How Do You Clean Horse Stall Mats Installed in The Horse Barn Or Gym?

The struggle to keep horse stall mats in the barn or your gym can be daunting!

While the barn needs to be cleaned every two or three days, the gym owners have to spend hours every night mopping several thousand square feet of gym mats, only to find dirt, sweat, and handprints on them just after the first class in the morning.

To address the issue, you must clean them regularly and ventilate the area. 

What if cleaning mats could be done quickly and easily without spending much time? Knowing the right technique and having the right tools and equipment can make the task less time-consuming. 

Why Use Horse Stall Mats?

Before we get into the topic further, let’s know about an interesting fact about horse stall mats. There was a time when the Equine community only used Horse stall mats to provide a comfortable place for their horses.

This is because animals are kept in a confined space, and aside from smelling and looking shabby, a poorly controlled stall is potentially harmful to the animals. Thus, these mats were introduced to maintain horses’ proper cleanliness and healthiness.

There are different kinds of horse stall mats for different types of stables. The mats are flat, solid, and denser to support horse bodies. Horse stall mats are available in both standard and custom-made sizes.

Again, Horse stall mats are a great option for gym flooring or anywhere else where you need affordable flooring that absorbs impact and can be cleaned easily.

These mats are durable, versatile rubber flooring mats that can cover a small place or the whole floor. They are sold in various thicknesses and sizes and are simple to install.

These mats provide better grip, absorb shock, and can be cleaned easily, but the cleaning methods depend on various factors such as the type of horse mats, size, and style. These mats are made of rubber as well as foam.

Although rubber is an ideal material for horse stall mats because of its impact-absorbent and slip-resistant properties, it has a certain smell that may seem unpleasant.

Foam horse stall mats are an alternative to regular rubber mats, though they might not be as durable as rubber.

They have the advantage of being lighter than rubber mats, making them more portable. This might be an ideal solution if you want to create a temporary place. 

Whichever mats you might install (grooved/ungrooved), cleaning is still an important aspect that needs to be taken care of.

How Do You Clean Horse Stall Mats?

If you have created a stable/barn or personal workout space in any available area of your home, you need to put aside some time to keep it clean and hygienic, or else it could end up looking dirty. Unclean stable/gyms can cause serious infections to animals and humans.

Today, we will discuss some useful tips and tricks to get the cleaning work done quickly and simply.

How To Clean Horse Stall Mats Installed in The Horse Barn?

When you own a horse barn, learning how to disinfect and keep it clean is something that you should be able to do correctly.

Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your horse stall mats.

Cleaning horse stall mats installed in the horse barn
  • Start by removing the hay, bedding, grain buckets, or any other feed. After pulling the mats out of the stall, carry them outside and keep them in an open space, preferably near a hose.
  • Spray the mats with the hose to remove any leftover debris or feed. A powerful stream of water can do your work in minutes. 
  • The topside of the mat is the most contaminated part, so apply a disinfectant and leave it in place for some time, as the manufacturer recommends. Wash it off and repeat the process for the underside of the mat.
  • Dry the mats in the sun before installing them back in the barn. You can leave them upright near the fence for some time. 

How To Clean Horse Stall Mats Installed in Home Gym Or A Commercial Gym?

For usage in the gym, horse stall mats are normally four feet by six feet, and the thickness is around twelve inches or thirty-four inches. They are non-porous and do not absorb moisture.

Let’s begin the cleaning process! 

1. Scrub off the sticky spots

Scrub off the sticky spots on the horse stall mat

Dust and dirt can stick to your rubber mats; you need to scrub them before you vacuum. You can use a bristle pad or an old toothbrush for this purpose.

Remember not to use a metal pad as it tends to leave scratches on the rubber mat and make it look old and shabby. Add a drop or two of water while scrubbing to loosen up the dirt.

2. Vacuum the rubber mat thoroughly

Vacuum the rubber mat thoroughly

You can clear off the loose dirt and debris by vacuuming. If you don’t vacuum, the dirt will again stick on the mat.

Check out the Craftsman CMXEVBE17250 portable vacuum, which is perfect for your home gym. Vacmaster VF408 is another option that will make your work considerably easier.

3. Mopping

Mop the horse stall mat

This seems like the simplest option, yet you need to ensure that the water does not seep into the edges of the rubber mat.

Many people use specialized cleaning solutions or add vinegar or lemon juice to the water, but this is not required. These acidic cleaners may even damage the rubber mats if used for a long time.

Rather, wipe the rubber floor mats with plain water or add a small quantity of any household cleaner. You can even add some disinfectant occasionally to maintain hygiene.

4. Do not allow water to seep in

Do not allow water to seep in the horse stall mat

As horse stall mats are not completely waterproof, they do not absorb moisture.

Water can seep through the edges or in between the mats and spoil your flooring, which might start harboring the growth of mold and bacteria. Wipe the mats dry using a sponge mop to remove excess moisture.

Final Words

Even if it takes some planning and initial investment to tackle the challenges of keeping your barn or gym clean, it is a task well worth the time. Although the initial purchase of horse stall mats may be costly, they will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

There are many other reasons to invest in horse stall mats. Not only do they make your gym or horse stall safer and easier to clean, but they also create a comfortable floor and an even surface.

Disinfecting and cleaning a horse stall or gym is not something you can ignore, and installing horse stall mats can make your task easier as they are simple to clean.

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