How to Clean Horse Stall Mats?

How to Clean Horse Stall Mats?

Horse stall mats are usually cleaned with a high-pressure hose. This will help to flush out any residual urine, feces, and odors on the surfaces. Liquid soap and a good scrub with a hard bristle brush usually do the trick for cleaning your horse stall mats thoroughly. You must allow them to dry completely before placing them back in the stall.

If you are a horse lover, you must know everything about it. For beginners, it may seem a little bit complicated. However, if you really a horse lover, you will find it very fun to do those things. One of the things you need to think about is your horse stall mats.

You absolutely need those for your horse for some reason. You need them for the sake of your horse to feel comfortable in it. They also provide warmth to the horses so it is really the case if people say that those will provide full comfort.

If you still reluctant because of the budget that might be very high, you really do not have to worry about it because the mats are quite economical.

The next thing you need to know after installing them is how to maintain them so that they will always be good and clean. You all know well that for living things, cleanness is closely related to healthiness. You cannot ignore that if you want your horses always healthy. That is why you need to know how to clean your horse stall mats.

Cleaning and Care

You can see whether the mats are too dirty and need to be cleaned or not by seeing the physical signs such as whether there is dust, urine, bedding, etc. You can smell or look at it just one glance. To clean it, you need to use a lot of water.

Luckily, the rubber horse stall mats are very easy to clean. If you do not install horse stall mats, the dirt and smell that have accumulated over time can be very difficult to clean. By using the mats, the smell and dirt can be cleaned and after it is clean, you can put it again. That way, you will not smell anything. The horses will feel more comfortable with clean mats.

To support the cleanness of your stall mats, you need to pay attention to other things.

Other Important Points

Ventilation is very important for your horses’ health because fresh air is very necessary. Proper ventilation will give your horses fresh air that creates a very good atmosphere. They will never feel stressed.

Make sure that the stall mats are not wet. Not only humans but also horses feel uncomfortable in a place that is messy and wet. That is the reason why you need to always check if the stall is too messy or wet. A wet floor can create an accident. I am pretty sure you want to avoid any accidents happen when they are inside the stall. To avoid accidents, you can do regular checking and also regular cleanings.

Your horses are not supposed to be in the stall all the time, they need to go out of it once in a while. That is when you should clean the stall. If you use your horse to ride, you can clean it when the horses are ridden. It is actually not difficult to clean the stall. You just need regular checking and cleanings.

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