Best Cat Litter Mat | Top 10 Cat Litter Mats & Buyer Guide

It’s nice to own cats. They are the least disturbing, unlike dogs that make a lot of noise. But is it so easy to maintain a cat as a pet? The answer is no!

Cats litter everywhere inside the house and urinate at will. They cannot be taught Potty discipline, which a dog can quickly learn. The litter gets stuck to our shoes and socks as we cannot spot them easily. 

The Cats are also unaware of the litter that gets stuck to their paws and distribute it everywhere in the household. They create a mess.

The solution to this issue comes to us in a Cat litter mat, which looks like a doormat. It does more than a doormat’s job by absorbing the litter. It does not allow it to get on to the floor.

There are many products in the market, and we have to choose the ideal cat litter mat that would lend us peaceful co-existence with them. The products listed below, with their top features along with their respective pros and cons too.

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Top 10 Best Cat Littler Mats [Pros & Cons]

1. Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat

The Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat is the perfect one for cats that may have claws or may not. The litter gets into the semicircular design mesh accompanied by diamond grooves and stays trapped.

The cat litter pad should be in front of the litter box. If you put another box it will help the situation. The Gorilla litter mat, which measures 47’x35′ is of jumbo size. It is more effective when placed between two boxes.

Designed like a mesh, the litter mat is very sturdy and does not slide back even on floors’ smoothest. Moreover, it makes it convenient to vacuum it.


  • Nine varieties of colors to choose from.
  • Very attractive to look at
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Effective enough to collect or trap litter
  • A choice between multiple sizes.


  • Cat vomit not easy to scrub off
  • The sizes are huge and may not suit many homes as it takes space.
  • The chances are that the mat may get stuck to the hard surface.

2. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

The Cat litter mat from Pawkin arrives in a couple of sizes. One is of the larger-size, which measures 35’x23. It is more than sufficient for a normal-sized litter box. The other mat measures 47’x35 ‘ and would be convenient for the user, which has more than litter boxes. 

The litter mat is resistant from underneath. It prevents any sliding on the floor from its original position. This mat is also Phthalate free, thus preventing reusable plastic. It is durable and it does not harm your cats’ paws.

The Looped up mat traps the litter, which may fall out if the paws while walking on it and do not spare the ones that fall off the litter box. A simple vacuum would clean the surface. In case vacuuming is not possible, wash it with water from a pipe or shake it over the wall/dustbin.

Pawkin donates a part of their income to other animal shelters. They also provide food and shelter to stray cats.


  • Full Money-back guarantee
  • Assured longevity
  • Suitable for soft and sensitive paws.
  • Toxin-free
  • Some part of the profit goes to local animal shelters.


  • The litter mat comes only in large sizes.
  • The litter gets stuck inside the mat occasionally.

3. Petlinks Cat Litter Mat

The purrfect paws are yet another cat litter mat from Petlinks. There is a fair choice between colors and the same with sizes.

The smallest of mats measures 23.25′ x14.9 ‘ inches. The mat’s design is practical as it allows for stretching its paws and dumping the litter on the mat.

The materials used are 100 percent free from toxic materials.

To clean the particles, first, pour it off, then open up tap water from the pipe and rinse it. Now air dry after this process.


  • A choice between four colours.
  • Cleaning is easy, and rinsing makes it clean
  • It doesn’t contain any toxic materials.
  • The design ensures, maximum shedding of litter onto the mat itself
  • Three sizes give the right choice
  • 100% payback guarantee or replacement


  • Cats can tear up the litter mat.

4. Smiling Paws Cat Litter Mat

The cat litter mat from Smiling Paws is durable for a lifetime as it can withstand scratching and an attempt to tear it by the cats. Since there are no grooves permitted on the mat, the litter becomes an easy trap, not spread around.

The highlight is that it does not let the cat’s urine leak away from the litter mat, a the bottom part is liquid sealed. The anti-skid base will not allow the Litter mat skid at all, thus ensuring stability to your litter box and pet.


  • The weight is stable at 3.6 lbs.
  • The litter mat is elementary to clean
  • Lifetime lasting
  • The bottom sticks on to the floor


  • Complaints of plastic being used in place of fabric.
  • The litter does not fall loose from the mat easy enough.

5. UPSKY Cat Litter Mat

The cat litter mat from UPSKY is of excellent raw materials that are not toxic by nature. The design is a unique one that does not let the litter scatter beyond the mat.

You can arrange the mat to accommodate the litter box’s size, and it can be joint together with the dimension being 24’x16′. This litter pad is multifunctional for the pet in many ways. It allows them to rest on it comfortably apart from catching the tiniest litter they may throw out.

Made of PVC material, the ease of washing them clean takes less time, especially when you opt to use a vacuum cleaner. This non-slip feature keeps the mat secure on the ground as you lay it flat. It ensures the litter stays on the mat and no other place on the clean floor.


  • Two mats in place of one
  • Easy to wash or vacuum
  • Sturdy and durability
  • Cats love it


  • Washing is the only resort in case the vacuum is not there.

6. Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Mats

The Mighty Monkey is every bit mighty as its name states as it’s premium cat litter mat goes. The objective is to catch everything with their mat and not let one drop of cat litter mess up the floor.

The deep grooves design is to catch all the dirt and a far superior litter catcher in addition to keeping the paws of your pet free from any mess.

It comes phthalate-free and free from another chemical, which might hurt the cat too. The thick coils at the top combine with the grooves at the bottom to prevent any kind of litter drop onto the surface.

You should always place the mat on a clean surface without water beneath it.

The Might monkey litter mat is easy to clean and emerges as new every time you wash it. It is best to wash it before using it the first time and then to lay it on the ground.


  • The choice exists with this mat in size. They have an extra-large and a large mat. 
  • Ten years of warranty
  • fantastic design to hold on to litter
  • Toxins, chemicals, and phthalate-free


  • The smaller size of the mat doe not exist.

7. Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mat

The Pet Magasin package contains two cat litter mats in it. The large one is 35.5” x 23.5” with the smaller one at 21.5” x 17.5”.

Use it to your advantage by either combining them or keeping them split if it serves the purpose. They do have an aesthetical value around them if you notice the evident design of a pretty ‘cat paw.’

Both these litter mats’ primary function is to stop the litter’s spread by your cat all around the house. For this purpose, the design is such that the mats pull the garbage right off your cat’s feet. The dirt can not go past the mat into your home.

The mats do serve better if you were to place them right under the feed bowl, and the mats would immediately catch any spills. The mats do come in beige color, which traps the dirt and also provides a décor as they fit right into the wall or floor color.

It’s not difficult to lean these mats as they are washable, too, if necessary. It carries no toxic elements.


  • Two mats in place of one.
  • The product boasts of superior quality and design.
  • They follow an Ergonomic design.
  • It does not allow damage to mess on the floor underneath.
  • It is durable,


  • Washing off without water is a small concern.

8. WePet Cat Litter Mat

The WePet mat comes in grey color, and there are pockets at the two ends, which eases litter dumping.

The salient feature of the WePet is that it has 3-dimensional Honeycomb Holes, which are convex shaped. This makes it 200 % better in catching any litter. It does not let the litter gets away easily unless cleaned. The design is also waterproof, enabling the urine to stay on the mat and not let it overflow onto the floor.

The material used is toxic-free, and the principle material is Premium EVA. It is also ECO-friendly. and can be cleaned in minutes. It is Phthalate-free and no BPA.


  • Honeycomb holes innovation
  • Water-resistant and urine too
  • It is sturdy and does not slide across the floor.
  • Quality materials used in production.
  • It is toxin-free.


  • Traps litter only to 90 percent extent.

9. Bulkniu Cat Litter Mat

The Bulkniu litter mat has a double layer in it measuring 10 mm in diameter. They also possess the honeycomb technology that ensures that the cat litter does not escape the mat’s boundaries.

It’s effortless to clean and maintain them too, and the sturdy grip on the floor does not let it slide back. The materials used are ECO friendly and toxin-free, which means there would be no odor around the household.

Even mats that have folds running between them can be treated. The mat is both foldable and rollable.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Toxic-free
  • Folds are easy to remove.
  • Honeycomb principle.


  • Very pricey.

10. iPrimio Cat Litter Mat

Iprimio has designed a dual-layer cat litter mat. The dual-layer lends an aesthetic look but delivers its main purpose. It manages to hide the litter away safely and prevents it from scattering it down to the floor.

Generally, cats enjoy playing with their litter and end up making a mess of it. Since Iprimio prevents this, it becomes worthwhile to purchase this. It also helps in absorbing the urine through the use of an absorbent pad.


  • Maintenance is easy
  • Large enough to cover the area in question
  • It is waterproof
  • Made from Quality Nylon materials.
  • Its vacuum safe.


  • The Iprimio is not smoothened enough at the corners, thus making it difficult to dispose of litter.
  • It is expensive.

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Cat Litter Mat

Features one should look for in a Cat litter mat.

There is no limitation as far as Cat litter mats go in the market. So, how do you choose the best one that would suit you and your Kitty? Some of the important aspects while buying a cat litter mat are:

1. Material:

By materials, we mean the necessary or raw materials used in the production of cat litter mats. It’s best to run a check on the allergies your Kitty may have and avoid such material that may increase such allergies. 

The cat can be sensitive to certain odors or chemicals emitted by the materials in the litter mat.  It is not possible to eliminate all smells, but you should take the necessary precautions.

2. Cleanliness:

Cats do vary in their attitude towards cleanliness, and in case your Kitty is one who makes a mess of everything, do be careful in choosing a litter mat that is washable by a machine.

Compare a litter mat made of plastic with that of one made with Nylon. The plastic litter mat’s deep mesh is comparatively challenging to clean compared to that of the Nylon litter mat. It warrants just a swipe, and thus, your choice should be a Nylon litter mat.

3. Size:

Size is yet another critical criterion for you to consider since the litter box and mat will be permanent items or part of the house’s furniture.

