Cricut cutting mat colors

What Do The Cricut Cutting Mat Colours Mean? How to Select One?

Cricut mat is a handy tool for people who work on crafts and do a lot of cutting. They are sticky in nature and hold the paper, fabric, or other materials while cutting in the Cricut machine. However, they are of different grip and color and each mat is built for a set of materials. If you don’t use the right mat for a material it may slide while printing and the machine may get jammed. This can create a mess, so to avoid this be careful while choosing the right kind of mat for different materials. Even a too sticky mat becomes a problem as removing them can tear, rip or break and ruin it.

Here we will talk about different types & colors of Cricut cutting mat used in Cricut maker. What is the difference between these color mats and the purpose of each type of Cricut mat? We also look at examples of different materials that you can cut with each type of mat. This guide is aimed at beginners because you might be using a mat for the wrong materials. There are always great things to learn as a beginner.

It’s good to have one from each type of mat because this will give you the flexibility to work with different materials in a project. Let’s begin to learn the difference between each color of Cricut mats.

Different Types & Colors of Cricut Cutting Mat

Light Grip (Blue Color):

blue color Cricut matThis type of mat is the least sticky still you can use this for a lot of different things. These types of mats are ideal for lightweight materials like

  • Common Office Printer Paper
  • Vellum Paper
  • Light Cardstock
  • Tissue Paper, and more.

Light grip mats should be used for cutting super thin paper. This Light Grip mat allows you to easily cut papers and remove them without curling them. These mats lose their stickiness rather too quickly.

Standard Grip Mat (Green Color):

Green color matIt is the most regular mat used in a Cricut machine. It has a standard grip neither too sticky nor non-sticky. This mat is ideal for

  • Patterned Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Normal Iron-on
  • Craft Paper
  • Vinyl 651
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl and
  • Cardstock.

This is perfect for a variety of medium-weight materials. These mats are most widely used and last for a longer period than light grip mats. When these mats lose their stickiness they are used as light grip mats.

Fabric Grip Mat (Pink Color):

Pink color Cricut cutting matThe Fabric Grip Mat is stronger, dense, and stickier. These mats are ideal for all kinds of fabric like

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Denim
  • Leather
  • Felt Fabric and
  • Canvas.

Strong Grip Mat (Purple Color):

Strong Grip mats are suitable for heavyweight materials such as

  • Purple color strong gripSpecialty Cardstock
  • Glitter Cardstock
  • Chipboard
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Foam Board
  • Composite Wood
  • Leather
  • Felt Fabric
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Denim
  • Canvas and
  • Fabric with stiffener.

These mats are often used as a replacement for fabric grip mats. It is the strongest adhesive mat and supports all kinds of heavy materials.


Beginners always find it difficult to select a suitable Cricut mat for a particular type of material. If you are having any questions regarding Cricut mats like Can a Cricut standard grip mat cut printer paper? What Do The Cricut Cutting Mat Colours Mean? How to find the right grip mat for my glitter paper? This comprehensive guide will give an answer to all your Cricut cutting mat selection related queries.

Happy Crafting!

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