Types of Horse Stall Mats and 3 Best Horse Stall Mat Picks

Horse stall mats are a great way to provide comfort to your horse’s feet from standing on hard, cold concrete all day. They also provide added warmth for those colder months. However, finding the right mat can be challenging with so many options available.

There are 2 different types of horse stall mats to choose from.

  1. Interlocking horse stall mats
  2. Rubber Heavy Duty Mat Stall Mats

Making sure you keep your horses happy is a very important part of having them. You want to make sure that you have a nice and clean area for them to live in during the day and sleep in at night.

One way to make sure this happens is to get them a nice rubber mat for their stall. There are many different styles to these mats and it will depend on what it is that you want. 

You have two options for Horse stall mats one is Interlocking mats and another is a One-Piece mat. 

Recommended Horse Stall Mats

One Piece Horse Stall Mats

One Piece Horse Stall Mats

A one-piece horse stall mat means, it is one piece of rubber that will lie down. In order to have the right size, you need to make sure you take the correct measurements of the stall. 

If you are not going to get a few pieces to interlock together, as some do, then you will end up needing a precise measurement to get the best fit. 

When you do, you will then need to shop for the thickness that you want. This will depend on how cushioned you want the stall to be, for various reasons.

Depending on how thick of mats you get, you will be able to provide enough cushioning for horses with old age, or even newborn foals.

Benefits of One-Piece Stall Mats

A one-piece horse stall mats allow for a very quick clean-up of the stall. You will only need to sweep out the soiled bedding without having to worry about any of it falling into any crack in the interlocked spaces, or even in the spaces between the wall and the mat. 

When you do this, you can then save time and energy because it all comes out in one full sweep. It also provides a more stable area to lay that bedding on. No more worrying about lumpy bedding or floors, with the stall mats, you avoid all of that.

One-piece horse stall mats also let you give your horse a little extra padding. This is great for older horses or horses that are gestating.

By providing more cushioning n the bedding, they can have less impact on their joints and legs, and you keep them healthier and happier a little bit longer. 

By buying the one-piece horse stall mats, you actually not only help out your horse but yourself as well. You will be glad that you looked into these very convenient pieces for your barn. Your horse will thank you.

Interlocking Horse Stall Mats

Interlocking Horse Stall Mats

Being able to make your horse comfortable and happy is the most important thing about having a healthy horse. It is really important to make sure that you have everything you need in your barn so you can have a stall that is nice to live in, as well as sleep in. 

There are a few different things you can do to help your horse out, and one of them is getting a nice comfortable mat for the bottom of the stall.

These mats are made from rubber and they help in a number of different ways. But first, you have to know what it is that you want to get.

Interlocking horse stall mats are one choice that you can look into. These mats are smaller-sized in general but will interlock to make a larger-sized mat.

This means that you can get a perfect fit for the horse stall, without needing to buy a large mat and cut it. This will provide for a more snug fit, which means you will not have any gaps between the mat and the wall, which is safer for your horse to walk on.


Having any kind of horse stall mat means that you are providing a more comfortable area for your horse to stand or sleep on. The rubber is a great cushion against the floor and will provide a bit of insulation in the colder months as well.

This means that you can use a little less bedding when doing up the stalls. In turn, you will spend less money on hay and that can go for other things needed.

The interlocking horse stall mats also provide you with less clean-up duty. Because you will not need to sweep in every corner for all of the soiled bedding, you will spend less time mucking stalls.

The mats help to make everything lay on top, which provides you with a clean sweep out. Your horse will also be happy because their stall is not full of any unwanted waste, and you will notice that the smell is drastically reduced.

Getting yourself some of the interlocking horse stall mats will make for a very happy horse and a happier you. By proving a softer area for sleep and a cleaner area for living, your horse will have a much higher quality of life in your barn.

And you will spend less time cleaning up, which means you have more time to spend with your happy horse.

Best Selling Horse Stall Mats

1. Prosource Interlocking Rubber Horse Stall Mat

The Prosource Interlocking Rubber Stall Mats – 4’ x 6’ is the perfect addition to the modern farm. In order to cut down on costs, farmers and horse owners are always looking for ways to cut down on labor costs and on materials like hay for bedding.

Rubber matting is a relatively new product that has been introduced to farmers as a way to improve the quality of life for their livestock. The Prosource Interlocking Rubber Stall Mat – 4’ x 6’ is a good example of the rubber matting that is available on the market.

Each section of the mat is made from recycled rubber tires and revulcanized rubber. The mats also have interlocking edges to help create a single sheet configuration.

By covering the entire floor of the stall with a layer of rubber will help to reduce the overall cost of the upkeep of livestock.

