Floor Mat Cleaning | Different Methods to Clean Floor Mats

There are many types of mats like Commercial mats, Car mats, Interior mats, Floor mats, Entrance mats, and many others. But do you know the secret to keeping these floor mats clean?

All floor mats require proper cleaning and maintenance to make the mat last for long and also maintain the hygiene of the place where the mat is placed.

Taking good care of mats and cleaning them at regular intervals increases their longevity. Yes, almost all mats can be cleaned starting from doormats to car mats.

Every mat should be kept in a good and clean condition.  In this article, you will learn about the ways in which different types of mats can be cleaned.

Different Ways of Cleaning Floor Mats

There are different ways of cleaning different types of mats but here I will discuss some common ways in which all types of mats can be cleaned properly.

1. Pressure Washing the Mats

Pressure Washing the Mats

In this method of cleaning, pressure washers are used. Hose pipes are pipes that release water at high pressure.

Commercial or industrial mats can easily be cleaned by the water of hose pipes. Rubber mats are best cleaned using this process. All you have to do is take the mat out where you can hose it with high-pressure water.

2. Regular Vacuum Cleaning

Regular Vacuum Cleaning

This process is when the mat is cleaned by vacuum cleaners. You can clean your commercial mats using vacuum cleaners daily.

Vacuum cleaners keep the dust particles away from the mat. Vacuum cleaners absorb all the dust from the mats and are good for temporary cleaning. But the mat will need proper cleaning after a fortnight.

3. Wash using Soap and Water

After using the mat for a considerable period of time it should be cleaned using soap and water.

Dust the floor mat after removing it from the place it is kept to dust away from dust debris.

In wet weather, the mats should be cleaned more often using soap and water. Put liquid soap or solid on the mat and rinse well with water until it is clean.

4. Natural Cleaner to Remove stains

Natural Cleaner to Remove stains

Using a natural cleaner to remove stains and marks from the mats is a very common method used in every household.

Neutral cleaners are available in the market that clean the stubborn stains from the mat without discoloring them. Stains that soap and water will also not be able to remove can be eliminated with the use of neutral cleaners.

FAQs Related to Floor Mat Cleaning

Can I clean the doormats?

Yes, doormats can be cleaned. There are various ways in which the doormats can be cleaned. All the above procedures can be used to clean doormats. But do not use neutral cleaners on rubber doormats.

Doormats can be cleaned using vacuum cleaners. You must beat the mat well to remove the dust first and then apply soap and water to it. You should dry the mat completely before keeping it in the required place.

Can I clean the floor mats at home?

Yes, floor mats can be cleaned at home using hosepipes or using soap and water. Fabric floor mats, rubber floor mats, vinyl mats, and all types of mats can be cleaned at home.

Shake the floor mats first to remove the dust particles. Then you can wash it with soap and high-pressure water.

How to clean car floor mats?

Keeping your car clean and organized is very important. Only keeping the house clean is not enough; you also have to keep your car mats clean. Before cleaning your car every time you should remove the mats and dust them.

Before buying a car floor mat cleaner you should know the material of your mat and get a cleaner accordingly.

For rubber mats, laundry soap and baking soda are required. Get an easy-to-use brush that will scrub the mat till it is dust-free. You can also use a steam cleaner to clean the car floor mats.

How to wash bathroom floor mats?

Wash your bathroom floor mats using laundry and soap. Then you will have to dry or tumble dry the mat.

You must not use heat to dry the mats especially if it is made up of rubber or plastic materials. You will have to scrub the bathroom floor mats so that the collected solid wet debris gets removed completely.

How to dry, wet car floor mats?

You can dry the mat in the sun. Hanging the mats in the sun is a good way of naturally drying the floor mats. You can also use a dryer or tumble dryer to dry the mats but drying the mats increases the durability of the mat without the risk of any wear and tear.

The mat should be fully dry before it is kept in the required place so that the dust does not accumulate and become solid in the wet mat.

How to clean foam floor mats?

Keeping foam floor mats or tiles clean is very important to preserve the cleanliness of your house or gym. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to keep foam mats clean.

Sweeping the mats or gently vacuum cleaning the mats keep them clean. You can also scrub the foam mats using a non-abrasive scrubber which removes the dirt and stains from the mat.

How to clean rubber floor mats?

Rubber floor mats should not be cleaned using any heat substances. If it is fixed with adhesive do not clean the mat for at least two days after installation.

You can clean the rubber floor mat using a mop and a bucket. A cleaning brush can also be used for scrubbing the rubber floor mat so that the solid dust particles can be removed.

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