Top 11 Best Dog Lick Mats & Guide to Select Perfect Licky Pad for Dogs

Is your pet very jumpy and starts chewing everything it gets around itself? Want to get hold of a licky mat that is not only safe for playing with but also reduces the anxiety of your puppy.

I have faced a lot of problems in finding the best licky mat for my puppy and so here I am to help you out with the same. Your puppy’s favorite food can be served on the licky mat which will act as a bonus treat for your pet and will help it to calm down easily.

In this article, I will be sharing the details and the reviews of the 11 best licky mats for dogs and puppies. If you want to feed your pet slowly then this is the best way as it acts as a slow feeder.

Puppies are a bit sulky sometimes and the licky mat is your best friend in this situation to feed your dog. A branded good-quality licky mat keeps your pet occupied for a long time and also increases its competitive mentality.

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Which Type of Licky Mat is Best for Dog?

It is very important to choose the best for your pet so that it serves the actual purpose of a licky mat.

A licky mat increases the calming effect in a pet and also helps in reducing anxiety. Puppies also need proper mental health and to maintain a healthy life a licky mat is great.

Texture Or Pattern

texture of Licky Mat

The texture or the pattern of the licky mat is what should be looked into. It mainly depends on the treat you want to apply on the mat and the shape of your puppy’s tongue. Licky mats are usually made up of rubber and an easy pattern helps the pet to lick the treat easily.

Material for Good Grip

good grip of Licky Mat

Licky mats are made of grippy silicon and it stays in one place even if your pet is very fidgety with them. Be it on the floor or on the carpet it stays there and does not spill the dog food.

There are different types of licky mats that are used for different purposes- one for bathing, one for keeping your pup busy, licky mats for preventing anxiety, licky mat for slowly feeding your pet, and some other types.

Eating from a licky mat adds nourishment to the usual dog food and establishes your pet’s eating habits. Licking the treat for a long time increases salivation and thus helps to break down the food easily and acts as an aid for digestion.

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Top 11 Best Licky Mats for Puppies and Dogs

In this section of the article, we will look into the detailed features and reviews of the top 11 licky mats for dogs and puppies.

I have compiled some of the best licky mats according to my choice which might help you to choose the best one for your pet and make pampering your pet easier.

1. Lickimat Classic- Best Slow Feeder for Puppy

This licky mat is available in Buddy, play date, and soother and buddy patterns. Lickimat Classic dog feeder is one of the best products and tops my list of the top 11 best licky mats for puppies.

It helps in releasing the anxiety and boredom of your puppy. While fireworks or loud noises disturb your pet you can offer it a fun-filled licky treat on this licky mat. Lickimat helps in promoting fresh breath and helps to keep the strong teeth and gums of your pet.

This product is made up of food-grade rubber which is chewable. This licky mat is recommended by vets and dog trainers. It is environmentally friendly as it has no silicon.


  • Recommended by vets and professionals.
  • Releases anxiety and boredom
  • Helps to keep teeth and gums strong
  • Environment friendly
  • This licky mat is available in different styles and patterns.


  • It is made up of food-grade rubber
  • Easy to serve healthy treats
  • Releases stress from the pet
  • Can be dish-washed


  • Soap can be struck on the grooves of the mat so it is advised to hand wash the mat.
  • Your pet needs complete supervision so that they do not chew the mat off.

2. Hyper Pet Licking Mat for Puppy

Hyper pet licking mats for dogs and cats are very useful for slow-feeding dogs who tend to eat very fast and in the process do not chew their food well leading to indigestion. Instead of the boring bowl meals, you can just spread your puppy’s favorite meal on the licky mat.

It will be a fun activity, keep it occupied, and will also feed it. Licking usually soothes a pet and this will be very pleasing for your pet and will make it less jumpy.

Having healthy treats from the licky mat helps to make the teeth and gums stronger. Licking food spreads from this licky mat acts as a reward for your puppy and increases its metabolism and mental health.


