What Is an Anti Static Mat? How To Use an Anti Static Mat?

Many electrostatic discharge material manufacturers are having a lot of travel with regards to the quality of the product they produce. They have already received a lot of complaints regarding Electrostatic discharge or component failure.

Electrostatic Discharge or ESD is an electrical flow that is created when two different materials with different electric potentials came in contact.

It is an unwanted electric charge or current that may cause harm to a person or damage to electronic gadgets. That is why it is very crucial to use good quality and reliable Anti-Static Mats.

What is Static Electricity and how it builds up?

Particularly in some months like winter, we can build up 1000 Volts in our bodies that can discharge a current when we touch something that is grounded.

It can be metal or anything else. While handling electronics we don’t want to discharge current through highly sensitive components.

As a result, before you begin working on any electronic device you should be fully discharged and as we work we should not build up any charge in our work that can affect components that we are working on.

When you walk across your carpet floor it builds up a lot of static electricity. There are many instances where you can build static electricity knowingly or unknowingly. Like if you rub your socks on the carpet or if you are wearing a full woolen suit etc.

What is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)?

ESD or Electrostatic discharge is a very serious problem that each office should face and solve.  If not resolved quickly it can cause a lot of damage to your office. 

Thanks to the Anti-Static Chair Mat, companies and offices today can avoid ESD and prevent damage to their computers and other electronic gadgets. 

An ESD would not directly damage your electronic gadget, at times it can reverse the function of that electronic device which obviously you do not want to happen.

What is an Anti Static Mat?

These mats are made of synthetic rubber and help protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage by dissipating any electrical discharge before it can sabotage the item.

Antistatic mats are made of durable materials like rubber and PVC, to ensure safety, especially when dealing with electronics.

These mats protect the surface of ESD-sensitive devices from wear and tear during production by draining static charges off items placed on their surface. Antistatic mats also keep all those expensive circuit boards safe too!

Popular Anti Static Mats

How an Anti-Static Mat works?

Anti-static mats have a top side and one bottom side. The top side is made from a highly insulated material and conducts no current at all.

But the bottom is the true part of the mat which is conductive. It conducts electricity from our bodies through this mat into the ground making it safe for us. It keeps us discharged and easy and safe to work on.

Benefits of using Anti Static Mats

Today we are all dependent on electronic gadgets and that is one of the reasons why we need to use Anti-Static Chair Mat in order to protect these vital gadgets from damage.  By using one you can surely enjoy a lot of benefits. 

  • First, you can protect yourself from sudden and unexpected electric charges.
  • Second, you can protect your electronic gadgets and important data which are stored in the hard drive of your computer and which can easily be damaged in case of an electrostatic discharge.

How to use an Anti-static mat?

How to use an Anti-static mat?

Anti-static mats are made from static dissipative material, they protect equipment from static electricity. Most computer gadgets are extremely sensitive to static electricity. The static discharge can damage the memory cards and motherboards.

You can lay the anti-static mats on the desk and connect the grounding clip to the leg of the desk and you are ready to work on the PC or components.

Make sure you put everything on the mat while you are working on them. Some mats come with a wrist strap with an alligator pin. Wear the wrist strap while clipping to the mat and you are good to go.

Do you need an Anti Static Mat for PC Building?

Essentially an anti-static mat is not required when building or working on a PC. The human body is built to dissipate static discharge naturally and we don’t generate enough static electricity to harm anything.

But to make sure you don’t harm the components take these appropriate actions,

  • Don’t rub a full wool suit on the carpet before touching the traces on a motherboard.
  • Don’t rub your feet on the carpet wearing socks.
  •  Handle all parts by their edges.
  • Touch something connected to the ground before working on the components.
  • Touch the grounded metal case of the power supply before plugging the power supply.

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