How Do You Dry a Floor Mat? Can You Put Mats in Washing Machine & Dryer?

“How to dry wet car floor mats?” very popular question among car owners during the rainy and season.

Whether you just washed and cleaned your floor mats or accidentally left the car windows open in the rain, you need to dry the mats immediately so they don’t start smelling or growing mold. 

For such a simple product, most car owners are unsure about the best washing method for their car floor mats. Luckily, this is not very difficult, and there are many ways to do it. If the mats are removable, you can leave them in the sun to dry.

However, if they are attached to the car, you will need to use other cleaning methods such as a dehumidifier, shop vac, etc.

Can You Put Car Floor Mats in The Washing Machine?

It depends entirely on the type of material and design of the floor mat you are using.

Carpeted floor mats will inevitably get dirty and stained as they don’t have the same dirt-repellent properties as their rubber counterparts. The best part is that most of them can be put in the washing machine.

However, checking the label or the manufacturer’s instructions about washing is always recommended to avoid any confusion or potential damage.

As a rule, you should avoid washing the car floor mats in a washing machine if they have a rubber or plastic part, as these could easily melt or become deformed during the wash, particularly at high temperatures. 

Certain things must be taken care of for washing mats that can be washed in a machine. Because the mats are mostly rigid, you’ll want them to soak water while sitting upright.

Therefore, you should use a standard top-loading washing machine rather than a front-loading one. Set the machine on the ‘Delicate’ setting and press ‘pause’ for an hour to soak the mats.

Follow up with a pre-rinse cycle and give it an extra rinse. Once finished, lay the mats out in the sun to dry.

Important Note: Never try to put your rubber mats in a washing machine.

Can Car Floor Mats Go in The Dryer?

Floor mats made entirely of fabric can be dried in a dryer. However, mats having rubber edges or back should not be put in the dryer as the high temperature inside the dryer might make the rubber lose its elasticity.

You might end up with a hard, cracked mat that will give your otherwise pristine car a shabby look.

Needless to say, rubber mats should never be put in the dryer as the heat from the dryer will cause the rubber to break down and crack.

How Do You Dry a Car Floor Mat?

With all the foot traffic inside your car, it’s no wonder your car floor mats get dirty quickly.

Getting rid of these soils and stains can be a hassle, especially when you are short of time. Luckily, with a few basic tools and tricks, you can clean your muddy floor mats in a jiffy. 

Apart from a dryer, many other options can be used to dry your car floor mats. 

Just follow these tips to restore your floor mats to a factory-fresh finish!

How do you dry a car floor mat?
  • Pull your car into a dry area, whether it may be outside if it is sunny or inside your garage if it is raining or cold outside. Leave your car doors open for some time if your mats are non-removable. Take out your floor mats if you can and allow them to dry. Fabric mats may take a while, whereas the rubber ones will dry faster without hassle.
  • While the sun will dry your mats, you can further speed up the process by patting them with absorbent towels to soak up the puddles. Use any towel, preferably a microfiber towel, to absorb as much moisture as possible. Remember not to use a paper towel as they are not very absorbent and may leave white pieces of paper sticking to your mat. Check out Chemical GuysMIC1995 Gray Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel for that perfect streak-free shine on your mats.
  • You only need airflow to dry your floor mats or carpet! Get your fans and let them blow inside the car. The air movement is very effective in drying out your car’s wet carpet or mats. If you have a portable fan, it can dry the mats faster. SPTA Car wash dryer is small and exquisite, quite convenient to use, and can dry your car interiors quickly.
  • Your mat may seem dry, but hanging it on a heavy clothesline with the top side up is advisable. Keep an eye on the weather, lest the mat gets wet again in the rain.
  • Use a Shop-Vac to vacuum the remaining liquid from your mat. You must turn the vacuum to its ‘wet’ setting and start drying your wet car mats. You may need an extension cord for the same or plug it in the car’s power port. Don’t use a regular vacuum to soak up water. They are not designed for this purpose, which can also ruin the machine or give an electric shock. If you care about your car interiors, you should probably be looking for a good vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cars, among other things.

Check out the Craftsman CMXEVBE17250 portable vacuum, which is also perfect for your car and home. It can also be used as a blower, an added benefit.

Another good option is the BISSELL Garage Pro which picks up the wet and dry mess in the car. It includes seven versatile attachments that make cleaning your floor mats and other accessories simple and save your precious time.

Final Words:

Water in your car is never a welcome sight. If you have spilled something on your car’s floor mat, you must dry it quickly.

Even though we try to keep it tidy, some moisture is bound to happen, and the car inevitably bears the brunt of our busy lifestyle; a few coffee cups here, a muddy footprint there.

The mess is bound to happen, but you can keep your car shining new with the tips and methods shared above. 

The simplest way to upgrade your car’s cabin is to invest in premium quality car mats and take regular care to wash and clean them so they last longer.

So, remember to remove your car mats periodically, whack them to remove debris, wash with a hose and dry using any of the above methods that you find suitable.

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