Types of Kitchen Mats | What is the Best Kitchen Floor Mat?

Kitchen Floor Mats provide comfort to your foot and they are stylish accessories for your kitchen at home. These practical but beautiful Floor Mats also protect the beautiful floor covering in your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Mats

  1. Anti-Fatigue Mats
  2. GelPro Mats
  3. Rubber Floor Mats
  4. Bamboo Mats
  5. Kitchen Rugs

Anti-fatigue mats help your feet and legs to relax while working for long hours in the kitchen. If you have a galley-style kitchen a one-long mat would work best for you.

Many kitchens will need many floor mats – say one for the stove another for the sink area and then the third one for your most-used food prep station.

The best part about the anti-fatigue mats is that they provide comfort and health benefits. Standing in one place for a long time on a hard floor can interrupt and slow down the blood flow to the legs.

This in turn causes cramping and other problems. These kitchen floor mats work by allowing your legs to keep moving on the soft surface even though you are standing still.

These Kitchen floor mats come in a great variety of sizes, colors, and textures on the surfaces. A popular one has an attractive basket weave look on the surface of the floor mat.

Some people like the feel and look of Bamboo Kitchen Floor Mats for their homes. While these do not have the same cushioning benefits but they are an Eco-friendly option. Bamboo mats come from a resource that is renewable and is very attractive on kitchen floors.

Kitchen Rugs are made from woven fabric and are very colorful. They do tend to slip around a bit and require some type of adhesive strip to be kept in place. But, in low-traffic areas and areas where you do not stand still for long periods of time they are very attractive.

1. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

Anti-fatigue floor mats are the very best at relieving the strain and stress of long hours on your feet in the kitchen at home. They work by providing a cushioned surface for your feet – this allows you to have some up and down movement of your leg muscles.

When the leg muscles move in this manner blood circulation improves and muscles are less likely to cramp.

An additional benefit is a softness underfoot that helps you from getting aching feet. Anyone with sore feet or poor circulation can benefit from these terrific kitchen accessories. The modern anti-fatigue floor mat is slip-resistant with beveled edges and about 1/2 inch thick.

They are easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew. The sizes vary from long to standard three feet in length and about 20 inches wide. There is a wide variety of surface colors and textures ranging from wood tones of oak and cherry to straight away all black.

2. GelPro Mat

GelPro Mat

Made and designed in the USA this unique product combines many features in a very attractive package.

The basketweave texture combined with 3 color selections, makes it an attractive accessory for the kitchen or laundry room. The fabric is composite leather similar to that used in high-end cars.

The gelPro mats provide a great deal of comfort during long periods of standing. It is easy to clean, has additives to fight mildew and mold, and has a slip-resistant bottom. This gel-filled kitchen floor mat is a great product and comes in two sizes and three colors.

GelPro mats are ideal for people who suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes. They can find relief when standing on one of the kitchen floor mats.

These GelPro Mats provide the right coverage for the areas you stand-in. You can combine the two to make it a perfect fit for you. The 1/2 inch thick surface is very comfortable and is quite good at shock absorbing. As a side benefit, it can help to prevent broken dishes or glasses accidentally dropped on them.

The non-slip bottom is anti-microbial and safe for most kitchens. It also resists mold and algae.

The technology behind the GelPro Mat is the gel layer inside, which helps spread your weight out. It tends to contour to the shape of your foot to provide for more even weight distribution – without fully compressing in any one spot.

This makes it superior to foam-filled kitchen floor mats and almost as comfortable as the anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats.

3. Kitchen Floor Saver Mats

Kitchen Floor Saver Mats

This is a very economical way to protect your floors. Each mat measures 18-inches by 29-inches. The rubber backing prevents slips and helps to keep moisture off your expensive flooring.

It is also useful for wiping shoes and boots on, to catch some of the loose sand and debris. They are easy to clean and also, mildew resistant. The surface is a 100% synthetic Olefin material. In short, they are easy on the floors and easy on the wallet.

4. Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats

Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats

These rubber floor mats come in a variety of styles, colors, and applications. Below are some of the types of rubber floor mats and how to best use them:

Rubber Floor Mats:

These are often used in places of heavy wear and moisture – such as in front of a busy kitchen sink. Many people find them useful in laundry areas and busy potting sheds. Just about anywhere that you stand still for extended periods of time.

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats:

When you have an area that gets a lot of foot traffic these long-lasting mats will protect your floors from wear and tear. The passage from the garage into the kitchen is a great spot to use these heavy-duty floor mats.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mats:

These thick mats protect the floor and the person standing on them. If you suffer from diabetes, poor circulation, leg foot, or back pain – you know how hard it is to stand for long periods of time. These special anti-fatigue rubber mats are terrific for you.

Comfort Rubber Floor Mats:

These mats are not as thick or therapeutic as the anti-fatigue mats listed above, comfort mats provide a nice cushion for your feet and legs in place of standing on a hard tile floor.

Foam Kitchen Mats:

These are very light-duty and provide some comfort but will not stand up to heavy wear situations. The nice thing about these mats is the great variety of colors they come in. Something for every Kitchen color scheme.

Rubber Floor Mat Tiles:

The best use of these is in areas that are oddly shaped or where you wish to make a colorful arrangement of tiles to express your artistic side. Many people find these to be perfect for solving those hard-to-arrange spaces.

Anti-Slip Rubber Floor Mats:

Primarily used in homes with slippery floors or special safety needs. These rubber floor mats will keep mobility-impaired people from slipping on floors that get wet or are slick from humidity and moisture.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats:

This is a type of rubber kitchen floor mat that comes in a great many sizes and colors. Some of them are even porous so water can flow through them. The interlocking mats can be arranged as one solid mat but also fitted around corners and other items on the kitchen floor.

Entrance Rubber Floor Mats:

When planning your Kitchen floor mat needs be sure to think through the use of each entrance to your kitchen and to your home.

Many of these mat styles make perfect indoor entrance floor mats. These mats have non-slip, water-resistance, and strong wear qualities. These qualities make them great colorful entrance floor mats.

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