How to Choose a Kitchen Rug? [Best Type of Rug for Kitchen]

Doing up one’s home can be both, extremely exciting and exhaustively challenging. For instance, you’d rather spend a little more money on your electronic appliances to ensure you get good quality products and save on other accessories like kitchen rugs where you can get great deals.

When you go out looking for the best type of rug for kitchen, there are a few things you should keep in mind both as an informed consumer and a smart shopper.

How to Choose a Kitchen Rug?

There are many factors which need to be considered while making a decision to buy kitchen rugs and here are some factors which are most important.

1. Design and color

You will find a great selection of good-looking kitchen rugs. However, you need to make up your mind before you log on to these sites or walk over to these stores.

You need to identify a color that will accentuate the look and feel of your kitchen and fix on a style that will fit in perfectly with other fixtures in your kitchen.

Stores either online or around the street corner will spoil you for choice when it comes to style. You can find a number of styles ranging from squares, rectangles to oval-shaped rugs at these stores.

While the shape may not matter that much, it is imperative that you should pick one that is the right size for your kitchen.

After shape you need to give a lot of consideration to the style and type of material used; think about outdoor rugs, indoor or outdoor, braided rugs, oriental rugs, and many other types of area rugs.

With kitchen rugs becoming a mainstream item, considered as an essential part of a home’s décor, online retailers offer incentives on a number of rugs, both indoor and outdoor ones.

2. Material

The material you choose should be easy to manage. Since the kitchen is an often visited area in the house and you need to walk and up and down the kitchen even to make a simple meal you need to ensure that the rug is easy to clean.

Using rugs that do not get dirty fast is an advantage, this way you can ensure that the rug stays clean irrespective of how many times you walk upon it with shoes.

3. Where to get them from

Doing some shopping can always help in making an informed decision. You must save money on your kitchen rugs and it is absolutely possible to do so given the number of opportunities that are available today.

There are a number of online stores that offer great deals on kitchen rugs. Looking for rugs online can save you much time and money. You can easily find a great-looking rug online without moving out of your living room.

These were just a few things you should watch out for when looking to bring home kitchen rugs that match your style and picket.

Being frugal is not a bad thing. Being sensible where it counts can help you save a lot of money that you can invest in painting a beautiful future for yourself.

What Type of Rug is Best for Kitchen?

Below are the most popular types of kitchen rugs:

  1. Washable Kitchen Rugs
  2. Sunflower Rugs for the Kitchen
  3. Polypropylene Rugs
  4. Kitchen Throw Rugs
  5. Rooster Kitchen Rugs
  6. Kitchen Slice Rugs
  7. Kitchen Area Rugs

1. Washable Kitchen Rugs

washable kitchen rugs

It can be quite a bother if both you and your spouse have erratic work schedules and rarely find the time to take care of your home. With a hectic schedule, you need a few moments at peace with your loved ones without worrying about your floor decor gathering dust.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you lead a hassle-free life away from work. Your weekend is for relaxing and not for making the best use of your cleaning supplies.

One way in which you can ensure that most of your weekends are yours to enjoy is by deploying resources that do not require too much attention. Simple things like machine washable kitchen rugs can be very helpful.

Variety & Styles

Kitchen rugs come in a variety of materials but the most commonly used material is cotton. These rugs are easy to clean and easy to maintain. You can easily buy one and forget for days that it is lying on your floor.

They will liven up your kitchen and keep the floor clean. These rugs are machine washable and you do not have to worry about taking them to the dry cleaners every time you spill something on them.

The best part about these washable kitchen rugs is that they are available in a number of styles and designs in the home garden section of retailers.

They look great and you can get whatever you want in terms of style and designs depending on the color and decor of your kitchen. From round rugs to rectangular-shaped rugs, they are available in all sizes and shapes.

Where to find them

When looking for washable kitchen rugs you can choose to either walk down to the home store in the neighborhood and choose from a good but limited selection or you could go online and check out an amazing range that home stores online can provide.

You will get ample varieties in the online stores. The colors, the styles, and everything else is truly amazing. These work especially well as a kitchen slice rug.

It is also advisable to check a couple of online stores before you finally choose one that you may like. There are a number of websites out there with a number of collections of washable kitchen rugs.

