Why Are Car Floor Mats So Expensive? How Much Do Car Floor Mats Cost?

Maintaining a clean and attractive car interior is as important as having a fit engine. While we cannot avoid the hustle-bustle of the road, being seated in a comfy, clean, and stylish car can make the journey enjoyable.

A clean and appealing car interior can enhance your driving manifold, and to achieve this, you must invest in good quality floor mats that keep your car looking as good as new for a long time.

Though car mats are not the most thrilling accessory to look for and not one we give too much thought to, they are necessary for every vehicle.

Car mats are much easier to clean than the car’s carpet, and you can always change them once worn off and buy a new set for as low as $20.

Available in a wide variety of materials, such as plastic, fabric, leather, rubber, and various styles and sizes, you can easily find exactly what you want.

It is not very difficult to pick the best floor mats for your car, provided you know what to look for! We have tried to compile a lot of useful information to help narrow your search and save valuable time.

Why Are Floor Mats So Expensive?

Floor mats are available in different price ranges to suit every budget and requirement.

However, the high-end, premium quality floor liners, specifically designed to fit the vehicle exactly, provide the best protection against dust, dirt, slush, and whatever else you throw at them.

The mats made of fabric are comparatively cheaper than the all-weather mats that are more durable. Be ready to pay more for the mats available in stylish designs and colors to match your car interiors.

What Is the Cost Range of Floor Mats?

The price range for car mats differs from brand to brand and type to type. The most affordable car floor mats start from around $10 for a simple mat and can go up to hundreds of dollars for customized, luxury ones.

The universal standard PVC anti-skid mats with rubber edges at the back are available at affordable rates but priced slightly above the regular ones.

Another trending category is the scratch-resistant mats made of washable material that is priced at a budget-friendly price ranging between $25- $50.

With new products entering the automobile market and people becoming aware of them, 3D and 5D mats are flooding the market. These mats are very effective in trapping all the dust, water, and grime and are easy to clean. These may range from $100-$200.

Luxury floor mats customized for your prized vehicle understandably cost you more, but that is to be expected.

To further make things simpler, let’s understand different kinds of mats as per price range:

1. Inexpensive car floor mats

Universal car floor mats are easily available for a nominal price of around $20 or even less. These are mostly made of rubber or carpet with rubber edges.

While such mats may not be very attractive, they usually solve the purpose- keeping your car clean.

2. Mid-range car floor mats

If you are ready to spend around $-20-$70, you can find a set of four universal mats that are thicker and more durable. If you look harder, you may also find good carpet mats with a rubber base.

3. Expensive floor mats

The high-end floor mats start from $70 and can be as high as $500. These mats are custom-fitted for your vehicle and are attached to the floor. You can find stylish, trendy, and long-lasting mats in this price range.

This variation in prices gives shoppers a range of affordable to premium products to choose from. So, if you are looking for a way to take care of your car, consider upgrading your car floor mats.

We have compiled a list of major brands, their specifications, and approximate price range to give you a fair idea of what to look for.

Popular BrandFloor mat sizesMaterialVehicle TypeFit TypeCost
Weather TechAs per car’s specific floor configurations, Available for front, rear sides and cargoAll weatherFloor mats for almost every vehicle on the roadCustom-fit (digital-fit) & semi-custom (trim to fit)$100-$150 approx.
Husky LinersAvailable for front, rear and third row.Rubberized Dura-grip materialA vast range of vehicle applications including some older modelsVehicle specific fit$100-$120 approx.
Maxpider3D digitized design as per car’s specifications, available for 1st and 2nd rowRubber, Thermoplastic elastomerFloor mats for almost all passenger carsCustom fit (digital-fit)$200-$250 approx.
SmartLinerAs per car’s specific floor configurationsAll weatherFloor mats for almost all cars such as truck, van, SUV.Custom precision fit liners made from 3D laser scans.$150-$170
Motor TrendTrim to fit almost all vehicles on the roadRubberCar, SUV, Van, Pickup TrucksTrim to Fit$40-$50 approx.
MaxlinerVehicle specific floor matsAll weatherAlmost all cars(Car, SUV, Van)Only fits 8 passenger models$180-$200 approx.
ShenyifaaExact fitLeather, PlasticPassenger car (Volkswagon, BMW, Tesla, ChevroletCustomized and exact fit$450-$500 approx.
Cardeco 3D floor mats linersTesla specific floor matsRubber, thermoplastic elastomerVarious Tesla Model Y products Custom-fit$130-$140 approx.
August AutoFront and rear  PolyesterDesigned to fit most cars, sedans and small SUVsUniversal fit- full-size design$25-$30 approx.

