehicle.
3D maxpider or 3D/U Ace Inc is an automobile floor mat company headquartered in Fontana, California.  

The brand started operations in 2010   The brand has been developing exquisite custom-fit automotive floor liners (all-weather floor mats), including cargo liners and various auto-accessories for a massive range of vehicles.

Putting aside the fact that both American brands manufacture automobile accessories parts to protect your ride inside and out, if we look at the market knowledge, maturity, and grasp on the minds of the buyers, Husky liners are a more mature brand that caters to a vast number of vehicles applications.

Whereas 3D maxpider is a new entrant in this segment and caters to newer model vehicles (manufactured after 2010 only). Although they quickly escalated in market share as a new company, its inventory is limited compared to Husky liners.

When there is a surge in demand for new model vehicles floor mats, 3d maxpiders may frequently go out of stock, and the buyer has to wait for restocking compared to Huskyliners. That is a downside of this new brand.

Winner: Huskyliner-As an industry veteran, its stock availability will be more.

2. Material Quality

Husky liners Floor Mats3d Maxpider Floor Mats
The floor liners and mats are made from a sporty liner rubberized Durogrip material that is very rugged.  

The heavy-duty rigid rubber material can stand up to abuse like no other.  

The material is totally safe in terms of toxicity and smell.  

The floor mats are elastic and flexible. They work well in extreme temperatures.
The 3D maxpider uses three different materials in its floor mats. Top layer- A non-toxic thermoplastic rubber that soft, durable, and is easy to clean Bottom layer- It’s a corporate invented and patented anti-skid material.

The middle layer- is designed with molded foam base (XPE foam) for comfort and minimizes noise and vibration during driving. The structure does not look heavy-duty or too rugged but is completely waterproof. The materials are odorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

On the one hand, Huskyliners offer a perfect balance of softness and toughness in its sporty liner premium rubberized material choice, then 3D maxpiders excel in its three layers of material usage. Its material is patented and innovational.

Hence if you own a modern vehicle and need all-weather floor mats, you can choose anyone between the two. Both brands use high-quality material in all their floor mats product lines.

Winner: This section goes to both Husky liners and 3d Maxpider

Recommended Husky liner Floormat: Husky Liners – 98781 Fits 2015-20 Ford Edge Weatherbeater

Recommended 3d Maxpider Mat: 3D MAXpider L1FR09301509 Ford Edge 2015-2020 Custom Fit

3. Construction Technology

Husky liners Floor Mats3d Maxpider Floor Mats
Huskyliners team uses laser and computer for their patented FormFit Design process. The process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of the specific dimensions of the vehicles that they are made for.  

The mats are built with special-purpose cleats on the bottom to avoid shifting to places.  The thermoplastic rubber and flexible elastomeric material construction offer durability as the product resists cracking or fading over time.
The floor mats are constructed using laser scanning for accurate measurements and 3D models for prototyping. The process further involves CNC milling of the molding tool and raised edge molding.  

It is built with three-layer structure engineered materials like MAXpider grib fiber, a Semi-Hard XPE Foam, and Thermoplastic Rubber. The anti-skid bottom acts like velcro and keeps the mat to stay at a place.   SGS tests the water, tensile, strength, chemicals, and flammability products.

Although Huskyliner construction technology is as good as 3d Maxpider in terms of precision and retention system, 3d Maxpider has more to offer. Its construction is more scientific, and multiple layering gives more support and comfort to the driver.

The anti-skid bottom gives strong traction and acts like velcro without budging or damaging the original car carpet fibers, unlike other floor mats with nibs and leaving marks on carpeting. Also, the middle foam layer minimizes foot fatigue and acts as a sound barrier.

Winner: 3d Maxpider scores high here.

Recommended 3d Maxpider floormat: 3D MAXpider L1HD04801509 All-Weather Floor Mats  

4. Design and Shape

Husky liners Floor Mats3D maxpider Floor Mats
Huskyliner floor mats have durable tread plates design. The mats have elevated edges to contain spills and have bumps that channel the liquids away from the original carpeting of the vehicles.

Available in three colors and styles. But most of the variants come only in a single color, black.  
It has a digitized three-dimensional design that grips to the vehicle’s carpeting. Maxpider floor mats are shaped to be raised along the edge, giving maximum coverage and protection.  

Carbon fiber texture for an attractive, polished, and elegant look.   Available in black, grey, and beige colors.

The 3d Maxpider is an option that looks elegant, a bit refined, and more luxurious than Husky liner. Moreover, the carbon fiber texture complements your vehicles in style.

One more outstanding feature about the shape of 3D Maxpider’s floor mats is the presence of a small heel pad on the driver’s side that provides superb comfort.

Hence, our vote again goes to 3d Maxpider in the segment of looks and appearance.