Do ensure that you do not compromise quality for the price. Spending a little more can help you save a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

By just investing a little time now and checking out and comparing the quality of the rugs available online you can make a great choice, one that will adorn your kitchen for a long time. Washable kitchen rugs are the best bet for people who are hard-pressed for time.

Many color choices are available for children’s rooms and the kitchen bath areas.

2. Sunflower Rugs

sunflower rugs

Your kitchen floor mats can really make a great difference in the warmth and joy of your kitchen. Many people enjoy growing Sunflowers. But what if you could bring the warmth and color and pleasure of sunflowers into your kitchen decor with sunflower rugs?

Is there anything as delightful as a beautiful big yellow sunflower? Use this great color to brighten any space you find boring or dark. Sunflowers and their vibrant yellow color will bring a smile to your face. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen so why not enjoy the ambiance of sunflowers.

Today there is a great variety of sunflower kitchen accessories. We will spotlight a few of the most popular Sunflower Rugs for the Kitchen in this article.

As you think of the Sunflower Decor for your Kitchen be sure to open your mind to all the possibilities for sunflower decorations in the kitchen.

These Sunflower Rugs for the Kitchen can be found in a great variety of sizes and styles. The Sunflower Kitchen Rugs Come in Many Styles as listed below:

  • Round Sunflower Rugs
  • Red Sunflower Rug
  • Sunflower Throw Rugs
  • Sunflower Slice Rug
  • The Sunflower Shaped Area Rug
  • Sunflower Kitchen Floor Rugs
  • Sunflower Kitchen Items

Perhaps the best way to shop for these is online at Here you will find not only the best selection of sunflower kitchen rugs but also the greatest variety of matching sunflowers accessories to help you complete the look you want for your home’s kitchen.

3. Polypropylene Rugs

polypropylene rug

Most carpets have Polypropylene as the main material in them. There are a number of reasons why people prefer this material. We are going to highlight just a few advantages of using synthetic fiber area rugs and how it adds to your home decor.

Easy To Maintain

The main reason why people prefer using polypropylene rugs is that they are easy to maintain. Since they are made of a fiber that resists spills and does not allow dust to collect easily they do not require cleaning on a daily basis.

You can lay them on your floor and forget about them. Just make sure that you clean them just to satisfy your need for a clean house.

They are extremely easy to clean and can be machine washed and dried out in the sun without worrying about their colors fading over time.


Since polypropylene rugs are machine-made, they do not cost a lot. They are quite cheap when compared to rugs made out of other materials available in the market and you will also save a lot of money when it comes to maintenance.

If you buy these rugs online you could get quite the bang for your buck. A number of large online stores like Amazon offer great deals when it comes to polypropylene rugs. ??


Unlike other rugs, these rugs can be placed almost anywhere in the home or the home garden areas. You can place them in the nursery, living room kitchen and even in the hallway.

These rugs can also be placed outside the house at the porch or next to the swimming pool or just about any outdoor area since they do not gather dust easily and are easy to clean.

Style and Design

Polypropylene rugs are available in a number of styles and designs. From different shapes and colors, you can find absolutely anything you want. However, one must make sure that one picks a rug that matches their home’s decor.

Since there are so many styles available, one could pick one for each room of the house. They could be coordinated with each other or simply be contrasted to highlight the goodness of the rug and make it stand out.

Polypropylene rugs are indeed the best choice for people who do not want to spend too much time and money on maintenance?  They work great as a kitchen throw rug.

There are a number of online stores that can provide you with a great selection of these rugs, often you may get confused about what to buy because the choice is simply never-ending.

By assessing the color you need, the space you wish to cover and the budget you have in mind, you can make a good choice easily.

4. Kitchen Throw Rugs

kitchen throw rugs

If you are looking for one item that will give your kitchen that touch of style that it is missing then you should consider buying a great kitchen rug.

The biggest apprehension that consumers shopping for rugs feel about getting them is that someone might spill food or drink on them and taking them to the dry cleaners every week would be too much of a hassle.

Cleaning the mess can be time-consuming and with the hectic lifestyle, you lead you do not want to spend your precious time and money sending your rug to the dry cleaners without having to compromise on your home decor.

Nowadays, you can get kitchen throw rugs that are made out of spill-resistant material that will repel any water, wine or soda you spill on it. The material these rugs are made out of is easy to wash and you can easily wash them at home in the washing machine.