  • Unique quadrant design
  • Can be frozen
  • Microwave proof
  • Can be dish-washed


  • Great for dental health
  • This mat can be frozen and can also be microwaved
  • Triggers saliva which helps in better digestion
  • Calms down your pet
  • Easy to clean


  • The mat needs to be cleaned properly or the food gets stuck on the grooves of the mat
  • It is not a rubbery mat and thus not very easy to lick.

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3. Kanix Pups Dog Lick Mat

Kanix Pups Dog Lick Pad works perfectly as a distraction device while bathing or grooming. A delicious spread can be put on this licky mat which will keep your pet calm and will soothe its nerves.

This fun thing will help in keeping your pet anxiety-free. It is made up of durable silicon which makes it on my top 10 list of licky mats. It is a pack of two lick pads which is great to feed both of my dogs at the same time and to keep them occupied.

This lick pad is very easy to wash be it with your hand or a dishwasher. It is made up of high-quality silicone which helps it to stick to any flat surface.


  • Can be dish-washed
  • It can be frozen to give your puppy a cool treat
  • Made up of durable silicon
  • Keeps pets calm and releases anxiety
  • Anti-skid licky mat
  • Helps in slow feeding which prevents choking


  • Highly durable
  • Anti-skid material
  • Can be frozen
  • Comes in a pack of 2


  • It has powerful suction cups which can be bad for young puppies
  • It is not a dog bite toy and can be fatal if this supervision is required.

4. Zolen Dog Slow Dispensing Lick Mat

This licky mat from Zolen is one of the best products for treating dogs while bathing. Pets usually do not like bathing and grooming so to distract them a licky mat can be used where its favorite spread is served. This product easily sticks to the tiles of the washroom and is easy to lick from.

It soothes and calms down my puppy and helps it to stay away from anxiety. When there are a loud noise and fireworks outside my puppy trembles and to keep it away from the terror I serve a delicious snack for it. This distracts it from the outer noise and it gets occupied in licking the mat which in turn also soothes it.


  • Easy to store
  • Easy to wash with hands
  • Super strong sucker
  • Dog slow feeder
  • Sticks to a flat surface


  • Easy to wash
  • Can be frozen
  • Made up of 100% grade silicon chemical-free
  • Good for slow feeding
  • Can be used for dog training as well


  • Sticks to all the smooth surfaces easily and is difficult to remove

5. BWOGUE Puppy Lick Mat

This product is one of the best for my puppy to overcome boredom and get relief from anxiety issues. BWOGUE keeps pets occupied and entertained along with having tasty treats.

You can treat it as a reward for something. Licking spreads from this mat helps in keeping the gums and teeth healthy.

Licky mats are very helpful to maintain the good mental health of your pet as well. It soothes and calms the pet when there are loud noises and fireworks outside.

This licky mat also helps in dog training. This licky mat is recommended by most veterans and is thus one of the best mats according to the requirements of puppies.


  • Boredom buster licky mat
  • Slow feeds pets which help indigestion
  • Acts as an anxiety relief toy
  • Strengthens teeth and gums


  • Calms pets as they like licking and it soothes them
  • Easy to wash
  • Helps in avoiding choking and bloating
  • Sticks on smooth surfaces easily


  • It is not a dog toy so you have to supervise that it does not chew away the mat too.

6. RYPET Dog Lick Mat

RYPET dog lick mat is the best distraction while bathing the dog. It is a slow-eating dog mat that helps in digestion and prevents the puppy from bloating. This product is in my top 10 list because of its flexible silicon bone shape which attracts pets and sticks to any smooth surface.

Bathing will no more make your pet upset and the one and only solution to it is this licky mat. Its favorite spread on this licky mat will also make its teeth and gums healthier.  Thus licky mat acts as a great distraction device while your pet is being groomed or is anxious about loud noises.


  • Prevents your pet from bloating and eating quickly
  • Flexible silicon bone-shaped licky mat
  • Sticks to smooth surfaces easily
  • 37 powerful suction cups
  • This licky mat has multi-functions.


