Are Grill Mats Safe To Use? Must Read Before Using Grill Mats

It’s not complicated, and we’ll tell you why.

Grill mats, essentially, aren’t toxic.

However, it’s best that you familiarize yourselves with one key fact about them.

Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene. Or ‘PTFE’ in short.

What’s that?

PTFE is a thin layer of coating used on grill mats to give them their smooth texture and appeal. It is an FDA-approved chemical substance and is considered non-toxic in normal cooking conditions.

With that being said, if you’re to turn the heat up a notch too many, it could get risky.

How Does PTFE Works?

How Does PTFE Works?

PTFE releases toxic fumes at extremely high temperatures.

We’re talking 500˚F (260°C) and above.

These are attributed to a substance called Perfluorooctanoic Acid (or PFOA), responsible for diseases such as tumors, cancers, and Teflon Fever to name a few.

In the recent past, PFOA was seen as a main raw material by cookware manufacturers, but soon came to be labeled toxic and was then immediately discarded throughout the industry.

The main point of contention now arises from the use of PFOA as a catalyst instead, for the production of PTFE itself.

Meaning that although it isn’t a direct ingredient of the material, the possibility of tiny amounts being interspersed remains a possibility.

But rest assured!

Most of the PFOA gets burned off during production. Likewise, the majority of grill mats are made up of silicone, copper, or Teflon, which makes them all the sturdier and more durable to heat.

Again, most of the food you’ll need to barbecue won’t require as high of a temperature mentioned before, or else you risk burning your meal to an unsavory crisp.

So, you’re pretty much safe from the risk of inhaling any fumes of the sort. Chances are you won’t ever be needing to worry about them in the first place either.

Reasons Why Every Kitchen Should Have Grill Mats

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Yeah, that’s great and all but why would I buy a grill mat, to begin with?”

Glad you asked that! Here are a couple of benefits you can avail yourself when buying a grill mat for your kitchen:

Reasons Why Every Kitchen Should Have Grill Mats
  • Unlike BBQ grills, grill mats don’t have large grates that risk having smaller chunks of food fall through them.
  • You can cook smaller foods such as pancakes, slices of bacon, and even eggs directly on your handy grill mats.
  • Grill mats are non-stick and help you cook meat thoroughly without using up too much oil.
  • Grill mats are so much easier to clean up considering you won’t have to scrub off sticky residue. Simply wipe everything off of the flat surface.
  • These mats make your barbecue sessions all the safer by providing an additional protective layer between your hands and the cooking surface.
  • Grill mats prevent flareups of small chunks of fat that would otherwise be a common occurrence in BBQ grills.
  • Grill mats are small, lightweight, portable, and robust. You can take them wherever you need to without having to worry about overcramming.
  • These Grill Mats are cost-effective. They don’t cost a fortune and you’ll find a huge variety at affordable price tags. They’ll help you save on money that would otherwise be wasted in slipping sauces, extra oil, as well as costly BBQ setups.

Final Wrap

To wrap it up nicely, grill mats qualify as some of the smartest purchases you can ever make from your wallet.

Safe, cost-effective, and super-handy, they’re your go-to kitchen cookware for a quick meal. Easy to clean and carry, you can have them on the go as you please, without having to compromise on cash, storage, or flavor.

Sounds like you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck if you ever do consider buying one (or two if they manage to steal your heart!)

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