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Best 6 Boot Trays for Home in 2021- Expert Reviews

Keeping the home clean is definitely a big challenge for every homemaker. This becomes a big challenge if you have kids at home. You have to clean your floors every time your kids come from school or playground with dirty shoes. Even when you or your husband return from work and make the floor soiled because of muddy and dirty shoes. This can all be avoided by keeping shoes or boot tray at home. To keep your floor, porch or deck a clean boot tray is a suitable option. You can keep this boot tray at entryway or entrance indoors or outdoors.

Boot trays are designed to hold many boots and shoes. They prevent all dirt, sand and mud from getting into your house. These mats work well for all seasons and are very useful for winter and rainy seasons. Boot trays are made up of waterproof materials and tall edges keep all water and mud in the tray. Boot trays are perfect for keeping Rainboots, winter boots, sneakers, work boots, heavy-duty boots and other shoes.

These trays come in different sizes ranging from 12” (Inches) to 48” (inches), variety of colors, design and materials. They are multi-purpose trays and can be used as Pet Feeder, Keeping Pet cages, keeping gardening tools, storage trays, keeping plants, Indoor works and many more.

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– Best Boot or Shoe Trays- Economic & Overall – Stallwart All-Weather Boot Tray

Top 6 Boot/Shoe Trays for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Here is the list of best selling boot or shoe trays for indoor and outdoor use at your home.

Stallwart All-weather boot tray is the most bought product on amazon. It is made from recycled plastic material and comes in black color. As the name suggests it fits for all weather conditions. This tray is for both Indoor and Outdoor Use. If you don’t like dirt and clutter at your entrance or floor, this product is a perfect fit for you.

Dimensions of the Product: 20” (Inches) Length x 15” (Inches) Width x 1.3” (Inches) Height

Weight: This boot tray weighs approximately 1 Pound or 14.4 Ounces.

No of Shoes: It can hold up to 2 pairs of Man’s Shoes and 1 pair of Woman’s Shoe of size 7.


  • This tray is 1.3” (inches) in height which makes it suitable for holding water, dirt and mud dripping from shoes.
  • Tidy, Compact & lightweight tray suits smaller spaces.
  • It works perfectly in all seasons especially winter and rainy season.
  • It comes in 3 sizes-small, medium and large, giving a wide option for users to choose according to the no of shoes they want to keep outside.
  • This tray is made from hard plastic which is very easy to clean and maintain. It can handle a lot of mud, stain and water.
  • It is waterproof and can be put anywhere indoor or outdoor.
  • This tray is multi-purpose in use and can be used at storage, gardening, pet bowl, keeping plants and more.
  • It also fits some portable Air Conditioning unit. (Check the sizes before placing an order)


  • This tray can hold only two pairs of heavy-duty boots at a time. So choose a bigger size according to your need.
  • It is made from hard plastic so it may skid on a wooden floor.

Jobsite Boot Tray is another great product which is large enough to hold 3 large pairs of shoes or boots. This is a plastic tray and black in color. It can be kept at the entrance or garage and fit for both indoor and outdoor use. So you don’t have to worry about dirt, mud, snow or water from getting into your house from dirty shoes.

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 28” (inches) Length x 15” (inches) Width x 1.25” (inches) Height

Weight: This boot tray weighs approximately 1.3 pounds.

No of Shoes: It can hold up to 3 pairs of Man’s Shoes easily.


  • Its ridge height is 1.25” (inches) which is sufficient to keep hold of water, mud, dirt and sands getting into your house.
  • This tray is made from the plastic hence lightweight.
  • It is multi-purpose and fits for gardening work, cleaning work, painting, art & craft, storing, pet litter and keeping pet bowl & plants.
  • Its surface texture is smooth and does not hold any stains, so it easy to clean.


  • It can be fragile. Hard plastic gives it little room for being flexible.
  • This tray is of hard plastic and it can skid on a wooden floor.

This is a set of small boot trays for your home entrance or hallway. This is a plastic tray and black in color. It is perfect for all weather conditions like rain or winter. This product comes in a set of 3 trays.

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 13.8” (inches) Length x 10.6” (inches) Width x 1” (inches) Height

Weight: This boot tray weighs approximately 1.17 pounds.

No of Shoes: Each tray can hold only 1 pair of Shoes.


  • This tray is ideal for narrow spaces meant for keeping shoes.
  • 1” edge keeps all dirt, mud and water from getting dripped to the surface.
  • It is multipurpose and fits for gardening, plant container, pet feeding and more.
  • This tray is small in size, so it can be used in many ways like on the shelves, narrow spaces.
  • It has bars at the surface which allows wet shoes to get dry from below.


  • Too small in size and hold one large pair of boots. Shoes with size 10(US) or more may not fit the tray.
  • Not flexible due to hard plastic material.
  • This tray slides on a tile floor.

Art & Artifact boot tray is one of the elegantly designed trays in the store. It comes with 4 different embossed bright design options like floral, footprints & paws, Hello Goodbye and International Hello Goodbye. This is a rubber tray and of copper color.

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 32” (inches) Length x 16” (inches) Width x 1” (inches) Height

Weight: This boot tray weighs approximately 2.09 pounds.

No of Shoes: It can hold up to 4 large pairs of Shoes.


  • This solid rubber tray will not scratch your hardwood floors.
  • This is a multi-purpose tray suitable for use as a pet bowl, gardening, under kitchen cabinets and shelves.
  • Its elegant design makes it a perfect gifting option for House warming present.


  • Bad rubber or chemical odor is a big disadvantage of this product. It takes days before this wears out.

This is a rectangular & hard plastic tray. It is large in size and comes in black color. This fits for both Indoor and outdoor use. It’s waterproof and easy to clean. Its 1.2 inches tall ream holds all water and mud and does not let it spill on the floor.

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 30” (inches) Length x 15” (inches) Width x 1.2” (inches) Height

Weight: This boot tray weighs approximately 1.1 pounds.

No of Shoes: It can hold up to 3 large pairs of Shoes.


  • It is suitable for use at entryway, garage, kitchen and hall way.
  • This tray is light weight and sturdy.
  • Multi-purpose tray can be used in gardening, storage, pet feeder, painting, plant container, art & craft etc.


  • It’s too thin compared to other hard plastic trays.

This steel tray is bronze in color. It comes in a whopping 12 design patterns like Circles, classic, classic galvanised, double circles, double circles dark zinc, flowers, lattice, medallions and more. This is a large boot tray. It is an ideal tray for keeping dirt, water and mess from getting into the house. It holds mud and water from boots and umbrella perfectly. This mat comes with 6 foot pads to prevent sliding on floors.

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 35” (inches) Length x 15” (inches) Width x 2” (inches) Height

Weight: This boot tray weighs approximately 3 pounds.

No of Shoes: It can hold up to 4 or more large pairs of Shoes. Perfect size for a family.


  • The lip of this tray is 2 inches in height and holds mud, water and dirt and does not allow to litter.
  • It is a good choice for trapping pet litters.
  • It is a multi-purpose tray and can be used as plant container, decorative items container, storage etc.
  • The raised design on the surface allows air to pass from below and helps the boots in getting dry.
  • Its color and beautiful design makes it suitable for matching home décor.


  • This tray gets rusted in 4-5 months.
  • Not resistant to salt and daily used chemicals at home.
  • It slides on hardwood floors despite having foot pads.


We hope this will definitely help choose the best boot tray for your home. Floor Mats are very essential products for home and they keep clutters from entering our house.

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