Do Car Floor Mats Reduce Noise? How Do Soundproof Car Floor Mats?

Trying to talk or carry out an essential conversation in a noisy car can be pretty annoying. Although some luxury vehicles can be as quiet as a whisper, others can be very loud sometimes.

While most of the new models have taken care of this issue to a great extent, the car may get louder and louder with age.

The noise you hear inside the vehicle comes from mainly three sources- the wind, the tires, and the car’s mechanical components.

If your vehicle is well maintained and mechanically sound, you can assume that the noise comes from the tires or outside sources. 

The best thing you can do to reduce the noise inside your car is a straightforward solution that is relatively cost-effective too.

Yes! You got it right- Floor mats! Floor mats can make a lot of difference immediately, and you don’t need to put in much effort to find the right ones for your car.

Soundproof floor mats are worth the investment for those of you who might be struggling with the irritating noise while driving down the road.

Getting the right floor mats is important, which is why we have tried to compile all the necessary information for you.

Do Car Floor Mats Reduce Noise?

The car floor has a large surface area and is near the tires and axle. This means that the vibrations of the tires directly transfer to the car floor, thus adding to the noise from other sources.

Sound travels through the air and can quickly get inside from tiny gaps or cracks in the doors and windows. Although it is not practical to soundproof the doors and windows, floor mats can effectively reduce the noise inside the vehicle.

The vibrations can be reduced by adding damping mats made from styrene-butadiene rubber or asphaltic-based panels.

The vibrations coming from outside are changed into heat by these mats. They come with an adhesive at the back and can be fixed easily wherever needed.

While standard car floor mats do not reduce noise, you can install soundproofing mats under them to significantly reduce the noise. The noise reduction depends considerably on the thickness of the mats being installed.

As these mats absorb sound, the thicker the floor mat, the more effective it will be. Another critical factor is proper installation. Leaving gaps or small openings while installation can defeat the whole purpose as sound may seep in.

What Are Soundproof Car Floor Mats? How Do They Work?

Most of the noise that enters your car is through the undercarriage, i.e., the floor of the car. Believe it or not, the bottom of the car is not as thick as it may seem.

Besides, being close to the ground makes it easier for the road noise to travel into the car from the floor. Sound dampening mats are placed under the regular floor mats to minimize these unwanted noises.

These mats help soundproof the car as they are made of durable, thick materials that absorb noise and reduce resonance. 

While standard floor mats collect dirt, protect the original carpeting, and enhance the interiors, they do little about soundproofing the car.

Dampening mats are usually made of butyl rubber and feature a layer of foil constraint on one side with adhesive tape on the other side to hold them in place.

These are available in the form of sheets that combine a layer of butyl rubber compound with a layer of aluminum. The aluminum provides structural stability to the sheet and allows it to span gaps and other openings in the body panel.

The damping sheets stick to the car’s floor and mass, making it difficult for the sound energy from outside the vehicle to vibrate the metal panel and transfer inside the car.

Many different products are available in the market, and their installation also differs. Some soundproofing mats have to be cut to size before installation, while others are pre-cut and can be installed right away.

Once these damping mats have been positioned, you can place your floor mats on top for extra cushioning and aesthetics.

Tips To Make the Car Floor Mats to Reduce the Road Noise

A car with reasonable soundproofing will help you enjoy a peaceful ride whenever you decide to take your car out for a spin. The rattling from the engine and the horns honking on the road will be considerably reduced.

The difference you will experience depends on the soundproofing mats you have used and how they have been installed.

As per customer reviews and extensive online research, Dynamat is the top choice for soundproofing your vehicle. Although pricy, it is the best material for soundproofing your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can check out the Noico car sound deadening mat which has relatively thicker fabric than other mats. The wider the mat, the more effective the insulation will be.

Here are a few factors that should be considered to make your soundproofing mats work:

1. Quality of Insulation material

Quality of Insulation material of soundproof car floor mats

The efficiency and output of the sound-deadening mats depend on the insulation material used in their manufacture.

Closed-cell polyethylene foam is considered to be the best for car floor mats. Other floor mats protect from radiant heat also, in addition to soundproofing.

2. Nominal Thickness

Nominal Thickness of soundproof floor mats

One of the most important factors regarding car soundproofing floor mats is their nominal thickness which is the thickness of each sheet. You need to check this carefully as thicker sheets provide better sound insulation.

Usually, the soundproofing sheets have a nominal thickness of 80 mil, which is pretty decent, but for better results, you should look for thicker options. You can find thicker options up to 400 mils that offer better results.

3. Proper Installation

Installation of soundproof car mats

To ensure maximum soundproofing, the mats should be installed correctly, and there should not be any gaps or openings from where sound may enter. Some mats have a particular indicator that shows if the mat has been installed correctly.

When installing sound-deadening floor mats in your car, remember that these will be useful only if you completely cover the inside of the car.

Check the total size of the floor mat that you need. You can check the size rating given in square feet by the manufacturer. You can choose from 10, 15, 30, and 50square foot options, depending on the size of your car.

4. The number of sheets

The number of sheets in the car soundproofing mat

While most car soundproofing materials come as a single sheet that can be cut in the desired shape and size, there are other options too. Packs of multiple sheets are great for beginners as these are ready-to-use sheets.

5. Weight

Weight of the Car Soundproof mat

Installing car sound deadening material will increase the overall weight of your car. The floor mats come with a weight rating given as pounds per square foot.

Check the weight of the material before buying. A lightweight option is always better as it can silence your car without making it substantially heavier.

Final Words:

Driving Is as much a necessity as it is an experience! Getting behind your car’s wheels and hitting the road can be an exhilarating experience. But if you are bombarded with honking horns and jarring sounds, the ride will be far from enjoyable!

It would be great if you enjoyed how your ride feels and sounds. However, soundproofing can become a challenge because cars come with their share of rattles, hums, and squeaks, not to forget the horn honking. 

Fortunately, many great products, such as sound damping mats, can improve your driving experience. These mats are built to last for the life of your vehicle. We have tried to cover most of the vital information regarding soundproofing mats for your car.

Make sure you check out all the essential details and features before picking up one of these, as the final choice depends on the type of vehicle you drive and the specific results you want to achieve, among other factors.

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