How Much Does a Yoga Mat Weigh? [ Light Yoga Mat Weight]

Gone are those days where you had to choose a Yoga Mat from a selected few. Today we have tons of choices for every priority and preference. You can select a yoga mat according to colors, patterns, stability, comfort, budget-friendly, storability, and portability.

Most yoga practitioners today look for Environment-friendly mats. The weight of a yoga mat is one of such aspects that are important for Yogis.

For traveling, people require a portable thin mat that is less in weight. So, how do you select a mat which is of the right size, thickness yet easily portable? We have researched 50 brands and products of different lengths, thicknesses, and materials to figure out the weight of Yoga mats.

Factors that Influence the Weight of a Yoga Mat

There are a few points that decide the weight of a mat is as follows:

  1. The Thickness of the Mat
  2. Size of the Mat (Length & Width)
  3. Material

Most of the mats available in the market are either made up of PVC (Vinyl) or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers).

1. Thickness Of Yoga Mats

Thickness Of Yoga Mats

3mm (1/8 inch) Thickness Yoga Mats:

A 3mm thick, PVC, TPE, or Natural Cork yoga mat of standard size 68 inches-72 inches in length weighs less than 2 pounds. (weighted average is 1.6 Pounds)

5mm – 6mm (1/4 inch) Thickness Yoga Mats:

The average weight of 5mm-6mm thick PVC, TPE, or Natural Cork Yoga mats of standard sizes is around 2.2 Pounds.

10mm – 12mm (1/2 inch) Thickness Yoga Mats:

The average weight of any 10mm- 13mm thick mat is around 3.3 pounds.

These thick mats are made of materials like Memory Foam, High-Density Foam, NBR Foam & Rubber Foam, and the average weight increases for certain types of mats.

A 12 mm memory foam and rubber foam mat weigh approximately 4.5 pounds on average.

24mm (1 inch) Thickness Yoga Mats:

The average weight of 24 mm thick High-Density Foam or Memory Foam yoga mats is 3.5 pounds.


Yoga Mat ThicknessApproximate Weight
3mm (1/8 inch) 1.6 pounds
5mm – 6mm (1/4 inch) 2.2 pounds
10mm – 12mm (1/2 inch) 4.5 pounds
24mm (1 inch) 3.5 pounds

2. Sizes of the Yoga Mat

Sizes of the Yoga Mat

Standard Yoga mats come in sizes of 68 inches to 72 inches long. But there are extra long mats for tall people which are 78 inches-84 inches in length.

Standard mats are 24 inches(2 feet) wide but some extra-wide mats are 36 inches-48 inches(3ft-4ft) in width.

These longer and wider mats are more in weight. The average weight of these mats is around 5 pounds.

3. Weight of Yoga Mats for different material types

Weight of Yoga Mats

Below are popular types of material used in Yoga Mats:

  • TPE
  • Natural Jute Fibres
  • Natural Corl
  • PVC

TPE- Almost all light Yoga Mats are made up of TPE. On average, a light yoga mat weight is around 2 pounds with 6mm thickness. Some travel-friendly mats are lighter than 2 pounds.

Natural Jute Fibres- Natural jute fiber mats are heavier and the avg. The weight of a 5mm-6mm mat is around 4.2 pounds.

Natural Cork- Natural cork mats are lighter and the average weight of a 6mm yoga mat is approx. 2 pounds.

PVC- PVC mats are also light in weight except for some branded ones like Manduka. The average weight of a 6mm PVC yoga mat is approx. 2 pounds but a Manduka mat is almost 3 times the weight of a regular mat.


Yoga Mat MaterialApproximate Weight
TPE 2 pounds
Natural Jute Fibres 4 pounds
Natural Cork2 pounds
PVC2 – 6 pounds

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