Key Features

  • Made from 100% revulcanized rubber and recycled tires
  • Interlocking seams create the appearance of a single sheet of flooring
  • Extra-large 4’ x 6’ x 3/4th Inch Tiles
  • The rubber surface is easy to hose down which cuts down on cleaning time


  • Made from all eco-friendly materials
  • Interlocking seams helps to eliminate water and urine from getting trapped under mats
  • Helps to reduce stress on the animal’s joints
  • Cuts down on the amount of bedding material needed in the stall


  • Each mat is a little on the expensive side, depending on the stall size

Our View on The Product

Raising livestock on today’s farm is not the same as it used to be, with the cost constantly on the rise, it is important to optimize the operation as much as possible.

This is where the Prosource Interlocking Rubber Stall Mat – 4′ x 6′ comes to play. In order to keep the livestock in optimum condition, the stall has to be kept clean and the bedding constantly changed out.

Having to change out the hay on the stall floor is ordinarily a very labor-intensive job.

By covering the stall floor with a layer of Prosource Interlocking Rubber Stall Mat – 4’x6’ will accomplish several objectives; cut down on the amount of hay needed to cover the stall floor, cut down on overall cleaning time, and reduce the stress on the joints of the livestock.

If you own livestock and are looking for ways to cut down on costs, you should consider the Prosource Interlocking Rubber Stall Mat – 4’x6’.

2. 4×6 One-Piece Horse Stall Mats

If you are a horse lover, and a horse owner and you have not looked into how you can make your horse stalls a better place for your beloved animals to sleep, then stop now, and read ahead.

Getting yourself some high-quality rubber mats for your horse stalls is one of the best ways to go about sprucing up the barn, and making your horses happier and cleaner.

Plus, you do not have to worry about any unwanted smells when you traipse into the barn to clean in the morning.

Depending on the size of your stalls, you will need to get the right-sized mats. A common size is the 4×6 horse stall mats. These will cover the surface area of the stall that is about four feet wide by six feet long.

These mats are great at making sure every nook and cranny is filled, and no stray bedding can reach the floor to make the smells start escaping. These stall mats are made of a very thick and industrial-sized rubber, that way they are easy to clean and long-lasting.


Having 4×6 horse stall mats means that your horses have a more comfortable place to sleep at night.

With just bedding, sometimes it is not as nice, and even though they are animals, you want to treat them right.

Older animals have a harder time in cold weather, thanks to their older joints, so having the rubber stall mats in their stall, means they have more insulation and a bit more padding to sleep on at night.

The cushion is also great for horses that are gestating and even when they give birth, the foals will benefit from the extra cushion as well.

If you are looking for a faster cleanup, having the 4×6 horse stall mats means you will get just that.

You can sweep out everything in one fell swoop and you save time and save resources. This is because you will use a bit less hay for bedding and that means you will spend less time filling the stall with bedding as well.

The rubber mats take care of some of the paddings and furthermore, stop the absorption of urine. This means that the clean-up consists of fully sweeping out the soiled bedding off of a flat surface, and none of the smelly bedding is left behind.

3. Rubber-Cal Horse Stall Mats

Not a lot has changed over the years on a farm when it comes to the housing of livestock, each animal usually has its own stall in the barn where it sleeps.

The floor of the stall has to be covered with hay for bedding, then someone has to clean out the stalls every day to remove the soiled hay and lay down free hay.

This is very labor-intensive, not to mention very expensive for the farmer.

Today, there is a new product that is starting to catch on and can be found on farms all across the country, especially those with livestock. The product is a rubber mat that is similar to what you will find in fitness centers and gyms.

These thick rubber mats cover the entire floor of the stall and then the hay is laid on top of it. Rubber-Cal Horse Stall Mats or Equine Rubber Mats is one example of these products.

Key Features

  • The unique process combines a polyurethane binder and recycled tire material
  • Each mat is 4’ x 6’ x 3 / 4 ‘’
  • Extra thick to provide a cushioning for added comfort for use in stalls and trailers
  • Each mat has a unique surface on each side
  • Has multiple uses; livestock stalls, livestock trailers, and fitness flooring


  • The special production process nearly eliminates all of the odors common with rubber products
  • Uses mostly recycled tires to create this product
  • Depending on your application, the mat can be reversed to provide the optimum traction
  • The surface can easily be cleaned and doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria like other brands can


  • The mats are relatively costly and the money will add up depending on the application

Our View on The Product

Rubber-Cal Horse Stall Mats or Equine Rubber Mats are multipurpose products that are extremely durable and can be used in many different ways.

For livestock operations, they can be used to line the floor of stalls in the barn. They can also be used to line the floor of horse or cattle trailers.

The mats are made using a unique process that combines rubber from recycled tires and a urethane binder. The process does not result in the typical sulfur odor that is commonly associated with this type of rubber matting.

The mats are 4’ x 6’ and three-quarter of an inch thick which provides the added benefit of cushioning for the animals.

If you own livestock and looking for a way to save on your operation, you should check out the Rubber-Cal Horse Stall Mats or Equine Rubber Mats for yourself.

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