You can find a variety of kitchen area rugs from designer options to indoor-outdoor materials, to simple colors that will add a touch to style to your kitchen you can choose one that suits your style.

A few things you should make note of when planning to buy yourself kitchen throw rugs are listed below.


You may not want to buy designer rugs but you want to ensure that they look good and fit in with the overall decor of your kitchen. That is why you should choose a color that matches the walls of your kitchen or one that is in stark contrast to your kitchen walls.

By ensuring that your rug matches your home decor and your style you can be sure of attracting many compliments for having made that choice.


Today, kitchen throw rugs are available in a number of styles, designs and shapes. You should pick a shape depending on the amount of space you wish to cover in your kitchen.

Available in a variety of shapes of crescent, circles, rectangles and the like allow you to choose one that you like best for your kitchen.

You will indeed be spoilt for choice when you start looking for kitchen throw rugs. The styles are indeed mind-boggling. From simple single-colored rugs to designs that can be considered masterpieces you can easily convert your kitchen into an art gallery.


Choosing a material that is easy to maintain is essential. Kitchen throw rugs are manufactured to facilitate easy maintenance however you should double-check the spill-resistant features of the product before you make your purchase.

Indoor-outdoor rugs can be used in especially busy kitchens, these will clean better and last longer.


Most kitchen throw rugs are not very expensive however you need to have a budget in mind before you start looking for these kitchen rugs. You can find designer rugs and even the most humble rugs at stores across the road or home stores online.

Depending on your budget you should select one that suits your needs and style. The fact that they have become somewhat of an essential accessory in kitchens across the globe has led trusted online retailers like Amazon to stock up on them.

Kitchen throw rugs are a must-have in any kitchen and if you believe that you are stylish and have a taste for everything that is good in life you should indeed go in for a set of fancy kitchen throw rugs.

5. Rooster Kitchen Rugs

rooster rugs

People all over the world are fascinated by these unique pieces. Rooster rugs are available for all rooms of the house, however, if you are looking to find a rug for your kitchen, these rugs are indeed the perfect choice.

If you have a home in the suburbs then these are perfect to add a bit of old country charm to your place and if you have a home that is in the midst of the hustle-bustle of city life these rugs can bring a lot of peace and calm to your home.

Rooster kitchen rugs are a great way to add a touch of French country sophistication to your home and if you are one of those discerning customers that have a taste for things that are the best in life, these rugs are definitely for you.

Rooster kitchen rugs come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors and you can have your pick depending on the color of the walls of your kitchen and its overall style.

While you can find an amazing variety online, you should be absolutely sure of the credibility of the supplier you choose.

There are a number of websites online that can provide you with a great selection. It may take you some time to identify one that fits your home but once you fix one, you will be extremely happy.

Since there are a number of designs and styles available you will be overwhelmed by the choices and hence you should be aware of what you need before you start looking.


You want a rug that matches your kitchen’s existing décor or absolutely stands out. Depending on what color you are looking for you can narrow down your search and go on from there.


Rooster kitchen rugs are available in a large number of styles and designs, from rectangular-shaped rugs to circular rugs with roosters on them so you can choose any style and shape you want depending on the space you want to fill out in your kitchen.

You can have your pick from country rooster rugs to oriental kitchen rooster rugs – the choices truly are endless.

Do you like machine-made, hand-hooked or braided rugs for your country kitchen? Is your kitchen decor ready for the home improvement that only a red rooster rug can bring?

Costs & Budgets

There are a number of websites that will offer these rugs for sale, however, you should pick a website that offers a great price.

Large online retailers like Amazon offer discounts and free shipping on a number of rooster area rugs that they stock. Remember to consider the cost of rug pads to go with your wool or a braided rug.

With items ranging from Tuscany Rooster Rug Runners to the classic Trans Ocean Tuscany Rooster Kitchen Rugs in black, they truly have the most exciting collection available online.

They also have the black Chicken & Hens Area Rugs, as well as, the colorful Chelsea Roosters with a black background. However, for the discerning customer, the round Rooster Braid Fiesta Rug is quite a steal.

Rooster Kitchen rugs are indeed extremely stylish and if you want to make your kitchen come alive you should bring home a lovely spread of these.

6. Kitchen Slice Rugs

kitchen slice rugs

Make going into the kitchen every morning a treat to the eyes by bringing great-looking kitchen slice rugs into your kitchen. These rugs are available in a number of great styles and designs which makes it easy for you to find a style you are looking for be it at a home store or online.


