How to Clean Foam Mats? [Step by Step Process EXPLAINED]

So, you’ve just installed foam mats in your home.

They’re a nice touch, aren’t they?

Whether you’ve decided to revamp your kids’ playrooms, ease out those long kitchen cleaning sessions, or dedicate a workout area to your health, you’ll find these foam mats to be a great fit for your everyday needs.

As is the case with anything valuable, you’ll have to maintain it. Cleaning ranks at top of the list. So is the case with your foam mat.

Perhaps they’ve gotten a bit dusty/dirty from your shoes. Maybe the kids might have spilled some of their milk or you need to clean up that sweat after an intense exercise session.

There’s no denying if you’re a pet owner, that furry little friend of yours might have had a small accident as well. And, are you worried about How to Clean Foam Mats?

No Worries!

We brought you an effective and easy-to-use cleaning guide to take care of your foam mat!

How to Clean Foam Mats?

1. Light Cleaning

Step 1 - Light Cleaning
  • A simple broom or a surface vacuum cleaner can really come in handy to get rid of the larger debris from the entire foam mat.
  • When it comes to vacuuming be sure to use ones with softer bristles, ideally non-rotating.
  • This helps in maintaining the integrity of the surface and doesn’t risk leaving scratches on top.

2. Cleaning with Soapy-Solution

Step 2  - Cleaning with Soapy-Solution
  • Strong solvents aren’t the right solution. It’s best that you avoid cleaning agents such as bleach for cleansing your foam mat since they are likely to cause more harm than good.
  • The discoloration is one key consequence and the quality of the material can deteriorate too.
  • What you could do instead is mix some mild soap with hot water in a bucket. This will create a soapy solution that’s best applied using a sponge.
  • This can help scrub away most of the grime, sweat, and spilled drinks without causing damage to the mat.
  • Soak the sponge and try rubbing the foam mat gently throughout.
  • Another alternative could be pouring the solution into a spray bottle. This can help save up on time, happens to be much more convenient, and also cuts down on the amount of soap water used.
  • Do not hesitate to use a toothbrush so to scrub out the tougher stains in the foam mat. Remember: softer bristles are the way to go.
  • You could then make use of a damp cloth/mop for cleaning after the solution. This will help remove any scrubbed off residue mixed with the solution.
  • Again, you should avoid pouring the soapy solution directly onto the foam mat, especially if they’re interlocking ones. While most of them are leak-proof, some of the liquid can seep through the edges and make contact with your floor.

Better safe than sorry!

3. Drying the Mat

Step 3  - Drying the Mat
  • Drying your foam mat is one of the most crucial aspects of the entire process. It’s best to not use it immediately after cleaning since that could increase the risks of slipping.

Once having cleaned it, try to not fold it or you risk facing mildew growth in between. Let it dry out unfurled, overnight and only then use it again.

Step by step guide to clean foam mats

Final Wrap

Keeping your foam mats clean on a regular schedule will help maintain their longevity and quality for the years to come.

No matter what sort of foam mat you’re using, be it for kitchens, playrooms, dojos, or exercise, you’ll be able to have them cleaned pretty easily with the above-stated guide.

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