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The look of your workstation might be something you underestimate. You may think that it is not worth it to invest in maintaining the appearance of your workspace. Having an attractive work setting contributes to a lot of ergonomic benefits.

Most people do not feel motivated to work in a messy, dirty looking environment. With the pandemic, most people have been spending a big chunk of their day sitting near their desks, which makes it even more crucial for the workspace to look good and feel comfortable.

An office chair damages the carpet so you should put a floor mat underneath your chair to protect your low pile carpet.

A chair mat is a small, widely available investment to keep your surroundings looking organized and beautiful. It will also help you have a smooth and controlled movement and keep your expensive floor and carpet clean and maintained.

As explored earlier, a beautiful office environment makes work less stressful and has a lot of ergonomic benefits, which is why it is a priority. Moreover, when a transparent chair mat gets placed over a light-coloured carpet, the contrasting colours become especially visible.

It is crucial to protect your chair mat from staining but unfortunately, spilling things like beverages, food, ink is very normal while working. Besides, it is hard to notice when you spilt something while you are busy with work. It is crucial to opt for a chair mat to save your carpets from damage.

8 Best Office Chair Mats for Low Pile Carpets

1. Luyara Office Chair Mat

The material used to make this mat is PVC. It is thicker than most chair mats (2.5mm – this does not include the nails). Its dimensions are 48″×36”. The high clarity of this chair mat will make it easy for it to blend with your carpet.

Opting for a highly transparent chair mat will make your office setting look good. It has a nail bottom layer. This kind of underside prevents it from slipping when the chair gets moved, but the firm grip on the carpet does not cause any damage to it.

This carpet can get used for low and standard pile carpets up to ½ inches. It is not suitable to get used on a hard floor. It can hold different kinds of chairs.


  • Stronger and more resilient to damage.
  • Extremely transparent despite the thickness.
  • It is highly versatililty and is suitable for a variety of chairs.


  • Not suitable for non-carpeted flooring.

2. Basic Houseware Low Pile Floor Mat

Its dimensions are 36″x 48″x 0.08″. The speciality of this durable carpet chair mat is its static resistance. This chair mat will not lose its transparency or develop cracks, provided it gets used in a standard fashion.

Static currents reaching your devices can cause a lot of damage to them in the long term. Static currents are also harmful to our health when they get close to us.

This chair mat will prevent any static currents from getting close to your machines and will prevent damage to the carpet. The studs on its back get designed such that they can keep the chair mat from moving with the chair but will not pierce the carpet.

The material used to make this mat is PVC, making it safe for the environment. It gets designed for carpets of the low pile.


  • Protection from static currents.
  • Very resistant to damage.
  • Recycled.
  • Super grip backing.
  • It holds its transparency.


  • Not suitable for high pile carpets.
  • May need heat to flatten.

3. HST Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

This mat from ScyllaHeanus is suitable for low pile carpets. Its dimensions are 36‘’ X 48‘’. It is resilient to stains, unlike most transparent chair mats which are especially vulnerable to stains as they usually hold on to them.

This chair mat is easy to clean – all you need to do in case you spill anything over it is to it wipe it with a regular washcloth.

The PVC material gives it a beautiful, transparent look. It may be misshapen the first time you unroll it. In this case, lay it flat on the carpet and place heavyweights on the corners of the chair mat.

Doing this will make it regain its shape in a few days, depending on the climate. This chair mat can get used for low pile carpets that are up to 1/4 inch in thickness. This chair mat has a studded underside which will protect your carpet from a low-pile from any damage.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Sustain heavy objects.
  • Studded Underside.


  • You can not roll it otherwise it takes a too long time to be flat again.
  • Non-versatile
  • It does not have a lip.

4. Evolve Office Chair Mat for Carpet

This chair mat gets manufactured in the USA. The edges of this chair mat are very rounded, so it is advisable to check if this chair mat will fit in with your workspace furniture.

This chair mat gets designed for carpets of a low pile. It is fit for chairs that have a base of 22 inches. It has a lip and is highly transparent.

This mat is meant to get used in small spaces such as dorm rooms, bedrooms and other congested areas without much room for movement. It gets made from recycled materials. It is thinner than other mats (0.25mm). This allows for easy transport.

Placing heavy objects on this chair mat is not recommended. It has a cleated backside meant to get used on low pile carpets with a thickness of up to 1/4in. Its dimensions are 33 X 44 inches.


  • Easy to carry around.
  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Cleated backside.


  • Cannot handle heavy objects.
  • Not as durable as thick chair mats.
  • Rounded edges may not compliment all workspaces,
  • Non-versatile.

5. Seteol Chair Mat for Carpets

This chair mat is 2.5mm thick. This height makes for a very sturdy and resilient built. This chair mat will allow for smooth, controlled gliding in your workspace.

This chair mat gets made up of a strong, good quality polycarbonate material. This mat has studs on its back. The studs on its back help it to have a tight grip on the carpet without causing any damage to it.

This chair mat can get used on standard, low, even no pile carpet flooring. This chair mat is versatile and suitable for use across different settings. It also has a lip. This chair mat keeps your carpet looking as good as new for a very long time. Its dimensions are 36″ x 48″.


  • Top-notch material of this chair mat makes it extremely durable.
  • The studs on its back are neither too sharp nor too rounded.
  • Versatile
  • Resistant to scratches.
  • It does not sink.
  • It comes with a lip.


  • Not fit for non-carpeted floors.

6. Dimex Office Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet

This chair mat gets made for especially small workspaces, 12 square feet to be precise. Hence, smaller chair mats get designed, especially for smaller spaces. This chair mat comes with a lip. This chair mat is fit for low pile carpet with a thickness of up to 1/4in.