  • Attracts pets easily
  • Sticks to smooth surfaces as it is made up of silicon
  • Distracts pets while bathing
  • Helps in proper digestion


  • The grooves are very delicate and it has to be cleaned with care

7. Andyrex Puppy Lick Mat

Andyrex dog lick pad is again a pack of 2 licky mats that can easily stick on smooth surfaces. This helps me to reward my pet with delicious snacks. Not only does it work as a snack but it also soothes and calms my pet.

While I groom my pet, it distracts my dog and keeps it occupied. This product has good suction power. This lick pad is made up of high-quality food-grade silicone which is in no way harmful for my pet.


  • Has good suction power
  • It is perfect for all dog types
  • Wet food spreads can also be added and frozen
  • Tasty treats can be spread on this licky mat
  • Slow feeds my pet preventing it from having indigestion


  • Made up of food-grade silicon
  • High-quality materials and is durable
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to clean


  • This licky mat cannot be microwaved or heated

8. Hyper Pet Dog Lick Mat

Hyper Pet slow feeder is a bone-shaped licky mat that attracts my puppy at once. This licky mat is great for serving different types of spreads. This is one of the most recommended licky mats by vets.

It has a good capacity and can hold a good amount of food or snacks. It is a slow dog feeder in style and can be used for all breeds of dogs. This licky mat helps in slow feeding and prevents gulping and slurping down food as most pets do.


  • It has an articulate non- slip design
  • Proper meal and snacks both can be served on this licky mat
  • This can serve a good quantity of food
  • It is a great alternative for slow feeding bowls


  • Helps in slow and healthy feeding preventing choking
  • Great for serving healthy treats
  • Helps in improving digestion of your pet
  • Easy to clean


  • This licky mat from Hyper pet does not hold wet food
  • Supervise so that your puppy does not chew away the mat

9. Industri Buddy Dog Licky Mat

This licky mat is developed by professionals and is thus one of the best designed according to the requirements of the pets. It can be used for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

This licky mat keeps my pet entertained and occupied for a good amount of time. It also acts as a distraction while I groom it. It works as an anxiety relief gadget.

All types of tasty treats can be served on this licky mat. Maybe wet, dry, spread, raw, or chunky food. It all depends on the choice of your pet.


  • It is made up of non- toxic chemical-free materials
  • It is made up of environment-friendly materials and no silicon is used
  • This licky mat can be heated or frozen to serve your pet with a cool great during hot summer days
  • This licky mat can also be used for dog training
  • Improves teeth and gums


  • The licky mat helps in soothing my pet
  • It also helps in strengthening the teeth and gums of my puppy
  • It is a good alternative for my puppy to lick
  • Available in Playdate, buddy and soother patterns


  • This licky mat does not stick to surfaces and does not stay fixed in one place.
  • It cannot be washed with a dishwasher

10. JASGOOD Puppy Lick Mat

Jasgood is a circular pet-like mat that is one of the top 11 best licky mats for puppies according to me. This licky mat distracts and prevents my pet from getting bored when I am busy with my work.

Sometimes I reward my pet on this licky mat with different delicious spreads on it. Soft banana and peanut butter are my pup’s favorite toppings.

This also promotes the health of my dog as it slow feeds from the mat and increases salivation. It also helps in calming my pet while it is anxious. Have this mat and you will have a healthy and emotionally stable dog.


  • This is made up of food-grade silicon
  • It has a great design with a rubber button which prevents it from sliding on the ground
  • It is soft and durable
  • This mat is microwave proof and freezer friendly
  • It develops intelligence in my pet


  • I can serve frozen food to my pet to keep it occupied for a longer time
  • Made up of non- toxic materials
  • High-quality durable material
  • A great alternative for slow feeder bowls
  • Stimulates saliva and improves digestion


  • It has a textured pattern which might be difficult for small dogs to lick all the food and in the process can hurt their tongues

11. Outward Hound Fun Dog Lick Mat

This licky mat is available in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. This has a great circular design of a bowl. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Blow is recommended by all vets for the mental stability of dogs.

