Inexpensive Garage Floor Covering [Cheap Garage Floor Mats]

Today’s home garages are used for much more than simply storing vehicles, and as such, may require a more advanced type of floor covering.

Although concrete surfaces have typically been considered acceptable, the rubber garage flooring is quickly becoming the preferred garage flooring option by many homeowners for a multitude of reasons.

Read on to learn more about using rubber garage floor mats and tiles for your garage floor covering needs.

Rubber Garage Flooring

Rubber garage flooring provides a very comfortable and giving surface to stand on and is an excellent choice for workshops. Individuals that enjoy maintaining their own vehicles will also appreciate the ability to work on the floor without discomfort.

Another problem that many homeowners experience is the hazardous conditions created by spills or water on concrete floors.

Although rubber garage floor coverings may not prevent spills from happening in the first place, they do absorb a good deal of liquid and help to prevent falls.

Benefits of Rubber Garage Flooring

Garages typically have a problem with dirt accumulating on the floors, and this leads to messes tracked into the home as well.

Rubber garage floor covering has a fantastic side effect of helping to keep the rubber soles found in tennis shoes and sneakers from picking up dirt. Rubber flooring is very easy to clean and can be simply swept out, or mopped, as desired.

One of the greatest benefits of rubber garage flooring is how easy it is to install. No previous flooring installation knows how or experience is needed, as rubber is a fairly simple material to work with.

The interlocking rubber floor mat tiles, which are the most popular type of rubber flooring, are lightweight and don’t require the use of any kind of special tools.

In comparison with epoxy floor coatings and expensive tile or stone, rubber garage covering is also very inexpensive.

It is important to note that rubber floor mats in garages are not meant to replace concrete as the primary garage floor covering.

The rubber is simply installed on top of the poured concrete floor. It can also be installed over floors that have been previously painted, or that have been coated with an epoxy finish.

As new technologies become more advanced, there will no doubt be a number of products available to dress up a garage.

For the time being, however, the rubber garage flooring is still one of the best options in the marketplace. Very few other home improvements can increase visual appeal, safety, and ease of use, while also staying affordable.

Inexpensive Garage Floor Covering Options

Are you are looking for a more comfortable floor to walk on while retaining the attributes of cement, but, tight on budget, then, check below details related to various cheap garage floor mats.

If so, you can look into different types of garage floor covering, including rubber floor mats and tiles.

One type of garage floor coverings consists of an array of rubber floor mats stacked next to each other and put into place, similar to carpeting. There are also garage flooring tiles, which install similar to the tile in your bathroom or kitchen.

If you can’t decide between these two common types of garage flooring, there is a hybrid of the tile and the mat coverings.

This offers attributes from both types of flooring. Once you decide between a tile, mat, or hybrid flooring, you can go online or visit local flooring providers.

They will offer swatches or samples to help you to decide on which design you would like, and which garage floor covering options and ideas are the most suitable for you.

1. Rubber Garage Floor Mats

Rubber Garage Floor Mats

In the market of rubber garage floor mats, you have a choice between three basic designs: ribbed, coin, or diamond.

Each type of design has its pros and its cons. However, all three provide a safe and more shock-absorbing floor covering than cement or tile.

People with children who run around a lot will appreciate using rubber garage flooring, due to its ability to absorb impact and cushion a fall.

2. Garage Floor Tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

If you are looking more into preserving your garage floor, take a look at the tiled garage floor covering. There are a wide variety of designs available with tile.

Additionally, you have the optional choice to add an epoxy coating to preserve your garage floor for many years to come.

With tiled garage flooring, you no longer have to worry about cracks forming from parking your cars, dropped tools, or other wear and tear.

3. Norsk-Stor Floor covering

Norsk-Stor Floor covering

If you are stuck between which of the two types of garage floor coverings to choose from, there is also the new Norsk-Stor floor covering.

This offers all the benefits of a rubber floor mat as well as tiled garage flooring. It is more shock absorbent than concrete and adds an extra layer of protection between your cars and the original flooring.

This helps to preserve it and make the floor less likely to crack and break down over the years.


Overall, garage floor covering options come in many different styles to suit various needs and budgets. Take a look at the options and decide which one (rubber flooring, tiled garage flooring, or hybrid garage floor covering) works best for you.

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