From the above table, it can be further understood that the cost of floor mats is directly proportional to aspects such as brands, fit-type, and materials. 

The following summarization will make things clearer and help you pick the right accessories as per your preference based on brand, fit, or material.

Popular Brand Car Floor Mats Price Range

Budget-Friendly Brands like Amazon Basics & Motor trend offer various options ranging from $20 to $150.

Premium brands such as WeatherTech, or 3d maxpider Mats are durable but relatively expensive and are available somewhere between $150-$250 on average for a set of 4.

Comfort or mid-level brands such as Smartliner and Husky Liners mats are also in the price range of $120-$200 but for all three rows and are a good option to choose.

Price Range of Floor Mats Based On The Fit Type 

Car floor mats are available in three fit types- universal fit, custom fit, and vehicle-specific fit.

The universal mats are easily available for $16-$50 on various online platforms and in stores.

The custom mats are priced a little larger- between $20 to $60, while the vehicle-specific mats come at a premium price depending on the type and size of the vehicle. On average, these mats cost a few hundred dollars.

Cost Of Car Floor Mats Based on The Material

Floor mats are available in different materials such as fabric, rubber, PVC, leather, etc. Rubber mats are more economical than carpet and easy to clean.

Again, leather car floor mats are costlier than vinyl or fabric. However, leather mats give a premium look to your car interior and are more breathable as it’s made from natural elements.

Do Note that PU leather (temperature resistant up to 90 C) is a more pricey investment than PVC leather (temperature resistant up to 65C).

Are Floor Mats Worth It?

Absolutely! Floor mats are worth every penny spent on them. They help protect the floor, bed, or cargo area of your vehicle, which ultimately saves you money down the road on detailing services and significantly increases your vehicle’s resale value.

The carpet in your car has to endure a lot. Every time you step inside, the grit and dirt you bring in damages the fiber of the carpet and makes it wear out faster.

Installing a pair of quality floor mats will extend the carpet life and add to the aesthetic value of your car.

There are many different types of floor mats for your car, including carpeted ones with a waterproof backing, deep solid rubber options that offer better protection from mud and extreme weather conditions, and clear ones that protect the carpet from grime and your shoes and of course!

The all-weather floor mats protect the interiors of your car from anything and everything. You will improve your car’s look and cleanliness regardless of the type of floor covering you choose.

If you are still wondering whether floor mats are worth it, here are a few good reasons to buy them:

1. Protect your investment (vehicle)

1. Floor mats protect your car

It is not every day that you spend your hard-earned money on a new car.

Most new cars are not covered adequately by the factory mats, which can cause serious damage to your car, especially if you drive a lot or stay in cold climatic regions covered with snow most of the time.

2. Provide Comfort

Car Floor mats provide you comfort

Good-quality mats cushion your feet and give a cozier and inviting feel. You can drive comfortably in both cold and hot weather.

3. Improves the car’s interiors

Car Floor mats make interiors look more beautiful

Premium quality mats add value and aesthetic appeal to your car. Floor mats are available in various materials, colors, and designs to match your car interiors. Your car remains well-maintained and spotlessly clean for years to come.

4. Keeps your car clean

4. Car Floor mats make your car look clean and neat

Floor mats keep your car clean by not allowing dust and grime from seeping onto the car floor and carpet. Accidental spills happen almost daily, and without waterproof floor mats, it is impossible to keep your car clean and hygienic.

5. Combat Rust

Car Floor mats help in combating rust

If you live in a weather-prone area that gets a lot of snow or rain, going without proper floor mats can cause serious damage to your car.

In the absence of floor mats, moisture may penetrate your carpet, down to the flooring, which can lead to rusting over time.

6. Add to the Resale value

Car Floor mats help in getting higher resale value

When you decide to trade in your car or sell it, worn-out carpeting or rusty floor pans can seriously bring down the value of your car, even if you took great care of your car otherwise.

You don’t necessarily need to invest much money in the floor mats. As discussed above, the price ranges from $20 to a few hundred dollars; choose whichever suits you and drive your car without worrying about damage from the elements.

Final Words:

While cleanliness is a matter of personal preference, there is no argument for the fact that a car that looks good feels great!

This is not only true for the exterior but applies to the interiors as well. Using car mats inside the car helps realize this purpose to a great extent.

It is no hidden fact that even the tiniest of people can’t help bringing stones, dirt, and other mess into their car from their shoes, and although it may seem easy to remove, it can ruin your car’s interiors over time.

Hence, look for the most suitable floor mats for your car to protect it from such stains. Car floor mats are worth investing in, especially for the small price you can get them.

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