 In case the litter box is already occupying a substantial area which you can spare. This would limit the size of the litter mat. This could sound more like a compromise, which is objectionable.

The best way would be to cut to size the mat and as per specifications. This will be an easy task for a foam or linen mat. Plastic and rubber mats serve better in case such a situation arises.

4. Durability:

Many cats tend to scratch and claw the exterior or surface of the litter box. This can damage the litter box unless made up of Silicone or Vinyl, considered sturdy.

5. Colors and Decor:

Cat litter mats come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The choice can be one of nine colors that suit the room decor.

6. Safety Factors:

When a litter mat skids across the floor, it is time to dispose of it. A new mat should replace in its place.

7. Portability:

If the mat you purchase is too large to shift or challenging to pick and clean it up, it is advisable to lay lt as two split mats.

FAQs Related Litter Mats

1. Can we dispose of the cat litter in the Municipal Dustbins?

Please try to avoid this too. Dropping them into those large-sized containers or even on the curbside would have environmental repercussions. The waste will never composite and it would spoil the rest of the garbage from compositing.

2. Do kitty litter mats work?

 Kitty litter mats are practical, and they do work. But it all happens over a trial basis. Experiment to find out which litter mat your pet would not just jump over. The trial has to be conducted in the house the pet, and you will stay in and not any other place. 

3. How do I keep my kitty litter from getting everywhere?

One way is to stop the litter from getting disposed of by your cat at all household corners. The debris is generally stuck to its paws and if you throw in a few mats and rugs, which are for catching the waste from your cat’s paw.

This ‘catching ‘ should be done when the pet exits the litter box. The mats are specifically designed to do this work, and they are all designed, especially with grooves. So, here are the steps that you can follow to stop the littering from getting everywhere;

  • Look for a litter box.
  • Buy the one which has a hood.
  • Or buy the one which has a high-sided box.
  • Try the option of a box that has a hood with a swinging door.
  • Locate an enclosed space and place the litter box there.
  • Make sure there is an ‘Even’ space in front of the litter box.
  • The mat will catch all those litters before the cat enters that region.

4. How do you clean cat litter mats?

There are many simple ways to clean the kitties’ litter mats. Here are a few of them.

  • Just aggressively shake the mat till the last piece of litterfall off.
  • Put the litter mat into the washing machine.
  • Wash it.
  • Air-dry it
  • If the machine wash is not required, swipe it with a cloth.

5. How do you use cat litter mats?

It is simple to use cat litter mats as there is no installation involved. One should regularly clean them for smell-free purposes and ready to use too.

6. What is the meaning of a Double layer Mat as far as Cat litter Mats are concerned?

When a cat litter mat has two layers, the top layer would inevitably be a Honeycomb design. Therefore the second layer does the job of collecting the water, urine, etc., including litter.

The second layer would stop it from reaching the floor, and one can quickly dispose of it in the dustbin by opening up the layers.

7. How to prevent sand and urine from spilling over to the ground?

The best way is to have a litter box filled with sand in it. The cat tends to do his potty work here and climb out as soon as it’s over. This scatters the sand and litter on to the ground beneath it, making it a mess.

The best way is to keep the cat litter mat surrounding the box and trap all these. The mats are waterproof, so no mess around it.

8. How can I clean the cat litter off the floor?

Pour some sand over the litter lying on the floor. Now, make use of a scoop and gather the sand along with trash. The sand would then be disposed of off a soon as it absorbs the litter. Now, all you have to do is clean or mop the floor with a disinfectant.

9. How many litter boxes do I need?

It is best to have one litter box for every cat present in the house as an unwritten law. The best way is to illustrate this through an example.

  • In case your house is two-storied, each floor should have a box, making it two boxes.
  • In case you are staying in a three-story apartment, try to locate one familiar spot and place 2 or 3 litter boxes next to each other.

10. How often should the boxes be cleaned?

This is a question of practicality. Few cats hardly make a mess and others make it a point to get messy. Therefore, you should clean the mat five times a week which is safe.

In the case of one cat and only one litter box, three times a week would do. Problems arise only if there are more cats than boxes. In that scenario, cleaning every day would be best.

If you do not clean up regularly, your kittens would be smart enough to let you know that buy littering every corner of the house.

11. Can we flush clumping cat litter down the toilet?

Never do this. Although it serves the purpose of getting rid of the litter in the easiest manner possible, the long-term effects would be nasty. The waste would get exposed to the toilet water and the plumbing and as a result, could swell up large enough to create blockages.

Final Note:

It would not be enough just to love your pet cats, but it is essential to see that they are comfortable from where they are.

This article should come in handy when you are on your way to choosing the best Cat litter mat for your pet.

Just remember, the correct litter mat would not allow the smells to spread throughout the house, and they would be confined and contained where the litter box is placed. On the other hand, the litter would not scatter anywhere and spoil the house’s sanctity. 

The budget is also one factor, but these mats do not cost much, and they all fall in the same price range. It would become evident to you only after setting up the litter mat; you would realize how comfortable your cat is.

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