When you look for braided kitchen slice rugs you should be careful about a few things. Most people tend to use the smaller slice non-skid kitchen rugs as doormats. They are available in a number of sizes and you can place them anywhere in the kitchen.

Usually available in semicircular shapes, area rugs do make great doormats depending on the design you pick you can choose to keep them anywhere you like.

The designs you can get are indeed amazing, from rooster designs to the simple classic style – anything you want to accentuate the decor of your home and take its style quotient up a notch is available.

So pick a color you like, a style that tickles your fancy, and buy one that makes going into the kitchen a treat for everyone.

Kitchen slice rugs are ideal if you just want to add a touch of style to your kitchen without too much hassle. They will occupy just a little space and are extremely easy to clean and maintain with pretty much every one of these non-skid rugs being machine washable acrylic.

You could get these kitchen slice rugs in a variety of materials depending on the level of convenience you need and whether you need to use them indoors or outside.

Where to Find

You can find a great variety online and websites offer you great designs your search can end there. We have found braided rugs, indoor/outdoor braided non-skid, a Berber weave in a skid-resistant style, stain and fade resistant washable kitchen slice rugs with Latex backing.

However, do make sure that you try to look for as many designs and compare prices so you can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Online retailers like Amazon offer a large collection of slice rugs in a number of colors.

If you wish to buy kitchen slice rugs off the rack and do not want to wait till they get delivered, especially if you are the kind of person who likes to touch and feel their products you should walk into a home store and check out the selection.

If you are hard-pressed for the time you could research a specific design and style on the internet and take it down to the store as a reference.

This will ensure that the salesperson knows what you want and if they do not carry the same piece they could hook you up with something similar. Once you find something you like all you have to do is pick it up, pack it up and take it home.

Small accessories can make a great difference to your home. When looking for beautiful floor decor you should be extremely careful and make sure that it matches the surroundings.

Once you find the perfect match you can be sure that you will attract a number of compliments for your great choice. So, log on to the internet look for great designs, and get set to get home a great piece of floor decor as kitchen slice rugs.

7. Kitchen Area Rugs

kitchen area rugs

Kitchen area rugs are a necessity for every kitchen. Not only do they help brighten up your kitchen but also work towards keeping you comfortable when walking up and down the kitchen – a benefit appreciated most on a cold winter morning.

When looking for kitchen rugs there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that you get a rug that is easy to clean and maintain while being stylish enough to be a conversation piece at your next dinner party.

Kitchen style

A few people like to have their dining rooms attached to their kitchens, while others prefer to maintain them as two separate areas. The style of the kitchen area rug you pick will depend on the orientation of the construction of your home.

For example, if you have a country-style, then perhaps a braided rug would be best for you. These can be wool rugs or any other type of durable material. Some people also like to put kids’ rugs – it really is up to your own individual or traditional tastes.

If you have an attached kitchen to your dining room and you are the kind of person who entertains a lot you should ideally have a kitchen area rug that is in vogue and beautiful. It could be color-coordinated with the walls and it should reflect your décor and your style.

This season’s styles are the minimalist bamboo rugs, sisal rugs, and opulent floral rugs, with the latter being a top seller since traditional rugs have been available.

If your kitchen is separate from your dining area you could choose from kitchen area rugs that are more functional in nature. If you wish to have dinner parties you do not need to worry about how the rug looks. Such a setting would allow you to choose function over form.

Kitchen Shape

Kitchen area rugs today are available in a myriad of shapes. You can choose a shape according to the space you want to cover in your kitchen or you could pick from a variety of geometric shapes ranging from the classic circle to the square or even rectangle-shaped rugs.


It is imperative that you have a budget in mind. However, even if you have a large budget and do not want to leave any stone unturned in getting the best rug for your kitchen you must try to focus on saving money on every purchase.

Think of it this way, the more you save on your rugs, the more you could spend on your kitchen’s décor. While there are a number of online home stores that offer a great selection of rugs at decent prices large online retailers like Amazon are the most trustworthy of the lot.

Final Comments

While making quick decisions is essential, one should not be in too much of a hurry to do up one’s house as making rash decisions that may leave you with conflicting interior decor.

You have to be careful and spend money where it is required. To accomplish that, you have to know where you can save in order to make sensible decisions regarding all your purchases.

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