It has a greatly planned design which helps in soothing my pet and also slow feeding it. Slow feeding in these bowls or licky mats helps in proper digestion and prevents bloating and choking of food. It has a rubber non-slip base that prevents the food from slipping and keeps it in one place.

This promotes the healthy eating habits of a dog. Acts as a mental exercise for dogs and helps in stabilizing mental health.


  • Non- slip base prevents food from spilling
  • Vet recommended
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Made up of food-grade safe materials


  • Improves digestion of my pet
  • Helps my pet to slow feed
  • Works on mental stability
  • Chemical-free plastic built up
  • Non- slip bottom


  • This licky mat from Outward Hound Store cannot be frozen or is not microwave proof. Thus you have to serve food at room temperature.

Buyers’ Guide to Select the Best Licky Mat for Dog or Puppy

Your puppy needs all the love and care and to keep it busy and active all the time you will need to improvise some activities to keep it engaged throughout the day. A licky mat keeps your pet busy and curious while you are busy with your work.

A licky mat helps to maintain the good mental health of your puppy and does not make it sulky. The buyers’ guide will help you to know what to exactly look for in the best licky mats.

  • To find the best canine companion you have to know what your pet likes the most and the shape of your dog’s tongue. You must choose a licky mat according to the size of your puppy’s tongue shape.
  • A licky mat must have a groovy texture and a lickable pattern which will soothe your pet and calm it down.
  • The lucky mats are made up of different materials such as rubber or food-grade silicon. The silicon mats stick to the smooth surfaces easily. It should be made up of toxic-free materials.
  • All licky mats must be easy to clean after it is used and it must be easy to store as well.
  • Many licky mats can be frozen and are microwave proof, look for the one that you want for your pet.
  • The licky mat with which you want to treat your puppy must fit in your budget. The licky mat should be chemical-free so that your beloved pet does not consume something which is not fit for its health.
  • This is very useful to keep your pet occupied, and also works on its mental and dental health.

FAQs Related to Licky Mats for Dogs

1. Does the licky mat stay fixed in one place?

Yes, the licky mat stays in one place be it on the floor or on the carpet. It is made up of grippy silicon and cannot be easily moved.

2. Are licky mats easy to store and clean?

Licky mats are made up of rubber and a mat with an easy pattern is easier to clean and store.

3. How is a licky mat helpful for my puppy?

A licky mat keeps your puppy engaged for a good amount of time and makes him curious. A licky mat is very helpful for maintaining a puppy’s good health as well.

This mat increases the production of saliva and helps in the digestion of the food. Licky mats help in improving the mental and dental health of your dog as well.

4. What are the treats I can serve on the licky mat?

The treats you serve on a licky mat clearly depend on the choice and taste of your puppy. It can be yogurt, pumpkin, soft banana, peanut butter, chicken broth, or anything according to the liking of your puppy and the availability.

5. Is licky mat safe for my puppy?

Yes, licky mats are safe for your puppy but you must keep a watch on your pet while treating it with the mat so that while licking the food it does not chew off the mat as well.

6. What should be the licky mat pattern for a 1-year-old puppy?

Playdate or soother and buddy pattern is the best pattern for your one-year-old pup. Though it should be under your strict supervision.

7. What are the lucky mats made up of?

Licky mats are made up of rubber materials that are good to distract your pet and are chewable.

Final Comments:

Now that you know all about licky mats and have found out a list of the top 11 licky mats what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start pampering your pet to keep it in a light mood. A licky mat should be easily washable and should help as a slow feeder.

The licky mat has multiple functions, starting from helping your pet to increase salivation to its mental and dental health, it takes good care of your pet.

A licky mat can be used and effective for a pet cat too. Thus do not waste time and just order your favorite licky mat and serve delicious spreads for your puppy and also keep it occupied while you work.

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