The underside of this chair mat has cleats. The surface of this chair mat is smooth, allowing for free movement across the workspace, provided the said workspace is small to medium in size.

This chair mat allows for good transparency. If the farthest points of your workspace are further away from 12 square feet, you might want to opt for a large chair mat.

This property also makes it environmentally friendly along with its other significant perks. Its dimensions are 36″ x 48″.


  • Specific for small areas.
  • Being lean, it is even more transparent than its thicker counterparts.
  • Smooth surface and cleated underside.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • It comes with a lip.


  • Not as durable as a thick chair mat.
  • Cannot carry heavy objects.
  • Non-versatile.

7. JoyRain Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet

This mat gets manufactured from PVC. The 2.5mm thickness of this chair mat makes it very durable. This chair mat can sustain a heavyweight; it will not crack easily under pressure.

If you spill any liquid with dark colours on it, this chair mat will not hold on to the colours; it can get cleaned easily using a wet cloth. It is also highly resistant to dust and dirt.

The design of the underside of this chair mat will protect your carpet from getting torn or worn out from the weight of your chair, at the same time, holding a very tight grip on it. This chair mat is fit for standard and low pile carpets.

It gives you an average amount of space to move your chair from one point to another. The PVC used in this chair mat is free from BPA. This substance is very hazardous to your health. Protection from this will keep you healthy.


  • It is resistant to water.
  • Resilient against dust, dirt and scratches.
  • Free of BPA.


  • Non-versatile.

8. Kuyal Office Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet

This PVC mat is very sturdy. You can roll it and carry it anywhere, it will hold its curled shape for a while after it gets laid, but it will regain its original shape in no time. This mat is 2.3mm in thickness.

It has a very scratch-resistant surface and gets cleaned very easily because it will not hold on to any stains or dust. It does not cause any emissions that might be harmful to the environment.

The PVC material of this chair mat allows it to have high transparency. This chair mat is free of any toxic substances that may harm your health, for example, it is free of BPA, Phthalate and other poisonous substances harmful to the environment.

It is rectangular making it useful for L-shaped and U-shaped workspaces. It does not have a lip. Its dimensions are 30″ X 48″. It is suitable for Low, Standard and No Pile Carpeted Floors.


  • It is malleable enough to be rolled.
  • It is safe for the environment.
  • Low maintenance.
  • It maintains clarity over long periods.
  • Free of toxins.
  • Rectangular shape compliments most workspace layouts.
  • Versatile.


  • It does not have a lip.

Buyers Guide to Select The Best Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet

1. Shape:

A significant factor to consider while buying a chair mat is its shape. The shape and size of the chair mat should be complementary to your workspace. They should blend in with the surroundings in which they will get placed.

The layout of your workspace determines how you place your tables. Some arrangements form a U-shape (two tables placed vertically on either side with one horizontally placed table in the middle), or an L-shape (one table horizontally alongside a vertically placed table).

Some workspace arrangements comprise only one table. Depending on these arrangements, you can choose a chair mat that fits.

For some layouts, a simple, rectangular chair mat fits perfectly, for example, an L-shaped, U-shaped arrangement. Some arrangements need the chair mat to have a “lip”, a small extension on one side of the chair mat. Sometimes, a lip can also cause inconvenience.

2. Roll area:

The kind of chair mat you opt for also depends on the area your chair is going to roll in. Are you a person who prefers to roll their chair over to the farthest point in their workspace or do you like to get up and reach out for whatever you want?

If your roll area is large, it is advisable that you buy a chair mat covering a large space, chair mats are available in different sizes.

If your workspace is small and you know that you will roll off the chair mats a few times, you should opt for a chair mat with bevelled edges. Bevelled edges have sloping edges which make it easy to roll off and back on the chair mat as and when required.

However, gliding on your chair without a chair mat is not advisable, especially when you have a carpet as it will ruin the carpet and the chair itself.

Some companies even customize the shape and size of the chair mat. Chair mats that are rectangular with defined edges get favoured over rounded edges, mostly.

3. Materials and look:

The chair mat does the job of protecting your carpet and floor, but it should be resilient itself. Apart from its thickness, another factor concerned with the quality of a chair mat is its resistance to scratches, stains, chemicals etc.

Dropping and spilling things while working is not new (spilling coffee or a bottle of ink), these things can damage your chair mat if it is not high quality.

Choosing a chair mat that will not hold on to strong stains like turmeric or wine is crucial, as it is part of maintaining the look of your workspace.

Moreover, colours are the most visible on transparent materials, especially when placed over a light-coloured background.

Frequently rolling your chair on the chair mat can also cause it to have scratches, ruining the workspace aesthetic. Hence it is advisable to invest in a good quality chair mat.

The material of the chair mat is a factor often overlooked. A lot of home and office supplies get made up of harmful substances such as BPA, which are not only bad and harmful for the environment but also hazardous to your health.

It is a good thing to contribute to reducing pollution and environmental damage by choosing environmentally sustainable products. The best option in such types of cases is to buy a chair mat made from recycled PVC.

4. Tolerance:

The selection of a chair mat also depends on how much weight it is going to bear. Thick chair mats can endure more pressure and are more durable.

However, because they are thick, they are also heavy and can be a hassle to carry around. These kind of chair mats are suitable for people who have a habit of gliding in their chairs.

A long, thick mat can allow you to move around anywhere in your workspace without any damage to your chair casters, the chair mat or the carpet Thick chair mats will usually not have the same type and level of transparency as that of thinner chair mats.

Thinner chair mats will not provide the same hardiness and are more likely to sink in with the weight of your chair. It can damage your carpet.

You must consider factors like the weight of your chair, your carpets durability, the space you will be operating in before deciding on a chair mat.

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