3d Maxpider Floor Mat with excellent design: 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

5. Fitment & Custom Vehicle Range [Husky Liners Vs 3d Maxpider]

Husky liners Floor Mats3D Maxpider Floor Mats
Huskyliners floor mats have an excellent fit in all vehicles. The brand manufactures both custom-fit designs and a universal trim-to-fit range.  

A vast range of vehicle applications. It covers older models of vehicles.               
The brand ensures a 100% precise fit due to its laser scanning and 3d modeling techniques.   3D maxpider manufactures custom-fit floor liner range only.  

The brand currently has a limited vehicle application range. The brand is new, focusing on a new model vehicle especially made after 2010.

Judging by precision in fitment, both brands’ scores are equal. But if we talk about vehicles specific applications, then Huskyliner has the edge over 3d MAXPIDER.

Maxpider doesn’t concentrate on cars older than 2010, and you have to opt for either Husky Liners or other mature brands such as WeatherTech.

Winner: Huskyliners takes the prize here as it has more comprehensive coverage on all types of vehicles, including old models.

Recommended Husky Liner Floor Mat with Wider Vehicle Fitment: Husky Liners 98231 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners

6. Pricing [Which is the cheapest floor mat – Husky Liner or 3d Maxpider?]

Husky liners Floor Mats3D Maxpider Floor Mats
Huskyliners floor mats range from $40 to about $140, including all its 2-row sets. At the same time, this is considered a pocket-friendly range compared to 3d Maxpider.Compared to Huskyliners, 3d Maxpider floor mats are pricier when you put both brands aside- product vs. product. They have a price range of around $65 to almost $230 for a 2-row set.

The main difference between Husky Liners and 3D Maxpiders floor liners is price. While most 3d Maxpider sets run at $167.45 for the front & 2nd-row seats, many Husky sets can be found at just $128.95.

The 3D MAXpider floor liners are prices lie between the range between WeatherTech and Husky Liners. To save yourself some dollars, it is recommended to buy 3D MAXpider all-weather floor liners if you buy them for a single row.

Winner: Huskyliners is more reasonably priced.

Cheapest Husky Liner 2 Row Floor Mat with excellent rating: Husky Liners WeatherBeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners

7. Warranty, returns and shipping

Husky liners3d Maxpider
The brand offers an attractive lifetime Warranty on mainly all its products.  

Returns are possible, but with a prepaid shipping charge if you are not satisfied with the product but not on receipt of defective products. Shipping is free all over the US.
The brand products are backed by 3 Year Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects.   There is a Satisfaction Guarantee policy by the brand.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, the company offers a replacement or a refund. Return charges are not applicable on receipt of defective products.   Free shipping

In warranty, returns, and shipping, both Huskyliners and 3d Maxpider floor liners are very customer-oriented brands that offer a lot to their consumers. The 3d Maxpider Satisfaction Guarantee policy is good, but the lifetime warranty policy of Huskyliners is the gamechanger.

Winner: Huskyliner that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

8. Installation & Maintenance [Which floor mat is easy to maintain – Husky Liners or 3d Maxpider?

Husky liners Floor Mats3d Maxpider Floor Mats
Huskyliners floor mats are easy to install without using any tools. The floor mats can be cleaned by leaning the liners with soapy water and a soft brush.

For any oily residue stain and to regain some of the lost lusters, clean them with a good quality automotive detailer spray. (Citrus-based cleaners).
Very easy to install as it fits without any existing floor liners/mats. The 3D MAXpider mats look hard to clean because of their embossed carbon fiber print, but they are actually effortless to clean.    

You need mild dish soap and a water hose. Cleaners with bleach should be avoided. These mats dry out quickly.


Both brands manufacture floor liners and mats that are easy to maintain, economical, and very sturdy. They can be installed hassle-free, non-toxic, and cleaned quickly.

To top it all, 3d Maxpider is certified that it does not contain any dangerous chemicals and falls under Proposition 65 (warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals).

Talking about this section on installation and ease of operation, both Huskyliners and 3d Maxpider performs equally well.

Easy to Maintain Husky Liner Floor Mat: Husky Liners Fits 2017-19 Honda CR-V Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats

Easy to Maintain 3d Maxpider Floor Mat: 3D MAXpider – L1DG02001509 Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat

Key Takeaways

After many hours of research and reading thousands of online reviews, we have asserted our detailed analysis on these two reputed brands-Huskyliners and 3d Maxpider.

Unlike other cheaper alternatives in the car floor markets, both of the brands mentioned above are designed to fit and have raised edges to trap & save the original carpeting from spills. Traditional mats move around quickly, but these brands manufacture floor mats with good traction and stay in place.

However, if one goes by affordability along with fit and other specifications, then Huskyliner may take the lead. Otherwise, 3d Maxpider floor mats can be an equally good choice for your new model vehicle if you don’t mind spending a little bit more for style and elegance.

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